Sunday, February 12, 2017

The Champagne Toast?

To celebrate Valentine's Day, Maurice has taken Henna out for a romantic dinner. Since Valentine's Day is in the middle of the week, they are out the Saturday before.  Maurice brought roses for Henna.  He's very happy this evening.  He ordered champagne, which the server has said it will take a few minutes to chill.  While they wait, Henna and Maurice are talking.

Henna:  This is a very nice place, Maurice.  These flowers are lovely.  You've outdone yourself this year.  Although those delicious cakes last year were lovely too.
Maurice:  I'm glad you like everything.  I am planning to make this evening very special.  You deserve it.
Henna:  We deserve it.  I would say if you play your cards right, you'll get lucky tonight, but you've already played well. 
Maurice:  Thank you.

Maurice:  This is a very special evening for us.  When I ordered the champagne I was thinking about what we'd toast to, maybe love.  But I think we should just toast to why this evening is so special.  That will really kick things up a notch.
Henna (looking puzzled):  Hmm...I wonder what it is.  Did you get a room at a swanky hotel?  Or maybe you're surprising me with a romantic getaway? 
Maurice:  No.  I have something to for you, but it's for both of us.
Henna (thinking it could be lingerie):  Okay?

Maurice reaches down into his pocket and pulls out a jewelry box. 

Henna (smiling):  You bought me jewelry?
Maurice:  Yes.  Henna, I love you and it's no secret I want to marry you.  So this shouldn't be a surprise.
Henna (realizing now what's in the box): Maurice, please don't.
Maurice:  Please let me finish.  I know you've been hesitant for a while about getting married.  But you don't have to be worried.  If you're waiting for the right time, it will never come.  I know your business is important to you, I won't get in the way of that.  I will always be supportive. 
Henna:  I know, but it's not just about being supportive.  I just don't want to get married right now.  I like being single.  I'm not saying I'll never get married, just not now.

Maurice:  I don't understand what it is.  Why don't you want to get married?  I love you.  You love me, don't you?
Henna:  Yes, I love you, but I don't want to get married.  I thought I've been making that clear. 
Maurice:  Then why act like you want me in your life at all?
Henna:  I didn't know there was an either or.  Either we get married or we can't be together?
Maurice: Then I guess I haven't been clear at all about what I want.  I want something long-term.  I want to be with you.  Why do you keep me at arm's length?

Henna:  For heaven's sake, Maurice.  I don't keep you at arm's length.  You're the only man in my life. We're in a relationship.  I don't treat you poorly or cheat on you.  I don't know what more you want.
Maurice:  Yes, you do.  I want marriage...with you.
Henna:  Well, you're not getting it right now.  I don't know why we have to keep having these arguments about getting married.  I'm tired of the stress, aren't you?

Maurice:  Can you please tell me what it will take to get you there?
Henna:  Me being ready.  Which I am not right now. 
Maurice:  So what if I don't want to stay around to wait for you to be ready?  Are you ready to let things go?
Henna:  I don't want to let you go, but if it's keep you by getting married or do what I think is right for me, then I guess I am ready to let things go.  Is that what you want?
Maurice:  I guess I have no choice.  This has to be over.
Henna:  Are you sure you want to do that?  Are you sure you want to end this right now?

Maurice (fighting tears):  Yes.  This isn't changing any time soon. You're not changing your mind. I'm wasting my time.
Henna:  If that's how you think of it.  Honestly, we don't have to end our relationship.
Maurice:  We do.  We're not going in the same direction.  That's clear. 
Henna:  So what are we going to do now. 
Maurice:  I think we need to end this relationship and this evening right now.  I've lost my appetite.
Henna (sighing):  Me too. 
Maurice:  Then we agree.  It's time to get this over with.  That's that.  So please excuse me for a few minutes.  I'll be right back and then I'll take you home.
Henna:  Okay.  Fine.

 Maurice gets up from the table and picks up the ring box to take with him.

Henna:  Maurice, are you going to be okay?  I don't want it to end like this.
Maurice:  I'm fine.  I'll be back in a few minutes.  I'll see about paying for and donating the champagne to another couple this evening. 

Maurice heads to the restroom so he can pull himself together. Henna sits thinking how the evening could have been better.  She refuses to cry.  She figures she can hold that until later.

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  1. As much as I want to be supportive of Henna, I can't with her right now. One moment she's saying, "I like being single" and the next she's proclaiming, "We're in a relationship." She can't have it both ways and I feel bad that Maurice wasted so much of his time with her. He's a good guy, and he deserves a woman who wants what he wants. I hope you have a cheerful story coming after this maybe my favorite couple Parker and Ember.

    1. I'm sorry, Jewell. It is sad. Maurice just holds on to hope, but he is wasting his time. I think Henna wants to be with him, but not married. We'll see where they go from here.

  2. Hmm. This feels like a set up. He knew she wasn't interested in marriage but he still proposes - for valentines no less. Yeah, it's best they go their own ways. Marriage isn't the end ticket for everyone so he should find someone with his same idea set. So should she.

    Henna knows what she wants and what she doesn't. Giving in to him would probably make them both miserable after a while.

    1. Yes, Maurice should have known how that conversation would go. But for some reason, he kept hoping Henna would change her mind. Maybe one day she will, but not today. He can't say she hasn't been honest.

  3. I do get each of their points of view. After dating my ex-husband for 5 years, I told him I didn't see our relationship going anywhere and that I wanted to start seeing other people. This did cause him to think and he later proposed, however, in hindsight, it would have been better if we had gone our separate ways. We split after just 3 years of marriage. In Henna and Maurice's case, I do think it was better that they split. It seems that she was sort of stringing him along giving him hope that she might be ready someday. I hope they both find their soulmates!

    1. Unfortunately, they do need to split up. It's sad, but if they are going in the same direction, it's time to move on.

  4. Oh, no. I am such a hopeful romantic. I was excited when I saw the ring on the table, before I read the wordings. I hate that they had to breakup on V Day, but no use of getting into something that you don't want. Oh, well I'm sure the chosen couple will enjoy the free champagne. Lol!

    1. I'm sure someone enjoyed that bottle of champagne. It wasn't cheap either. I think Maurice should have talked to Henna first about whether she has changed her mind about marriage, before proposing. Well, maybe next time he'll make a better choice.

  5. I applaud them for both sticking to their decision. Sad it had to happen on Valentine's Day, but better sooner than later. She was stringing him along. He just wasn't the one that could get her to marriage. Phyllis makes a good point. It's never a good idea to pressure someone into marriage. Marriage is hard enough without going into it with an unwilling partner. However you see it all the time with couples that have been dating forever, but never take the step towards marriage. Then they break up and the person who was so against marriage all of a sudden pops up married to someone else. They found the person that had what they needed. Maurice doesn't have what Henna needs. Hopefully they will both be happier and find people that bring them even more happiness.

  6. Wow, I can't believe I missed this post. It's probably better for both of them this way since they both wanted something different from the relationship. The marriage thing was going to continue to be an issue.


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