Monday, March 27, 2017

Avery's Ultrasound, Part Two

We last saw Avery, Craig and Aviana at Avery's ultrasound appointment.  Her regular doctor, Dr. O'Dair is not seeing her today.  Instead, she is going to be seen by Dr. Graham, but doesn't know why.   Usually an Ultrasound Tech would perform the ultrasound, but before becoming a physician, Dr. Graham was an Ultrasound Tech. Dr. Graham has just entered the exam suite to see Avery. 

Dr. Graham:  Hello, Avery.  I'm Yasmina Graham.  I'll be completing your exam today and the ultrasound. 
Avery:  Hello.  I'm looking forward to the ultrasound.
Dr. Graham:  I see you brought the family?  (to Craig and Aviana) Hello. 
Avery:  Yes.  This is my husband Craig and my daughter, Aviana.
Craig:  Hello.
Aviana:  I'm gonna see da baby.
Dr. Graham:  She's so pretty.  It's very nice you all came.  This is an exciting time.  It won't be much longer before the new arrival. 
Avery:  Thank you for the compliment.  Yes, we still have lots of shopping to do.  Before we get started, Dr. Graham, what happened with Dr. O'Dair?

Dr. Graham:  Yes, about Dr. O'Dair.  I can't go into details, but there was a true and personal emergency with Dr. O'Dair.  We just found out yesterday, which didn't give us much time to react.  We are going to inform all patients of this in writing, but Dr. O'Dair will not be able to see patients for at least six months.
Avery:  My baby will be here by then.
Dr. Graham:  Yes, I know.  You do have options.  You can choose to stay with us and another physician will take over  your care or you can select another physician with another practice.  We do have your records here and it won't take long for one of us to get up to speed.  I would be most happy to take over your care.  But you don't have a make a decision right now.  Perhaps we can get through this appointment and then we can go from there.  We are all happy to provide our credentials to help with your decision. The receptionist has handouts.  Would that be alright with you?
Avery:  Okay.  Thank you.

Dr. Graham:  So, this is your second child and you had a vaginal birth the last time, correct?
Avery: Yes. 
Dr. Graham:  You have time, but do you have a birth plan?  Are you going with or without pain assistance?
Avery:  I'd like to try without assistance, but I'm absolutely open to an epidural if I can't take the pain.  Can we do that?
Dr. Graham:  Absolutely, but within limitations.  You have to get to 4 centimeters for the epidural and you cannot be too far dilated and then ask for one.  But we'll constantly check on your progress and update as we go. 
Avery:  I like that. 

Dr. Graham:  Okay.  Well, your weight and blood pressure are great.  Do you have any questions so far?
Avery:  No, I don't right now.
Dr. Graham:  Then let's get to the moment you've all been waiting for.  Please lie back and lift up your shirt, pull down the top of your skirt and tuck in the towel above your skirt.  We'll take our peek at the little one.

 Avery gets prepared as Dr. Graham asks.

Dr. Graham:  I'll just get some information into the machine and we'll see what the little one is doing in there.
Craig:  It's almost time to see the baby, Avi. 
Dr. Graham:  It sure is.  So, Avi, are you ready to be a big sister?
Aviana:  I don know.  But I wanna see the baby.
Dr. Graham (laughing):  Well, I guess that is good enough for now.
Avery:  She just found out today, so she needs some time to wrap her head around it. 
Dr. Graham:  If you'd like, our receptionist has a list of suggested children's books that explain about new siblings.  They are very cute and encouraging.  I'll have her provide you with the list.
Craig:  Good.  I like that.  We can read whatever we get to her as a bedtime story.
Avery:  Yes, that's a good idea.  Thank you.

Dr. Graham has the machine set up and then she puts scan gel on Avery's belly. 

Avery:  Oh! 
Dr. Graham:  I'm sorry, it's a little cold, but it will warm up in a minute.
Avery:  It's okay.  I forgot it can be cold.

First she checks for the heartbeat.  The sounds makes Craig and Avery smile.  It's fast and strong.  Then she gets an image on the screen. 

Dr. Graham (turning the screen):  Aviana, can you see the baby's head? 
Aviana:  That doesn't wook like a baby.  It wooks wike a skewatin. 
Avery:  We can't actually see the baby like we can see you, because it's inside Mommy.  But we can see the baby's skeleton.  So you're right about how the baby looks.  That's how you looked too when you were in my belly.
Aviana:  Oh!  Well I don wook wike a skewatin no mow.
Craig:  No, you don't and neither when the baby when he or she arrives.
Dr. Graham:  Let's get a wider view of this peanut.

Dr. Graham:  Speaking of which, are we finding out the baby's gender today?
Avery (looking at Craig to be sure he's holding firm):  No, thank you.  We want to be surprised when the baby is born. 
Dr. Graham:  Okay.  Then mum's the word.  No reveal cakes?
Avery (giggling): No reveal cakes. 

Dr. Graham takes measurements, then she moves to the other side of Avery's belly to get a view from a different angle.

Aviana:  The baby tuwned awound?
Dr. Graham:  We are looking at the baby from another side so we can see as much as possible.  So we turned, not the baby. 
Aviana:  Such a busy body and he's sucking this thumb.  Or maybe she is.  So cute.
Dr. Graham:  Yes, you have a busy body, but that's good.  Good activity and looking nice and healthy.  Just what we want.

Dr. Graham finishes the ultrasound. 

Dr. Graham:  This went beautifully.  Everything is just as it should be. Nice growth rate, good activity, and a strong heartbeat. 
Craig:  That's good.  Thank you.
Avery:  Yes, thank you.
Dr. Graham:  I'm going to go get the CD of the ultrasound photos for you.  You can wipe yourself off with the towel and I'll hand you some wipes before I head out.  Do you have any questions?
Avery: No, I'm very happy.  Thank you.

Dr. Graham hands Avery the wipes and then leaves to get the CD.  After Avery wipes herself off, Craig throws the wipes and towel in the trash can and Avery sits up.

Avery: Did you like seeing the baby, Avi?
Aviana: Yea...yes.  I wiked it.  It still wooks wike a skewatin.
Avery:  Yes, but you'll see when the baby gets here that it's not.
Craig:  See, we made it without giving in.  It may make shopping a little challenging, but we did it.
Avery:  There are plenty of sleepers and other baby items we can buy that are neutral.  Once the baby is here, we have lots of time to buy gender specific things if we want. 
Craig:  I guess you're right.

Dr. Graham returns with the CD.

Dr. Graham:  How do you think the visit went?  Was everything okay?
Avery:  Yes, it was.  Thank you so much?.
Craig:  Yes, thank you.  You were very nice.
Dr. Graham:  I hope you enjoy looking at these over and over again.  These CDs are a nice keepsake. 
Avery:  We will.
Dr. Graham:  You can see the receptionist for your next appointment on your way out.  I know you may decide to go elsewhere, but please make the appointment so you have one.  You never know if you can get into a new office quickly and you don't want to miss a check up.
Avery:  Okay.  I will.
Dr. Graham:  I do hope you will come back here and see me again, but I will understand if you don't.
Avery:  Thank you.  You've been wonderful.

Dr. Graham leaves and then the Hamiltons leave the exam room. Avery makes another appointment and insists it's Dr. Graham and no one else.   She and Craig also get the list of books for Aviana and Dr. Graham's credentials and experience handout. Avery likes Dr. Graham's personality and is pretty certain she will be pleased with her being her new doctor, but she wants to check her out anyway.

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Sunday, March 26, 2017

Avery's Ultrasound, Part One

Today is Avery's five month prenatal appointment.  Craig re-arranged his schedule so he could go with her.  They are both excited about seeing the baby.  Avery is in her bedroom putting on lipstick before they head out.  Craig was in charge of dressing Aviana.  He has already dressed her and they are both in the living room waiting.

Craig (from the living room):  Ave, are you almost ready?  You know we have one last thing to do before we go to the doctor and we don't want to be late.
Avery:  Yes, Honey.  I'm coming.  I'm just putting on my lipstick and I'll be right out.  We won't be late.
Craig:  Okay. 

 Aviana:  Is Mommy gettin' a shot?
Craig:  No, Honey.  Why would you think that?
Aviana:  I get shots when I go to da doctah. We're taking Mommy to da doctah, so she's gettin' a shot.
Craig (laughing):  Well, you do get shots when you go to the doctor...sometimes.  But that's not the only reason to go.  Today is a special doctor visit.
Aviana:  Why?
Craig (raising his voice so Avery can here):  As soon as Mommy comes out here, we can tell you.  Okay?
Aviana:  Okay, Daddy.

Avery hears and gets the hint.  She was fussing with her hair and decided to unbun it, but not let it completely loose.  She grabs her purse and sweater and emerges from the bedroom.

Avery:  Okay.  (looking at Craig) Now?
Craig:  It's as good a time as any.
Avery:  Avi,  you know how you keep thinking Mommy is eating a lot and my stomach is getting big?
Aviana:  Yes.  But's it's okay, Mommy.  Daddy keeps sayin' it won't wast long.
Avery (laughing):  Yes, he sure does.  Well, my stomach isn't getting bigger because I'm eating more.  It's bigger because I have a baby inside.  You're going to have a baby brother or sister.
Craig:  That's right.  Now there will be two children running around here.
Aviana:  Dere's a weal baby in dere?

Avery sits down and tells Aviana to come feel her belly. 
Avery gives her belly a little nudge.  She knows the baby has been pretty active today, so she is hoping she'll get a response.  It works.

Avery puts Aviana's hand on her belly.

Avery:  Do you feel that?  That's the baby moving. 
Aviana's eyes get big and she starts moving her hand around hoping to catch the baby's next movement.

Aviana:  Wow!  Dat's a baby?  Is it a boy or giwl.
Avery:  Yes, it's a baby.  We don't know yet if it's a boy or a girl.  We won't know until he or she gets here.  But today at the doctor, we'll all get to see the baby inside.  Would you like that?
Aviana:  Yeah!
Avery:  Yes?
Aviana:  Yes. I wanna see it.

They set out for the doctor's office.  Most of the ride Aviana is full of questions and Craig and Avery do their best to explain about how they'll see the baby and where the baby will sleep and when the baby arrives. 

After arriving for their appointment and sitting for a few minutes, Avery is called.  Jadyn, the Medical Assistant, shows them to the exam suite.  It's considered a suite because it's a little larger than most rooms and the ultrasound equipment stays in it. 

Jadyn:  Hi, Cutie.  What's your name?
Aviana:  Avi.  Are you gonna show us da baby?
Jadyn (laughing):  I'm not, but the doctor will.  It's exciting, isn't it?
Aviana:  Yeah!...Yes!
Jadyn:  Is this your Daddy?
Aviana:  Uhuh.  He wants to see the baby too.

Jadyn:  You'll all get to see the baby today.  But, first I need to get some information about your mommy, so maybe you and your daddy can help me by having a seat right over there.  Then it won't be long before you can see the baby.
Craig:  The doctor is going to do the ultrasound?  I thought you had to be a tech to do that.
Jadyn:  Doctor Graham started her healthcare career as an ultrasound tech. She decided just taking ultrasounds wasn't what she wanted, so she became an OB/GYN.
Avery:  Doctor Graham?  My doctor is Doctor O'Dair. 

Jadyn:  Yes, normally.  But there was an, ummm, emergency.  So Doctor Graham will be seeing you today.  I hope that won't be an issue.  I do apologize if no one told you. It just happened and we didn't want to cancel appointments.
Avery:  Oh!
Jadyn:  I think you will like Doctor Graham.  She's great!  But if you have any issues, I'm sure the Office Manager can help you.
Craig:  Is that okay, Babe?
Avery:  Yes, it's okay. You two can have a seat so we can get started.  We'll find out what's going on.

 Avery has her weight checked.  She covers her eyes because she'd rather not see the number.

Jadyn:  Good gain.  Do you have any concerns for the doctor about your diet or weight?
Avery:  No.  I think I have my eating under control now.
Jadyn:  You are going to eat more, it's natural.  You're going a human.  It's eating too much and gaining too fast that is an issue.  But I've been doing this for a while now and according to the chart, you're well within where you should be.
Avery:  That's good to hear.  Thank you.
Jadyn:  If you can have a seat up on the table, I'll get your blood pressure and then we're done until the doctor comes in.
Avery:  Okay.

Avery gets on the exam table and gets her blood pressure checked.  It's normal.  Jadyn asks if they need anything, they don't, so she leaves.

Aviana:  Are we gonna see the baby now?  It's takin' a wong time.
Craig: You have to be patient, Avi.  The doctor has to come in and start taking pictures.

Avery reaches for Craig's hand.

Avery:  I can hardly wait.  I mean, I feel the baby moving, which is great, but there's just something about seeing the baby.  It's wonderful.
Craig:  I know.  I can't wait either.  I wonder what it is.
Avery:  Craig, we have to make sure we are on the same page.  We agreed to find out when he or she arrives.  We're still doing that, right?
Craig:  Yes.  But I can still wonder, right?  I can't help it.
Avery:  I know.  I wonder too.  But we're waiting.  Neither of us can give in.  We have to be strong.  No asking for hints either.
Craig (smiling):  Okay, no hints either.  I'll be good.  I promise.
Aviana:  I pwomise too, Mommy.

It's finally ultrasound time.  I always loved having an ultrasound when I was pregnant.  It is cool to see the baby.  Well, we'll have to see if Avery and Craig get through the ultrasound without finding out the gender.  Oh!  And we'll have to see what's up with Dr. Graham replacing Dr. O'Dair. 

By the way, Vanessa, I am loving the spa table for an exam table.  Thanks for the idea!

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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Easy, Hard, Your Choice

It's around 11:00 AM in the morning on a Tuesday and Avery has dropped by to visit with Cyann.  Brooklyn was just put down for a nap in her crib.

Cyann:  So, you took Aviana to daycare, even though you aren't working today?
Avery:  Yes.  We're debating if we want to have her go more often once the baby comes.  I'm sure I can handle them both, but it may be good to still have her go a little more often so I can get some rest at first. 
Cyann:  Have you decided if you're going to continue to work or not?
Avery:  I like having the money, but if I continue to work, the extra day care cost won't be worth spending.  Besides, I think I'd like to be home with both for a while.  I didn't work for at least six months when Avi arrived, but then I didn't want to lose too much work time.  You know, for my resume's sake.  But I'm okay with letting that go this time.
Cyann:  That's cool.  I love being home with the kids.  Of course, sometimes I want to get out of the house.  Speaking of which, does that mean you aren't still considering a larger place right now?

Avery:  Craig and I have been talking about this a lot.  We are thinking that we'd like to get a bigger place, but we're going to wait a while.  We have quite a bit of money saved for a down payment, but we're not in a rush.  The kids can share a room for a while.  That will give us more time to save up and then we'll start house hunting.
Cyann:  That will be so much fun!
Avery:  I know.  I think about it and get excited, but it will be another year or two.  We have time.  Besides, I spent time getting the current apartment, small as it is, the way I like it.  Not to mention having more space to clean is going to be an adjustment. 
Cyann:  It is, but you get into a routine.
Avery:  I can hardly wait for the space to do what you do.  Almost every time I come here, you change the arrangement of the living room.

Cyann (laughing):  I know.  Sometimes I get bored with it, so I switch it up.  I'm also thinking about some more re-decorating again.  I just can't help myself.  It's fun.  Sad that it's the highlight of my day, but fun.
Avery:  I'm sure I'd love that.  Right now the only decorating I can focus on will be adding a crib and maybe a small dresser to Avi's room.
Cyann:  Well, I'm up for shopping when you start getting things for the baby. 
Avery:  Okay.  I'll be sure to let you know.
Cyann:  So what else is going on with you?  How are your parents?
Avery:  They're well.  Mom's still trying to figure out how to get to Parker.  I told her I'm done with helping.  I'm not trying to distance my brother by helping her. 
Cyann:  I get that.  No need for you to jeopardize your relationship with him.
Avery:  Speaking of which.  I am trying to figure out if he has found someone.  I know he's dating and I'm hopeful...

Just then the door bell rings.  They both turn their heads.

Avery:  You have more company.
Cyann:  It sure sounds like it.  I wonder who.  I'm not expecting anyone. 
Avery:  Well, it's a surprise.
Cyann:  I hope that didn't wake Brooklyn.  Let me see who it is.  I'll be right back. 

Cyann heads to the door and answers it.  It's Ember just dropping by for a little while before going on with the rest of her day.  Cyann tells her Avery is visiting and asks her to have a seat while she checks to be sure Brooklyn is still sleeping.

Ember:  Hi, Avery.  How are you?
Avery:  Hi, Ember.  It's good to see you.  How are you?
Ember:  I'm good.  Just out and about working.  But I have some time, so I thought I'd drop by.  How are things with the baby?
Avery:  Good.  Just waiting out the time.  I have an appointment for the ultrasound soon. 
Ember:  Awww!!  Are you going to find out what you're having?
Avery:  I don't think so.  Are you staying for a while?  Have a seat and we'll chat.
Ember:  Okay. 

Ember sits down.

Avery:  How's Erwyn?  Avi asks about her.  She enjoyed having her for company.  They'd had tea and, according to Avi, Erywn thinks she makes the best tea ever.  (She laughs.)
Ember (chuckling):  I'm sure Avi sure does.  How is Avi feeling about the baby?
Avery:  She doesn't know yet.  She thinks I'm just getting fat and eating a lot.  We're taking her to the ultrasound appointment so it's easier to explain to her about the baby.  That way she can see the baby.  We're hoping that works.
Ember:  That sounds like a good idea. That should help to make it real.  I know it did for me with Erwyn.
Avery:  Ha!  Me too with Avi!  I knew there was a baby in there, but there was nothing like seeing her.

Cyann returns.

Cyann:  Brooklyn stirred, but she's still sleeping. 
Ember:  Good.  I'm sorry I almost woke her up.
Cyann:  It's okay.  I'm glad you stopped by.  So, Avery was just catching me up on her family.  What were you saying you were hopeful about?
Avery:  Oh!  Yes, about Parker.  I think he's seeing someone and I was just hoping to find out who.  I hope she's making him happy.  I just want to know.
Cyann:  Oh!  Well, I'm sure he'll tell you when he's ready.
Avery: Yes.  Well, anyway, enough about that. 

Ember:  I was just asking Avery about the baby.  It's almost time for the ultrasound.
Cyann:  Good.  Then we'll know how to set up the baby shower.
Avery:  Baby shower?  No, you don't have to do that.  Thank you so much for the offer.
Cyann:  You're welcome, but it's not an offer.  It's a plan. There's going to be a shower. 
Avery:  You really don't have to.  I don't want anyone to feel obligated...
Cyann (interrupting):  It's not about obligation.  I am throwing you a shower and that's that.  Are you going to find out what you're having?
Avery (sighing):  I don't think so.  I want to be surprised and Craig is okay either way.
Ember:  Well, I like the idea of a surprise.  Good for you. 

Cyann:  So, we can wait until about 8 months and have the shower.  That will give me time to get things ordered and get everyone invited.  It will also give you time to register.  So we can do that on our shopping day. 
Avery:  That's so nice of you.  But you don't have to.
Cyann:  I know.  We can do this the easy way or the hard way.  You can get to have some input on how your shower goes and who's invited or I can just go with my own theme. You know I can talk Craig into bringing you somewhere and you'll always be wondering if I'm surprising you.  This way, you don't have to go through all of that.  I throw a great party, but I think you'd love to have to some input. Easy, hard, your choice.   
Avery (hesitating and thinking):  Well...
Cyann:  Come on.  You know you'll enjoy it and you know it will be fun.  Come on. Say yes.
Ember:  I'm not trying to get in the middle of this, but I know I want to give you something for the baby.  Shower or no shower, people will give you gifts for the baby.  Plus it will save you money. 
Avery (after pausing):  Okay!  You're right.  It will be fun.  Why not?  I'm in.
Cyann:  Yes!  I'll work out a preliminary plan and look for options.  We'll discuss again later. 

Well, it looks like Cyann gets to plan another party soon.

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Wednesday, March 15, 2017

Telling Erwyn

It's Friday evening and Elaina is caring for Erwyn after school until Ember gets home.  They are watching an animated movie.

Elaina:  I love them.  They are so cute.  Angelica is the best.
Erwyn: I like her too.  She takes care of her babies. 

In walks Ember who has just arrived.

Ember:  Hi, You Two.  What are you up to?
Elaina:  Hi.  We're watching this Rugrats in Paris movie.  It's cute. 
Erwyn:  It's the end of the movie.  You missed it, Mommy.
Ember:  I like that movie too.  I'm sorry I missed it.  Is homework done?
Erwyn:  No homework today.  It's Friday.
Ember:  That's right.  So, Elaina, are you staying for dinner?
Elaina:  I'd love to, but I'm going to a movie with my mother this evening.  I need to grab my shoes and stuff and get going.  We'll probably grab something to eat.
Ember:  Okay. Let me walk you out and drop some things in my office.  Erwyn, I'll be right back.

After Elaina gathers her things, Ember walks her to the door, pays her and then heads to her office to place some materials and her laptop bag there.  Then she joins Erwyn in the living room.

Ember:  Did you have a good day today, Honey?
Erwyn:  Yes, I did.  We played some games, but they were about stuff we learned this week.  It was fun.
Ember:  Good.  Fun and educational. (pausing) So, Erwyn, before I make dinner, I wanted to talk to you about something.  I'm going to explain this the best way I can, okay?
Erwyn:  Okay.
Ember:  You know sometimes when a mom or dad loses their husband or wife, it could take a while, but one day they may want to look at possibly being with another person.  They may want to date again because even though they loved their husband or wife, they can love another new person too.
Erwyn:  Okay.

Ember:  Well, Mommy has decided that it's time to date again.  Well, not just date, start a relationship with someone because it could lead to something more, like having someone, a gentleman, in my life for a long time.  That means he would also be in your life.
Erwyn:  Like a new daddy?
Ember:  Possibly, but we're not anywhere that possibility right now.  It takes time to get to that point and right now, there's no guarantee about that.
Erwyn:  Oh.  So you have a boyfriend?
Ember (smiling):  Baby, please take your shoes off so you can turn toward me.  I'll take mine off too.  I need to get out of these boots.

They both take their shoes off and Erwyn turns so she can have her feet up on the sofa and face her mother directly.

Ember:  So, to answer your question, yes, I have a boyfriend.  I would never have a boyfriend and let him be around you until I thought it was a good time to do that.  I needed to be sure I would be okay with you being around that person.
Erwyn:  So I'll meet your boyfriend?
Ember:  Yes.  If I'm going to spend a lot more time with him and think about having him in our lives, I want you to be able to spend time with us together.  Not a lot at first, but we'll see how it goes.  Do you understand that?
Erwyn:  Yes.  Are you going to marry him?
Ember (laughing):  No, Honey.  At least not right now.  We still need to see how things go. 
Erwyn:  Is he nice?
Ember:   Yes, he is very nice.  You've met him.  It's Mr. Parker. 

Erwyn (with a look of surprise):  Oh!  I know him.  He's nice to me.  He says I'm beautiful.  Does he think you're beautiful, Mommy?
Ember (smiling):  Yes, he does. 
Erwyn:  Then I could be like Chuckie.
Ember:  Chuckie, who?
Erwyn:  From the Rugrats movie.  He got a new mommy and she was very nice to him.  I might get a new daddy.
Ember:  Hmmm...I guess that could be so one day.  But let's not rush it.  Right now Mr. Parker is just someone I'm, we're getting to know better.  Come sit on my lap for a minute so I can hug you.

Erwyn crawls onto her mother's lap.

Ember:  Listen, Erwyn.  You are what is most important to me, above and before everything and everyone else.  I want you to get to know Mr. Parker better too, but it will take time for Mommy to get to certain levels of trust.  I will always protect you, no matter what.
Erwyn:  I know, Mommy.
Ember:  I want you to remember that.  If for some reason you are ever uncomfortable, no matter what, even if you think I will be upset, you have to tell me.  Can you do that?
Erwyn:  Yes, Mommy
Ember:  Good.  I love you more than anything. 
Erwyn:  I love you too, Mommy.

Well, Erwyn seem okay with the news of Parker and Ember dating.  I wonder how everyone else will react.

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Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Penny for your Thoughts

When we last saw Parker and Ember, they were on their way to spend time together for Valentine's Day.  Parker picked Ember up and they went to the restaurant where he made reservations.  They coincidentally went to the same restaurant as Maurice and Henna had their dinner, but this time dinner went very well. 

Parker and Ember have just finished their meal.

Parker:  That was delicious.  Would you like some dessert?
Ember: Thank you, but I'd better say no.  I don't want to be too full.
Parker:  Me neither.  Are you enjoying your evening?
Ember (smiling):  Yes, I am having a wonderful time.  You planned well.
Parker:  I hope so.  I also have a gift for you, but it's too big to give you here.  I can give it to you after we leave.
Ember:  How nice of you.  I can hardly wait to see it.

Ember: You know, I'm actually surprised that we've yet to see anyone we know yet while we've been out.  It's weird, but good I guess.
Parker (laughing):  That reminds me.  I stopped by to drop off cards for Avery and Aviana and barely got out without getting the third degree.  Avery was trying hard to figure out who I was meeting tonight.
Ember:  That is funny.  The same thing happened to me with Henna.  She and Maurice are no longer seeing each other, but she definitely found a window in her grief to try to figure out who I was planning to see.
Parker: I guess inquiring minds want to know.
Ember (smiling and shaking her head):  It seems like it. 
Parker:  Don't worry.  I won't say anything until you say your ready.  I'm not in a rush.  I just enjoy being with you.

Parker:  If you don't want anything else.  I'll go pay the check and I'll be right back.  Is that okay?
Ember:  Of course.  I'll be right here.  Thank you.

Parker goes to pay the check and then returns to get Ember.

Parker (offering his hand):  May I help you from your chair, My Lady.
Ember (taking Parker's hand):  You certainly may, kind Sir. 

They exit the restaurant and head to the car.

Before we go on, this part of the story is slightly adult, maybe PG-13, but not R.  Now back to Parker and Ember.  Their evening did not end after leaving the restaurant.  They have arrived at the next place where Parker has a reservation, the Sweet Dreams Hotel.  They have just walked into the room.

Ember:  This is such a lovely hotel room.  I like the d├ęcor.  It seems so serene.
Parker:  I did some research online and read some reviews.  It's one of the best hotels around here. 
Ember:  Yes, reading reviews is very helpful.  I do that a lot when I travel.

Ember:  Look, there's a great view of the city.
Parker (laughing):  I think that was actually in a review too.
Ember (laughing):  It wasn't me.  I promise.
Parker:  Well, I don't mean to change the subject, but I'd like to give you your gift now.

Parker sets down his bag and Ember sets her bag and purse on the bed.  Then she turns around to accept Parker's gift.

Ember:  This is a big box.  Should I shake it to guess what's in it?
Parker:  No.  Well, you can if you'd like, but I doubt it will help you.
Ember:  I won't shake it then.  I just love the anticipation.  This is so thoughtful of you.
Parker:  I have to warn you I picked it out myself.  I hope you like it.  I think it's perfect.  I'll turn on the overhead light so you can see it well.

Parker walks over to the light switch and turns on the overhead light so Ember can see better.

Ember sits on the bed and looks at the box for a minute. 

Ember (feeling excited and curious):  I'm going to open it, but maybe you could sit next to me while I do.
Parker:  Okay.  Good idea.

Parker sits down and she opens the box and pulls back the tissue to see what's in it. 

 Ember pulls out beautiful lingerie and gasps.  She is very surprised.

Ember:  This is so pretty.  I love it, Parker.  You have wonderful tastes.
Parker (grinning): Well, I have to be honest, it's for me too.  I was hoping you would wear it this least for a little while.
Ember (feeling her cheeks get hot):  Of course I will.  I'll go put it on right now.  I'll be back soon.

Ember grabs her overnight bag and the lingerie from the box and heads to the bathroom.  While she's in there, Parker put the gift box next to the chair by the window and then undresses.  After he's done, he looks around the room some more and then stands by the window to get a better look at the view.

Ember comes out of the bathroom and stands watching Parker as he looks out of the window.  She's a little nervous, but excited.  It's been a very long time since she's enjoyed an evening like this.  But she's certain that she wants to with Parker.

Parker keeps enjoying the view until he hears Ember softly speak his name.  Parker turns around and a huge smile comes across his face.

Ember:  So what do you think?  Do you like it?
Parker:  No.  I love it!  It looks even better than I imagined it.  I'm not going to lie, I did imagine.  But this reality is so much better. 
Ember:  Thank you.
Parker:  Please come closer and turn around so I can see how you look from the back.

Ember walks closer and turns around for Parker to see her.  Parker takes the opportunity to put his arms around her.

Parker:  You smell wonderful.  You look so sexy.
Ember:  Thank you.  You are making me feel beautiful.
Parker:  I doubt you need me to do that.  You just are.

Ember:  I was feeling nervous about this evening, but now I just feel so...ready. 
Parker:  I'm glad.  I could hold you like this forever.
Ember:  Mmmm....I would like that.  It's been so long since I've felt like this.  I don't want it to end.
Parker:  It doesn't have to.  I don't plan on going anywhere.  I know what I want and I'm holding her right now.

Parker gently turns Ember around so she is facing him and then he begins to kiss her.

Parker:  I love you, Ember.
Ember:  I love you too, Parker.

A whole lot of loving went on for a while and then they both dozed off to sleep.  After a while, Ember wakes up and decides to go look out the window.  She feels like her mind is now running a mile a minute and maybe letting her mind drift into the sights around her, she can calm it.

Ember enjoys peace at the window for a while.  Eventually Parker stirs and realizes she's not in the bed.  He turns over and notices her at the window.  He gets out of the bed to talk to her.

Hearing him come over, Ember turns to look at Parker as he puts his arm around her and touches her face.

Parker:  Hey, Beautiful.  Penny for your thoughts.
Ember:  After how special you've made this evening for me, I think this one can be on me...I was thinking that I'm ready.
Parker:  Good.  Ready for what?
Ember:  Ready to let everyone in on our little secret.  I want us to grow our relationship and I'd be so honored to let everyone know I love you.  I want  you in my life and Erwyn's.
Parker (smiling):  I'm glad.  I want the same thing.  Now, do you want to come back to bed?
Ember:  I want to stand here a little longer.  I can't get back to sleep right now.
Parker: An even better reason for you to come back to bed.

Whew! and YAY! It's about time....

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