Monday, March 27, 2017

Avery's Ultrasound, Part Two

We last saw Avery, Craig and Aviana at Avery's ultrasound appointment.  Her regular doctor, Dr. O'Dair is not seeing her today.  Instead, she is going to be seen by Dr. Graham, but doesn't know why.   Usually an Ultrasound Tech would perform the ultrasound, but before becoming a physician, Dr. Graham was an Ultrasound Tech. Dr. Graham has just entered the exam suite to see Avery. 

Dr. Graham:  Hello, Avery.  I'm Yasmina Graham.  I'll be completing your exam today and the ultrasound. 
Avery:  Hello.  I'm looking forward to the ultrasound.
Dr. Graham:  I see you brought the family?  (to Craig and Aviana) Hello. 
Avery:  Yes.  This is my husband Craig and my daughter, Aviana.
Craig:  Hello.
Aviana:  I'm gonna see da baby.
Dr. Graham:  She's so pretty.  It's very nice you all came.  This is an exciting time.  It won't be much longer before the new arrival. 
Avery:  Thank you for the compliment.  Yes, we still have lots of shopping to do.  Before we get started, Dr. Graham, what happened with Dr. O'Dair?

Dr. Graham:  Yes, about Dr. O'Dair.  I can't go into details, but there was a true and personal emergency with Dr. O'Dair.  We just found out yesterday, which didn't give us much time to react.  We are going to inform all patients of this in writing, but Dr. O'Dair will not be able to see patients for at least six months.
Avery:  My baby will be here by then.
Dr. Graham:  Yes, I know.  You do have options.  You can choose to stay with us and another physician will take over  your care or you can select another physician with another practice.  We do have your records here and it won't take long for one of us to get up to speed.  I would be most happy to take over your care.  But you don't have a make a decision right now.  Perhaps we can get through this appointment and then we can go from there.  We are all happy to provide our credentials to help with your decision. The receptionist has handouts.  Would that be alright with you?
Avery:  Okay.  Thank you.

Dr. Graham:  So, this is your second child and you had a vaginal birth the last time, correct?
Avery: Yes. 
Dr. Graham:  You have time, but do you have a birth plan?  Are you going with or without pain assistance?
Avery:  I'd like to try without assistance, but I'm absolutely open to an epidural if I can't take the pain.  Can we do that?
Dr. Graham:  Absolutely, but within limitations.  You have to get to 4 centimeters for the epidural and you cannot be too far dilated and then ask for one.  But we'll constantly check on your progress and update as we go. 
Avery:  I like that. 

Dr. Graham:  Okay.  Well, your weight and blood pressure are great.  Do you have any questions so far?
Avery:  No, I don't right now.
Dr. Graham:  Then let's get to the moment you've all been waiting for.  Please lie back and lift up your shirt, pull down the top of your skirt and tuck in the towel above your skirt.  We'll take our peek at the little one.

 Avery gets prepared as Dr. Graham asks.

Dr. Graham:  I'll just get some information into the machine and we'll see what the little one is doing in there.
Craig:  It's almost time to see the baby, Avi. 
Dr. Graham:  It sure is.  So, Avi, are you ready to be a big sister?
Aviana:  I don know.  But I wanna see the baby.
Dr. Graham (laughing):  Well, I guess that is good enough for now.
Avery:  She just found out today, so she needs some time to wrap her head around it. 
Dr. Graham:  If you'd like, our receptionist has a list of suggested children's books that explain about new siblings.  They are very cute and encouraging.  I'll have her provide you with the list.
Craig:  Good.  I like that.  We can read whatever we get to her as a bedtime story.
Avery:  Yes, that's a good idea.  Thank you.

Dr. Graham has the machine set up and then she puts scan gel on Avery's belly. 

Avery:  Oh! 
Dr. Graham:  I'm sorry, it's a little cold, but it will warm up in a minute.
Avery:  It's okay.  I forgot it can be cold.

First she checks for the heartbeat.  The sounds makes Craig and Avery smile.  It's fast and strong.  Then she gets an image on the screen. 

Dr. Graham (turning the screen):  Aviana, can you see the baby's head? 
Aviana:  That doesn't wook like a baby.  It wooks wike a skewatin. 
Avery:  We can't actually see the baby like we can see you, because it's inside Mommy.  But we can see the baby's skeleton.  So you're right about how the baby looks.  That's how you looked too when you were in my belly.
Aviana:  Oh!  Well I don wook wike a skewatin no mow.
Craig:  No, you don't and neither when the baby when he or she arrives.
Dr. Graham:  Let's get a wider view of this peanut.

Dr. Graham:  Speaking of which, are we finding out the baby's gender today?
Avery (looking at Craig to be sure he's holding firm):  No, thank you.  We want to be surprised when the baby is born. 
Dr. Graham:  Okay.  Then mum's the word.  No reveal cakes?
Avery (giggling): No reveal cakes. 

Dr. Graham takes measurements, then she moves to the other side of Avery's belly to get a view from a different angle.

Aviana:  The baby tuwned awound?
Dr. Graham:  We are looking at the baby from another side so we can see as much as possible.  So we turned, not the baby. 
Aviana:  Such a busy body and he's sucking this thumb.  Or maybe she is.  So cute.
Dr. Graham:  Yes, you have a busy body, but that's good.  Good activity and looking nice and healthy.  Just what we want.

Dr. Graham finishes the ultrasound. 

Dr. Graham:  This went beautifully.  Everything is just as it should be. Nice growth rate, good activity, and a strong heartbeat. 
Craig:  That's good.  Thank you.
Avery:  Yes, thank you.
Dr. Graham:  I'm going to go get the CD of the ultrasound photos for you.  You can wipe yourself off with the towel and I'll hand you some wipes before I head out.  Do you have any questions?
Avery: No, I'm very happy.  Thank you.

Dr. Graham hands Avery the wipes and then leaves to get the CD.  After Avery wipes herself off, Craig throws the wipes and towel in the trash can and Avery sits up.

Avery: Did you like seeing the baby, Avi?
Aviana: Yea...yes.  I wiked it.  It still wooks wike a skewatin.
Avery:  Yes, but you'll see when the baby gets here that it's not.
Craig:  See, we made it without giving in.  It may make shopping a little challenging, but we did it.
Avery:  There are plenty of sleepers and other baby items we can buy that are neutral.  Once the baby is here, we have lots of time to buy gender specific things if we want. 
Craig:  I guess you're right.

Dr. Graham returns with the CD.

Dr. Graham:  How do you think the visit went?  Was everything okay?
Avery:  Yes, it was.  Thank you so much?.
Craig:  Yes, thank you.  You were very nice.
Dr. Graham:  I hope you enjoy looking at these over and over again.  These CDs are a nice keepsake. 
Avery:  We will.
Dr. Graham:  You can see the receptionist for your next appointment on your way out.  I know you may decide to go elsewhere, but please make the appointment so you have one.  You never know if you can get into a new office quickly and you don't want to miss a check up.
Avery:  Okay.  I will.
Dr. Graham:  I do hope you will come back here and see me again, but I will understand if you don't.
Avery:  Thank you.  You've been wonderful.

Dr. Graham leaves and then the Hamiltons leave the exam room. Avery makes another appointment and insists it's Dr. Graham and no one else.   She and Craig also get the list of books for Aviana and Dr. Graham's credentials and experience handout. Avery likes Dr. Graham's personality and is pretty certain she will be pleased with her being her new doctor, but she wants to check her out anyway.

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  1. Awesome episode! The room looks great! Her belly looks so real! I am excited to see what the sex will be. Have you started on the nursery?

    1. Thank you, Georgia Girl. The baby will have to share a room with Aviana. I have to work on the baby store first so they can go shopping. But I know what I'll put in the nursery.

      It was pretty funny while I was a the fabric store getting lots of fabrics cut in these small amounts. The person cutting for me was enjoying looking at the (ten?) fabrics I picked.

  2. Aww, part 2 was so cute! That ultrasound machine looked pretty authentic! Will we get to find out what happened to Dr. O'Dair? Look forward to the next episode.

    1. Thank you, Phyllis. Unfortunately, due to HIPAA reasons, we cannot disclose the personal details of Dr. O'Dair's emergent departure. LOL!

  3. Jaye, your dios are so inspiring. Great job on Avery's tummy. I'm assuming you made it yourself out of polymer clay?

    1. Thank you so much, Jewell!

      Avery's tummy is actually a fake, dyeable egg I carved to fit. I bought some last year for my kids to dye, but they didn't. I made three sizes for her to go to full term.


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