Saturday, February 4, 2017

Moving On Up

So, Tasha is finally getting moving on up to the display case today.  I had several photos and a longer story, but I tried using the new action camera my husband gave me for several shots, but they came out terrible.  Just grainy and unusable.  I should have taken one or two and then checked them on the computer before continuing, but I didn't even think about it.  I need to figure out if it's lighting or this camera is just better for video.  I wasn't in the mood to re-create everything, so this will be quick and to the point.

Janeer has set out all of the hair and makeup items she thinks she'll need.  Leera will wait for Janeer to finish before helping Tasha put on her dress.  Of course, Giordana will be here.  After all, it was her idea.  Leera did not design anything, but a very nice fashion was purchased just for Tasha and we all agree she'll look lovely in it.

Leera:  So, I'll just go finish up some sketches that came to me in a dream last night while I wait for you to get Ms. Tasha ready.
Janeer:  I don't think it will take long.  I already have an idea, but I just need her to agree to some suggestions.  Then we'll get it done.  She'll look great.
Leera:  With us two at the wheel, you bet.
Janeer (laughing):  The Dynamic Duo strikes again!
Leera (laughing):  I like that. (looking up and seeing Tasha entering) Hey!  Here's the lady of the hour right now.

Janeer:  Hi, Tasha.  How was your shampoo and condition?  Did my assistant do okay?
Tasha:  Yes.  I love having my head scratched and massaged. 
Janeer:  Great!  Please have a seat and we'll get to it.
Leera:  You're going to look wonderful when we're done.  This is so exciting!
Tasha (grinning):  I'm excited too.  I can't believe this day is finally here.  Thank you!

Tasha takes a seat and Janeer starts working on her hair.  Leera excuses herself to go sketch.  After awhile, Giordana arrives and check on progress.

Giordana:  Hi, I'm sorry.  I hope I'm not interrupting.  I just thought I'd check in.
Janeer:  It won't be long.  I'm just pumping up this hair and then I'll work on makeup.  She doesn't need a lot so that won't take long.  Then Leera will help her get dressed and she's on her way to display.
Tasha:  We're almost ready.  I can hardly wait.
Giordana:  I know you can't.  I can't wait to see how you look.  Just like I said, I know you're perfect for Display.  And you'll fit right in, I'm sure.
Tasha:  Thank you so much for everything you've done for me, Gio.  You have totally changed my life.
Giordana:  I'm just happy it's working out.  I'll go see if Leera will need any help and get out of your way for now.  We'll see you soon.

This is where I lost footage.  Giordana goes to find Leera.  Janeer abides by Tasha's desires to keep her natural hair and curls without flat ironing.  Which works well with hairstyling.  Of course, there is no way Lisa would miss seeing her friend off to Display.  So she has arrived too. 

And now the moment we've been waiting for, Tasha styled for Display.  Okay, wait, we tried to catch a shot of her alone, but Lisa ran right up to her first.

Lisa gives Tasha a huge hug and starts crying, but Tasha asks her to stop.
Tasha:  You'll ruin your make up and we need to take pictures.  Besides, this isn't goodbye.  Maybe you can visit some time.
Lisa:  I would love that.  I'll miss you so much.  I won't get to do any more reviews with you.  I'm sad about that.
Tasha: I know. I'll miss you too.  But maybe you'll be able to get a new body and then you'll get the job you want and everything will be great.  Lots of ladies get upgrades around here.  I just know you deserve one too.  And, yes, that is a hint to anyone listening. 
Lisa (laughing):  I hope you're right.  You look absolutely gorgeous.  You'll be great up there.  I'm rooting for you. 
Tasha:  Don't make me cry.  I need to pose for some individual shots now, but we are definitely going to take pictures together, okay?
Lisa:  Okay.

Lisa gets out of the way so Dallas (our official photographer) can snap some shots of Tasha.

Doesn't she look lovely?  I found this fashion on Hollywood Premiere Barbie.

I bought the doll just for the fashion, with every intention of just leaving the entire doll to the side.  But when she arrived, she looked even better up close, so I think she may get a body and a role.  Not a huge one, but a role because she needs to be seen too.

Here is Ms. Tasha in Display.  She is working it. 

Thanks for stopping by to see my promotion. ~ Tasha, The Girl who had a dream to model and is now living it. 


  1. Wow, she looks dazzling! Not to get all political but I love seeing natural hair with that old Hollywood glamour style.

    1. Tasha says 'thank you,' Muff. A couple of my of Display Ladies have even bigger hair and they are sharp! I think Tasha would have lost part of herself if she lost her natural hair, and I wouldn't want to do that to her.

      BTW, I don't think there is anything political about being proud of your own hair the way you were born to have it.

  2. Tasha looks just beautiful. Is she a Janay doll? In any case, I love dolls with natural hair. In fact sometimes I seek out dolls with Afros or natural hair because that's what makes them so special. Thinking about you and your new camera. I suppose the best thing to do is to experiment a lot with it. There have been times when I've thought to upgrade to a "real" camera. But for me, it's a lost cause. Every time I move off "automatic" it's a disaster. I've even tried to learn how to use more complex cameras. Can't wrap my head around F-stops. So I'm content to stick to a good quality P&S.

    1. Thank you, April. Yes, she is a Janay doll. My husband picked her out and gave her to me for Christmas one year. My husband said I needed more light, but I said it's an action camera, so maybe it does better catching video. He thought it would be great for tight shots for me.

      I too need point and click with automatic adjustment, and a flash to help with my lighting.

  3. Tasha looks stunning! Did you change her lip color to match the dress?

    1. Thank you, Champagne Star. Yes, I mixed a little white with pure gold and painted her lips. I wanted them to pop. Otherwise, I thought her face would just be washed out.

  4. Tasha looks beautiful! She fits right in with the other dolls. I love the outfit that you chose for her. It is gorgeous and very glamorous!

    1. Thank you, Georgia Girl. I was worried I wouldn't find something worthy, but then there it was. I'm happy and she's all settled in Display now. I even re-organized so she is with the other two IT ladies on the top shelf.

  5. That outfit looks great on her. I love the necklace. I hope you are able to get your new camera working. Nothing worse than thinking you have taking some great pictures and finding out otherwise.

    1. Thanks, Vanessa. I was pretty upset. I told my husband what happened and he said I may need more light. I'm sure I'll figure it out or I'll have to use it for other things.


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