Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Happy Valentine's Day! (Musings of a Blogger)

To cheer Jewell up (after the Henna/Maurice break up), I had to be sure to show some happy couples for Valentine's Day.  So in celebration of the day, here are two very happy couples.

Tandra and Kelvin:

Here are Windsor and Cameron:

May I just add that Dani had the forethought to visit several businesses and leave cards & pamphlets with them for her bridal shop.  She's hoping there are lots of proposals going on today and lots of happy engaged women excited about finding a dress.  We'll have to see how that goes for her.

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Monday, February 13, 2017

Ms. Slay Has Arrived

I was supposed to work on another story today (and still may get to it), but I had to postpone that when UPS pulled up and dropped off a new resident.  Ms.Slay - aka I Slay Nadja - is in the house.  I'm so glad I didn't hesitate to buy her. I had been waiting for Integrity to come out with a very dark-skinned lady I really wanted.  Articulated ladies are hard to come by in this skin tone (ask Ember). 

She's very sought after, but I would not sell her.  That's not my style.  I buy to keep.  So Ms. Slay shall stay (sorry, I just had to).  I haven't decided if she goes to Play or Display. She's not cheap and she'd be wonderful for modeling.  So I thought I would discuss with her and she could help sway me one way or the other.  Yes, I am discussing it with her.  But first a view of her in the box.

Of course, I couldn't wait, so I took her out and started our chat about my dilemma, right after I showed her both areas.

Me:  So, what do you think?  Do you belong in Play or Display?
Ms. Slay:  Well, from what I can see, both could work.  I could certainly consider joining a modeling agency.  I can tell that Chambray is cut from the same cloth.  We both have striking beauty.  She'd be cool to work with.
Me: Okay.  I can see that.
Ms. Slay:  However, I'm rare, so you may want to treat me very special and place me in Display. 
I know there are other ladies in there with my skin tone, but they can't model and move like I can.  So I'll definitely still stand out.  I would be great for re-dressing and posing, even in Display.
Me:  You're not really helping me to decide.

Ms. Slay:  Well, you do have to consider that while I do look hot in this outfit, it is kind of hookerish.  I mean, even the lingerie lady up there is completely covering her, well, goodies.  Do you see these shorts?  I'm not sure what the thought was for these, but I don't think this sings Display. I would have to close this jacket.
Me:  No, we can't cover up that shirt. I really like it.
Ms. Slay:  If I go to Play, how often will I be seen?  Will I have to stand around for a while like the others?
Me: Yes, until I have enough living and/or social places for more interaction and screen time.
Ms. Slay:  Hmmm.  I'm thinking I could have the best of both worlds.  Can I be in Display and sometimes come out to play?  I'm sure I would need to travel for a lot of modeling gigs anyway. 
Me:  I guess I could do that.  The other girls would look at you like you think you're special.

Ms. Slay:  Honey, look at me. I AM SPECIAL.  I look gorgeous, shorts and all. 
Me (laughing):  Yes, I can see you agree with being special.  But if you get to play, you have to be assigned a name and I don't think it will be Nadja.
Ms. Slay:  No problem.  We can just make that my middle name.  We may not want to lose the integrity of who I am.
Me (rolling my eyes):  Very funny. 
Ms. Slay:  Beauty and a quick wit.  So many layers to me.   
Me:  So I guess that settles it.  You are assigned to Display with Play privileges. 
Ms. Slay:  You're making the right decision, Babe.  But before I go to Display, I need to negotiate my Play life. 
Me:  What? 

Ms. Slay:  A girl like me cannot be wasted on a frivolous life, now can I? 
Me (hesitating):  If you say so. What do you have in mind?
Ms. Slay:  I'm thinking I'd love a hot man.  He has to be taller than me and I love a tan or darker man.  A chocolate man, much like sweet dark chocolate me, me would be wonderful.  I'm thinking someone like that Darius.
Me:  Darius is very expensive.  It would take a lot for me to get him.
Ms. Slay:  I can't just be with anyone.  Plus we need to be either dating for a while with him ready to propose or already engaged.  I would love to walk down the aisle in a one of a kind wedding dress.  I think you can make that happen, right?
Me:  Huh?
Ms. Slay:  And I need a big wedding.  We'll spare no expense.  After all, I am a top model and my man is, well he makes a lot of money.  You can use your imagination to figure out what he does.  I trust you.
Me:  Gee, thanks.
Ms.  Slay:  Sure, Honey.  Well, I guess we can work out more details later.  You know, when you present your proposal on my life.  Keep in mind that I'd love children, but I'll need a team to keep me in shape during any pregnancies.  I can't afford stretch marks. 
Me: ....Sure.

Ms. Slay:  So, I'm anxious to meet the ladies in Display.  I'm sure you have some things to do with so many residents to care for.  Plus, you may want to spotlight me or something on that blog you write.  I'm thinking you'd want to do that as soon as possible.  So, I'll be considerate and stop taking up so much of your time.  At least on my first day here.
Me:  Thank you?
Ms. Slay:  No problem, Babe.  You'll find that I'm very low maintenance and easy to please.  So, shall we be on our way?
Me:  I think that would be good.

Ms. Slay is off to Display.  Good gravy! I am so happy many of the residents here are pretty humble.  I thought Tasha was challenging.  Just as I make one of these residents very happy, this Diva shows up. 

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Sunday, February 12, 2017

Valentine's Day Isn't Just for Lovers

It's Saturday night at Reds' and Brett, Marlin and Bryce are hanging out on their night off. 

Bryce:  I have too many ladies available to have just one for Valentine's Day.  Besides, I'm glad I'm working.  Plus there should be some great tips that night.
Marlin:  Well, I'm off, but I would rather be working.  Not for the tips, although they'd be great.  I just want to be occupied.  You know?
Bryce:  I get it.  But don't even worry about it.  Or better yet, maybe you can just find someone else to pass the time with.  Brett, are you busy on Valentine's Day?  Maybe you guys could hang out together.  What do you think?

Brett:  That would be nice.  We can go out and pass Valentine's Day together. 
Marlin:  Well, isn't Valentine's Day for lovers?  We're just friends.
Bryce:  Everyone knows you can spend time with someone you enjoy being with, not just a lover.  Just hang out, pass the time.  Don't be a drag, Marlin.  Go have fun.
Brett:  Think about it for a few minutes.  I need to excuse myself.

Brett leaves to find the restroom.

Zale:  That's very nice of you to think about your friends.  You're right, people can just hang out to pass the time on Valentine's Day.  It can just be a regular day for people.  No need to get all bummed out about not being with someone.
Bryce:  Thanks.  I have to help people out.  It may be my calling.  Will you be alone on Valentine's Day.
Zale:  No, I won't.  Isn't that cool?
Bryce (laughing and getting the hint):  Yes, it is.

Gia walks over to check on people and Zale puts a bottle back on the shelf.  Then she decides to mingle with and check on other guests.

Gia:  I hope things are good.   If not, please let Zale or me know. Is there anything I can get for you?
Bryce:  No, thank you. This place is very nice.  The drinks tonight are delicious.
Gia:  The food should be served shortly.  Please try to taste everything.  You won't want to miss a thing on the menu.
Marlin:  I'm hungry, so I think I can do that.
Gia:  Great!  I'll stop by again and check to see how you like what you taste.

Gia starts talking to other guests.

Bryce:  Marlin, I know you had some issue with some other guy dumping you before, but Brett's a good guy.  Every guy you meet may not want to be with you, but they're not all going to treat you like that either. 
Marlin:  I know.  I guess I was just taking a break because of...well, some things I needed to work on about myself.
Bryce:  Do you think that you've worked on those things?
Marlin:  Yes, with a little help.  But I definitely know I've changed some. 
Bryce:  Then at the very least, just go out with Brett once.  I don't think you'll regret it.  Give him a chance.  It can tell he's into you.
Marlin:  Do you really think so?
Bryce:  No doubt.

Brett returns.

Brett:  Is the food out yet?  I'm hungry.
Marlin:  No, but it will be soon.
Brett:  Oh.  Well, that's good.  The menu looks good tonight.
Marlin:  Brett, I thought about it and I do want to go out on Valentine's Day.  It will be fun.  Let's go out and have a good time.
Brett: Really?  Sure.  I'm glad you want to go out.  We'll have a great time.  You won't regret it.
Marlin:  I know I won't.
Bryce (talking low to Brett):  See, I've got your back.  You've got this.
Brett:  Thanks.

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The Champagne Toast?

To celebrate Valentine's Day, Maurice has taken Henna out for a romantic dinner. Since Valentine's Day is in the middle of the week, they are out the Saturday before.  Maurice brought roses for Henna.  He's very happy this evening.  He ordered champagne, which the server has said it will take a few minutes to chill.  While they wait, Henna and Maurice are talking.

Henna:  This is a very nice place, Maurice.  These flowers are lovely.  You've outdone yourself this year.  Although those delicious cakes last year were lovely too.
Maurice:  I'm glad you like everything.  I am planning to make this evening very special.  You deserve it.
Henna:  We deserve it.  I would say if you play your cards right, you'll get lucky tonight, but you've already played well. 
Maurice:  Thank you.

Maurice:  This is a very special evening for us.  When I ordered the champagne I was thinking about what we'd toast to, maybe love.  But I think we should just toast to why this evening is so special.  That will really kick things up a notch.
Henna (looking puzzled):  Hmm...I wonder what it is.  Did you get a room at a swanky hotel?  Or maybe you're surprising me with a romantic getaway? 
Maurice:  No.  I have something to for you, but it's for both of us.
Henna (thinking it could be lingerie):  Okay?

Maurice reaches down into his pocket and pulls out a jewelry box. 

Henna (smiling):  You bought me jewelry?
Maurice:  Yes.  Henna, I love you and it's no secret I want to marry you.  So this shouldn't be a surprise.
Henna (realizing now what's in the box): Maurice, please don't.
Maurice:  Please let me finish.  I know you've been hesitant for a while about getting married.  But you don't have to be worried.  If you're waiting for the right time, it will never come.  I know your business is important to you, I won't get in the way of that.  I will always be supportive. 
Henna:  I know, but it's not just about being supportive.  I just don't want to get married right now.  I like being single.  I'm not saying I'll never get married, just not now.

Maurice:  I don't understand what it is.  Why don't you want to get married?  I love you.  You love me, don't you?
Henna:  Yes, I love you, but I don't want to get married.  I thought I've been making that clear. 
Maurice:  Then why act like you want me in your life at all?
Henna:  I didn't know there was an either or.  Either we get married or we can't be together?
Maurice: Then I guess I haven't been clear at all about what I want.  I want something long-term.  I want to be with you.  Why do you keep me at arm's length?

Henna:  For heaven's sake, Maurice.  I don't keep you at arm's length.  You're the only man in my life. We're in a relationship.  I don't treat you poorly or cheat on you.  I don't know what more you want.
Maurice:  Yes, you do.  I want marriage...with you.
Henna:  Well, you're not getting it right now.  I don't know why we have to keep having these arguments about getting married.  I'm tired of the stress, aren't you?

Maurice:  Can you please tell me what it will take to get you there?
Henna:  Me being ready.  Which I am not right now. 
Maurice:  So what if I don't want to stay around to wait for you to be ready?  Are you ready to let things go?
Henna:  I don't want to let you go, but if it's keep you by getting married or do what I think is right for me, then I guess I am ready to let things go.  Is that what you want?
Maurice:  I guess I have no choice.  This has to be over.
Henna:  Are you sure you want to do that?  Are you sure you want to end this right now?

Maurice (fighting tears):  Yes.  This isn't changing any time soon. You're not changing your mind. I'm wasting my time.
Henna:  If that's how you think of it.  Honestly, we don't have to end our relationship.
Maurice:  We do.  We're not going in the same direction.  That's clear. 
Henna:  So what are we going to do now. 
Maurice:  I think we need to end this relationship and this evening right now.  I've lost my appetite.
Henna (sighing):  Me too. 
Maurice:  Then we agree.  It's time to get this over with.  That's that.  So please excuse me for a few minutes.  I'll be right back and then I'll take you home.
Henna:  Okay.  Fine.

 Maurice gets up from the table and picks up the ring box to take with him.

Henna:  Maurice, are you going to be okay?  I don't want it to end like this.
Maurice:  I'm fine.  I'll be back in a few minutes.  I'll see about paying for and donating the champagne to another couple this evening. 

Maurice heads to the restroom so he can pull himself together. Henna sits thinking how the evening could have been better.  She refuses to cry.  She figures she can hold that until later.

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Saturday, February 4, 2017

Moving On Up

So, Tasha is finally getting moving on up to the display case today.  I had several photos and a longer story, but I tried using the new action camera my husband gave me for several shots, but they came out terrible.  Just grainy and unusable.  I should have taken one or two and then checked them on the computer before continuing, but I didn't even think about it.  I need to figure out if it's lighting or this camera is just better for video.  I wasn't in the mood to re-create everything, so this will be quick and to the point.

Janeer has set out all of the hair and makeup items she thinks she'll need.  Leera will wait for Janeer to finish before helping Tasha put on her dress.  Of course, Giordana will be here.  After all, it was her idea.  Leera did not design anything, but a very nice fashion was purchased just for Tasha and we all agree she'll look lovely in it.

Leera:  So, I'll just go finish up some sketches that came to me in a dream last night while I wait for you to get Ms. Tasha ready.
Janeer:  I don't think it will take long.  I already have an idea, but I just need her to agree to some suggestions.  Then we'll get it done.  She'll look great.
Leera:  With us two at the wheel, you bet.
Janeer (laughing):  The Dynamic Duo strikes again!
Leera (laughing):  I like that. (looking up and seeing Tasha entering) Hey!  Here's the lady of the hour right now.

Janeer:  Hi, Tasha.  How was your shampoo and condition?  Did my assistant do okay?
Tasha:  Yes.  I love having my head scratched and massaged. 
Janeer:  Great!  Please have a seat and we'll get to it.
Leera:  You're going to look wonderful when we're done.  This is so exciting!
Tasha (grinning):  I'm excited too.  I can't believe this day is finally here.  Thank you!

Tasha takes a seat and Janeer starts working on her hair.  Leera excuses herself to go sketch.  After awhile, Giordana arrives and check on progress.

Giordana:  Hi, I'm sorry.  I hope I'm not interrupting.  I just thought I'd check in.
Janeer:  It won't be long.  I'm just pumping up this hair and then I'll work on makeup.  She doesn't need a lot so that won't take long.  Then Leera will help her get dressed and she's on her way to display.
Tasha:  We're almost ready.  I can hardly wait.
Giordana:  I know you can't.  I can't wait to see how you look.  Just like I said, I know you're perfect for Display.  And you'll fit right in, I'm sure.
Tasha:  Thank you so much for everything you've done for me, Gio.  You have totally changed my life.
Giordana:  I'm just happy it's working out.  I'll go see if Leera will need any help and get out of your way for now.  We'll see you soon.

This is where I lost footage.  Giordana goes to find Leera.  Janeer abides by Tasha's desires to keep her natural hair and curls without flat ironing.  Which works well with hairstyling.  Of course, there is no way Lisa would miss seeing her friend off to Display.  So she has arrived too. 

And now the moment we've been waiting for, Tasha styled for Display.  Okay, wait, we tried to catch a shot of her alone, but Lisa ran right up to her first.

Lisa gives Tasha a huge hug and starts crying, but Tasha asks her to stop.
Tasha:  You'll ruin your make up and we need to take pictures.  Besides, this isn't goodbye.  Maybe you can visit some time.
Lisa:  I would love that.  I'll miss you so much.  I won't get to do any more reviews with you.  I'm sad about that.
Tasha: I know. I'll miss you too.  But maybe you'll be able to get a new body and then you'll get the job you want and everything will be great.  Lots of ladies get upgrades around here.  I just know you deserve one too.  And, yes, that is a hint to anyone listening. 
Lisa (laughing):  I hope you're right.  You look absolutely gorgeous.  You'll be great up there.  I'm rooting for you. 
Tasha:  Don't make me cry.  I need to pose for some individual shots now, but we are definitely going to take pictures together, okay?
Lisa:  Okay.

Lisa gets out of the way so Dallas (our official photographer) can snap some shots of Tasha.

Doesn't she look lovely?  I found this fashion on Hollywood Premiere Barbie.

I bought the doll just for the fashion, with every intention of just leaving the entire doll to the side.  But when she arrived, she looked even better up close, so I think she may get a body and a role.  Not a huge one, but a role because she needs to be seen too.

Here is Ms. Tasha in Display.  She is working it. 

Thanks for stopping by to see my promotion. ~ Tasha, The Girl who had a dream to model and is now living it.