Monday, February 13, 2017

Ms. Slay Has Arrived

I was supposed to work on another story today (and still may get to it), but I had to postpone that when UPS pulled up and dropped off a new resident.  Ms.Slay - aka I Slay Nadja - is in the house.  I'm so glad I didn't hesitate to buy her. I had been waiting for Integrity to come out with a very dark-skinned lady I really wanted.  Articulated ladies are hard to come by in this skin tone (ask Ember). 

She's very sought after, but I would not sell her.  That's not my style.  I buy to keep.  So Ms. Slay shall stay (sorry, I just had to).  I haven't decided if she goes to Play or Display. She's not cheap and she'd be wonderful for modeling.  So I thought I would discuss with her and she could help sway me one way or the other.  Yes, I am discussing it with her.  But first a view of her in the box.

Of course, I couldn't wait, so I took her out and started our chat about my dilemma, right after I showed her both areas.

Me:  So, what do you think?  Do you belong in Play or Display?
Ms. Slay:  Well, from what I can see, both could work.  I could certainly consider joining a modeling agency.  I can tell that Chambray is cut from the same cloth.  We both have striking beauty.  She'd be cool to work with.
Me: Okay.  I can see that.
Ms. Slay:  However, I'm rare, so you may want to treat me very special and place me in Display. 
I know there are other ladies in there with my skin tone, but they can't model and move like I can.  So I'll definitely still stand out.  I would be great for re-dressing and posing, even in Display.
Me:  You're not really helping me to decide.

Ms. Slay:  Well, you do have to consider that while I do look hot in this outfit, it is kind of hookerish.  I mean, even the lingerie lady up there is completely covering her, well, goodies.  Do you see these shorts?  I'm not sure what the thought was for these, but I don't think this sings Display. I would have to close this jacket.
Me:  No, we can't cover up that shirt. I really like it.
Ms. Slay:  If I go to Play, how often will I be seen?  Will I have to stand around for a while like the others?
Me: Yes, until I have enough living and/or social places for more interaction and screen time.
Ms. Slay:  Hmmm.  I'm thinking I could have the best of both worlds.  Can I be in Display and sometimes come out to play?  I'm sure I would need to travel for a lot of modeling gigs anyway. 
Me:  I guess I could do that.  The other girls would look at you like you think you're special.

Ms. Slay:  Honey, look at me. I AM SPECIAL.  I look gorgeous, shorts and all. 
Me (laughing):  Yes, I can see you agree with being special.  But if you get to play, you have to be assigned a name and I don't think it will be Nadja.
Ms. Slay:  No problem.  We can just make that my middle name.  We may not want to lose the integrity of who I am.
Me (rolling my eyes):  Very funny. 
Ms. Slay:  Beauty and a quick wit.  So many layers to me.   
Me:  So I guess that settles it.  You are assigned to Display with Play privileges. 
Ms. Slay:  You're making the right decision, Babe.  But before I go to Display, I need to negotiate my Play life. 
Me:  What? 

Ms. Slay:  A girl like me cannot be wasted on a frivolous life, now can I? 
Me (hesitating):  If you say so. What do you have in mind?
Ms. Slay:  I'm thinking I'd love a hot man.  He has to be taller than me and I love a tan or darker man.  A chocolate man, much like sweet dark chocolate me, me would be wonderful.  I'm thinking someone like that Darius.
Me:  Darius is very expensive.  It would take a lot for me to get him.
Ms. Slay:  I can't just be with anyone.  Plus we need to be either dating for a while with him ready to propose or already engaged.  I would love to walk down the aisle in a one of a kind wedding dress.  I think you can make that happen, right?
Me:  Huh?
Ms. Slay:  And I need a big wedding.  We'll spare no expense.  After all, I am a top model and my man is, well he makes a lot of money.  You can use your imagination to figure out what he does.  I trust you.
Me:  Gee, thanks.
Ms.  Slay:  Sure, Honey.  Well, I guess we can work out more details later.  You know, when you present your proposal on my life.  Keep in mind that I'd love children, but I'll need a team to keep me in shape during any pregnancies.  I can't afford stretch marks. 
Me: ....Sure.

Ms. Slay:  So, I'm anxious to meet the ladies in Display.  I'm sure you have some things to do with so many residents to care for.  Plus, you may want to spotlight me or something on that blog you write.  I'm thinking you'd want to do that as soon as possible.  So, I'll be considerate and stop taking up so much of your time.  At least on my first day here.
Me:  Thank you?
Ms. Slay:  No problem, Babe.  You'll find that I'm very low maintenance and easy to please.  So, shall we be on our way?
Me:  I think that would be good.

Ms. Slay is off to Display.  Good gravy! I am so happy many of the residents here are pretty humble.  I thought Tasha was challenging.  Just as I make one of these residents very happy, this Diva shows up. 

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye


  1. Well, I guess we now know who is in control of "Jaye's Doll Space" hahaha! It didn't take her long to let you know what her place would be in your doll world. Gotta love that kind of sass! She is setting her (or your!) standards very high on the men! Darius is very hard to find anymore. You might have better luck finding a Tobias Alsford. He is a very handsome fellow! Good Luck!

    1. Phyllis, she thinks she's in control, but it's all in her head. I actually have six tall guys here you haven't met yet. At least four should meet her basic standards. None are Darius.

  2. LOL!!!!! I had to laugh all the way through!!!!! OMG, if every doll that comes into my house felt the need to "negotiate," well.....I'd probably have a much smaller collection! LOL! At least when the dolls arrive, they know what they'll be doing (modeling for the blog). But if I had to promise boyfriends, BFF's, children and the rest..... On the other hand, she is really HOT! I know you'll be enjoying her for a very long time! (I also buy to keep.)

    1. Hi, April. I don't know where these bossy girls come from. She may just learn from the proposal that may never come. She'll get her life and learn to love it or stay up on that display shelf.

  3. Girlfriend's got it all figured out lol!

    I like her top too. I was tempted to buy the outfit on ebay, but the shorts are really short, even by my less modest ladies' standards. Oh well, there's still Colette's outfit to consider.

    1. Hi, Champagne Star. This chick has some serious confidence in herself.

      Yes, I don't get the design of the shorts. They went a little too far. I think they ruin the outfit.

  4. Miss Slay is going to run all over those other Divas on display! Lol!! She is gorgeous and feisty! Definitely a Boss!! Lol! Congratulations on getting her!

    1. She is pretty feisty, but I don't think the other Display girls will let her behave like a boss. She'll figure out she needs to tone it down pretty quickly with that group.


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