Friday, January 13, 2017

Too Many Mistakes

It's after Christmas, right before New Year's and Cora has asked that Ian meet with her because she would like to speak with him.  Ian was hesitant because she would not share her intentions prior to speaking with him, but he agreed he would join her for a quick drink and chat.  They are meeting at Passport, a local and trendy restaurant where patrons can enjoy delicious food and drinks.

Cora arrived first and got seated.  Ian has just arrived.

Cora:  Hello, Ian.  I'm glad you could make it.
Ian:  Hello, Cora.  I apologize for being late.
Cora:  You're not.  I just arrived a little early.  I wanted to be certain we would not have to wait to be seated.  Please, join me.

Ian takes off his coat, places it on the back of his chair and sits down. 

 Cora:  I have to say you are still looking good, after all these years.
Ian:  Thank you.  You still look lovely as well.
Cora: I know you will be leaving to return home soon.  I, myself, will have to catch a plane and head back.  You're so fortunate to live closer and be able to drive only a couple of hours to see Avery and Parker. 
Ian:  Well, we've been living in this area for a long time.   You know that.  No need to move far from my family.
Cora:  Yes, well, I could take a page from your book.
Ian:  I suppose

The server arrives and interrupts to take their order.  Cora orders espresso and Ian orders whiskey on the rocks.  The server leaves and says he'll be right back with their drinks.

Cora: Whiskey?  I was thinking you may have coffee.
Ian:  I have a feeling the whiskey will be what I need.  Cora, you are stalling.  I agreed to meet with you so you could say what you have to say.  It would be helpful if we could move past the small talk and on to why we are here.  Please say what is on your mind.
Cora:  I apologize.  I don't mean to belabor this conversation.  I am very grateful you came, so I don't want you to feel like you're wasting your time. 
Ian:  Good. 

The server returns with the drinks and sets them on the table.  Although she doesn't have any sugar or cream for her espresso, Cora picks up the spoon and starts stirring it.

Cora:  Ian, I know I've made mistakes.  Mistakes with our marriage, mistakes with walking away from the children and with trying to develop a relationship with Avery and Parker.  I was hoping you could help me.  Avery seems to be okay with my trying.  Parker, well, I just can't seem to get through.  He barely wants to speak with me.  I mean, I understand why he's upset with me...

Ian:  Do you, really?  Cora, it's one thing to have decided you didn't want to be married to me any longer.  It's unfortunate, but it happens sometimes.  But you left your children behind and chose to act like they didn't exist.  I raised them...alone.  You wanted nothing to do with them.  You tossed them aside and didn't look back.  How do you think that makes a child feel? 

Cora:  I know.  I...I see that I was wrong.  I was young.  I made mistakes.  I made too many mistakes.  Mistakes I can't make up for.  I just wanted to be free to enjoy life.  I should have admitted to that before I got married and before I had children.  I guess I thought with each step if I just got further in, I would see it was the right thing to do.  My feelings of angst would go away and I'd be a happily married woman with children.  But they didn't.  My need to be free just grew stronger.  I was too young.

Ian:  I'm two years older than you, Cora.  As each year went by, we both got older.  You were too young is not an excuse
Cora:  Perhaps not, but that's how I felt. 
Ian:  We were married for almost eight years.  Are you telling me you suffered for eight years?  Never mind, it doesn't matter.  It's just excuses.  You have excuses for everything, Cora.  You were too young, didn't know what you were getting yourself into, didn't realize you'd hurt anyone.  At what point were you going to be old enough or unselfish enough?

Cora:  Ian, I know I hurt you, but I had to find my own happiness.
Ian:  Did you?
Cora: Yes.  I know it took a long time for me to get things together, but I'm here now and I want to have a relationship with my children.  I want to know my grandchildren.
Ian (laughing):  Seriously. Cora.  I don't know if you even believe what you say.  You want to know your grandchildren?  Your only grand child doesn't even know you.  You came when she was born and haven't seen her since.  She's three now and you wonder why she treats you like a stranger.  You haven't changed. You're not trying to do better.  You're just acting out of your own convenience and then acting shocked at the consequences.

Cora:  I'm not perfect. You're right about Aviana.  I just let life get in my way.  I know I can do better.  I just need a chance. 
Ian:  Uhuh.
Cora:  I didn't come to rehash all of this stuff from the past.  I just came to ask for your help in being able to explain to Parker.  I can do better at fixing things with him and Avery.  I just need some help.  I know he'll listen to you.
Ian:  Parker is a grown man.  Although I have raised him to be respectful, I didn't raise him to be walked on, Cora.  I can't control his feelings.  You showed him you didn't want to love him or be a part of his life and now that you think it's convenient for you, you want him to let you in.  Hell, I'm surprised Avery even bothers to speak to you.  If you keep acting like you do, acting like everyone is on your schedule, you may lose that too.
Cora:  Ian, I just need a chance.
Ian:  Well, good luck getting it.  I can't help you.  I have to excuse myself now.  I didn't come here to raise my blood pressure.

Ian stands up, picks up his glass and gulps down his drink.  Then he reaches for his coat.

Ian:  I will  find the server and give him enough money to pay the tab and leave a tip.  I will leave you to enjoy your espresso in peace.
Cora: I'm sorry.  I didn't mean to start an argument.
Ian:  I'm not arguing at all.  I simply refuse to engage in this useless conversation any longer.  I hope you have a safe trip home.  Goodbye.
Cora (hesitating):  Goodbye, Ian.

Ian puts on his coat and turns to walk away.

Cora (to herself, looking at the horoscope machine on the table):  Maybe you'll be of some help.  I could certainly use it.

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  1. Cora is a piece of work! She really needs help in understanding how human emotions work. Ian handled her well. With people like Cora you have to leave and let them live their lives the way they want to.

    1. Hi, Champagne Star. It's a shame that she can only see herself and what she wants and not understand how hard it is on other people. Hopefully one day she'll get it.

      Too bad she doesn't live close, maybe Dr. McNeil could help her.

  2. My mom is forever trying to get me to be a lady, so in deference to that, all I will simply say about Cora is, "Eff that ho."

    I can see Avery's side of wanting to know her mom, but I'm firmly on Parker's side. Don't screw me over and then try to forge a relationship with me. Pffft!

    1. LOL! I love that you are so straight up, Muff. No nonsense.

      Cora is something else and selfish.

  3. Selfish, uncaring people have a hard time seeing beyond their own needs. Cora is still only thinking about herself. She has totally disregarded the emotional scars her children may be experiencing. Even the way she said "I didn't come to rehash all the stuff from the past", proves she's not ready for this. She needs to be open and ready to answer any and all questions her kids may have. Otherwise, it's best she just stay away.

    1. I agree, Vanessa. Cora seems to blind herself to her own actions. Instead of taking complete ownership, she just wants what she wants. It's sad.

  4. Kudos to Ian! I'm so glad he didn't just let her of the hook because "now" she's found a space in her life for her family. Parker is a grown man. I've always heard, "If you give a dance, you have to pay the band." It's time for Cora to "pay the band!" Great episode.

    1. I've never heard that saying before. I'll have to remember it.

      I guess she thinks now that the hard work is done, she can be a 'parent' again. With barely any effort, I may add.

  5. Giving birth does not make you a parent. You can't just walk back into somebody's life and expect everything to be fine and be accepted. I do understand how Parker and Avery feel. I do not fault Cora for wanting to develop a relationship with her children, but she had better be prepared for rejection and be able to explain why she abandoned them. I think, however, it might just be too little and too late!

    1. Hi, Phyllis. I agree. She is lucky Avery even speaks to her. But she's close to messing that up if she continues to be random about really developing their relationship.

  6. Clap, clap, clap!!!! Girl, you outdone yourself with this one! I don't know how I missed this one. This was good! Ian told her behind off! Lol! He was going to even let her think that she had an ounce of a chance....snap, snap, snap! Awesome episode! I love peace so I do hope that Parker and Avery will somehow forgive Cora and allow her into their lives IF she is serious about what she is saying. I know...I am a softie. Lol!

  7. Cora is a hot mess, lol. I think she has her own agenda and that agitating people.


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