Sunday, March 26, 2017

Avery's Ultrasound, Part One

Today is Avery's five month prenatal appointment.  Craig re-arranged his schedule so he could go with her.  They are both excited about seeing the baby.  Avery is in her bedroom putting on lipstick before they head out.  Craig was in charge of dressing Aviana.  He has already dressed her and they are both in the living room waiting.

Craig (from the living room):  Ave, are you almost ready?  You know we have one last thing to do before we go to the doctor and we don't want to be late.
Avery:  Yes, Honey.  I'm coming.  I'm just putting on my lipstick and I'll be right out.  We won't be late.
Craig:  Okay. 

 Aviana:  Is Mommy gettin' a shot?
Craig:  No, Honey.  Why would you think that?
Aviana:  I get shots when I go to da doctah. We're taking Mommy to da doctah, so she's gettin' a shot.
Craig (laughing):  Well, you do get shots when you go to the doctor...sometimes.  But that's not the only reason to go.  Today is a special doctor visit.
Aviana:  Why?
Craig (raising his voice so Avery can here):  As soon as Mommy comes out here, we can tell you.  Okay?
Aviana:  Okay, Daddy.

Avery hears and gets the hint.  She was fussing with her hair and decided to unbun it, but not let it completely loose.  She grabs her purse and sweater and emerges from the bedroom.

Avery:  Okay.  (looking at Craig) Now?
Craig:  It's as good a time as any.
Avery:  Avi,  you know how you keep thinking Mommy is eating a lot and my stomach is getting big?
Aviana:  Yes.  But's it's okay, Mommy.  Daddy keeps sayin' it won't wast long.
Avery (laughing):  Yes, he sure does.  Well, my stomach isn't getting bigger because I'm eating more.  It's bigger because I have a baby inside.  You're going to have a baby brother or sister.
Craig:  That's right.  Now there will be two children running around here.
Aviana:  Dere's a weal baby in dere?

Avery sits down and tells Aviana to come feel her belly. 
Avery gives her belly a little nudge.  She knows the baby has been pretty active today, so she is hoping she'll get a response.  It works.

Avery puts Aviana's hand on her belly.

Avery:  Do you feel that?  That's the baby moving. 
Aviana's eyes get big and she starts moving her hand around hoping to catch the baby's next movement.

Aviana:  Wow!  Dat's a baby?  Is it a boy or giwl.
Avery:  Yes, it's a baby.  We don't know yet if it's a boy or a girl.  We won't know until he or she gets here.  But today at the doctor, we'll all get to see the baby inside.  Would you like that?
Aviana:  Yeah!
Avery:  Yes?
Aviana:  Yes. I wanna see it.

They set out for the doctor's office.  Most of the ride Aviana is full of questions and Craig and Avery do their best to explain about how they'll see the baby and where the baby will sleep and when the baby arrives. 

After arriving for their appointment and sitting for a few minutes, Avery is called.  Jadyn, the Medical Assistant, shows them to the exam suite.  It's considered a suite because it's a little larger than most rooms and the ultrasound equipment stays in it. 

Jadyn:  Hi, Cutie.  What's your name?
Aviana:  Avi.  Are you gonna show us da baby?
Jadyn (laughing):  I'm not, but the doctor will.  It's exciting, isn't it?
Aviana:  Yeah!...Yes!
Jadyn:  Is this your Daddy?
Aviana:  Uhuh.  He wants to see the baby too.

Jadyn:  You'll all get to see the baby today.  But, first I need to get some information about your mommy, so maybe you and your daddy can help me by having a seat right over there.  Then it won't be long before you can see the baby.
Craig:  The doctor is going to do the ultrasound?  I thought you had to be a tech to do that.
Jadyn:  Doctor Graham started her healthcare career as an ultrasound tech. She decided just taking ultrasounds wasn't what she wanted, so she became an OB/GYN.
Avery:  Doctor Graham?  My doctor is Doctor O'Dair. 

Jadyn:  Yes, normally.  But there was an, ummm, emergency.  So Doctor Graham will be seeing you today.  I hope that won't be an issue.  I do apologize if no one told you. It just happened and we didn't want to cancel appointments.
Avery:  Oh!
Jadyn:  I think you will like Doctor Graham.  She's great!  But if you have any issues, I'm sure the Office Manager can help you.
Craig:  Is that okay, Babe?
Avery:  Yes, it's okay. You two can have a seat so we can get started.  We'll find out what's going on.

 Avery has her weight checked.  She covers her eyes because she'd rather not see the number.

Jadyn:  Good gain.  Do you have any concerns for the doctor about your diet or weight?
Avery:  No.  I think I have my eating under control now.
Jadyn:  You are going to eat more, it's natural.  You're going a human.  It's eating too much and gaining too fast that is an issue.  But I've been doing this for a while now and according to the chart, you're well within where you should be.
Avery:  That's good to hear.  Thank you.
Jadyn:  If you can have a seat up on the table, I'll get your blood pressure and then we're done until the doctor comes in.
Avery:  Okay.

Avery gets on the exam table and gets her blood pressure checked.  It's normal.  Jadyn asks if they need anything, they don't, so she leaves.

Aviana:  Are we gonna see the baby now?  It's takin' a wong time.
Craig: You have to be patient, Avi.  The doctor has to come in and start taking pictures.

Avery reaches for Craig's hand.

Avery:  I can hardly wait.  I mean, I feel the baby moving, which is great, but there's just something about seeing the baby.  It's wonderful.
Craig:  I know.  I can't wait either.  I wonder what it is.
Avery:  Craig, we have to make sure we are on the same page.  We agreed to find out when he or she arrives.  We're still doing that, right?
Craig:  Yes.  But I can still wonder, right?  I can't help it.
Avery:  I know.  I wonder too.  But we're waiting.  Neither of us can give in.  We have to be strong.  No asking for hints either.
Craig (smiling):  Okay, no hints either.  I'll be good.  I promise.
Aviana:  I pwomise too, Mommy.

It's finally ultrasound time.  I always loved having an ultrasound when I was pregnant.  It is cool to see the baby.  Well, we'll have to see if Avery and Craig get through the ultrasound without finding out the gender.  Oh!  And we'll have to see what's up with Dr. Graham replacing Dr. O'Dair. 

By the way, Vanessa, I am loving the spa table for an exam table.  Thanks for the idea!

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye


  1. When I first saw this on IG, I couldn't believe my eyes. You did such a great job on creating this room! My goodness, Jaye, you must have an entire city in your house?! Great job!

    1. Thank you, April. Some of the scene just get put up for 'taping' and then they are gone. But some get to stay. I honestly need to get more shelving. Space is at a premium right now. That doesn't seem to stop me though.

  2. You are a genius at creating rooms! Love how the base of the table is two bins.

    1. Thank you, Muff. Those bins were an accidental find. I was going to use these miniature shelf units. I bought the bins to use for benches in something else. Then it hit me they could work for the table and Voila!

  3. The room looks awesome!! Avery's outfit is really cute! I especially love that you create your fashions. Where do you find the time?

    1. Thank you. I have spurts of clothes making, but it can take me a while to finish something. Unless I'm on a mission. Like Jadyn's scrubs, I realized I didn't have scrubs so I had to quickly adjust a shirt pattern and make a uniform the same day I was taking photos for the story.

  4. I agree with all of the comments regarding your room making skills. You do an awesome job. Cute story too!

    1. Thank you, Phyllis. I keep hoping to improve my skills.


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