Saturday, March 4, 2017

Checking on Henna

I know it's a little late, but here's some catch up for Valentine's Day.  It is Valentine's Day and Ember has evening plans with Parker.  Henna is still dealing with her break up with Maurice from the Saturday prior.  She took a few days to herself to think about things and she asked Ember to talk to her. 

Although Ember does need to get things done so she can get ready for her date, she is stopping by to see why Henna wants to see her.

Ember is trying to focus on work.  It helps her keep her mind off of how she's feeling.  The one thing she has been able to do is resist from calling Maurice, so far.

Ember arrives and is greeted by Carly.

Carly:  Hi, Ember.  How are you?
Ember:  Hi, Carly.  I'm doing well.  How are things with you?
Carly:  Good.  Happy Valentine's Day!  Are you doing anything special?
Ember (feeling her cheeks heat up):  Happy Valentine's Day!  I do have plans this evening.  How about you?  Plans with the boyfriend?
Carly:  Yes.  We have reservations at Passport.  I'm excited. 
Ember:  That's so nice.  I hope you have a great time.  I don't mean to change the subject, but I'm kind of on a schedule.  Is Henna available?
Carly:  Yes.  She's waiting for you. You can go right in.  She seems a little under the weather.  She took the box of tissues with her.  Maybe a cold I'm guessing.
Ember:  Oh!  Well, I'll keep my distance.  Thank you.

Ember opens the door and steps into the office.

Ember:  Hey, Henna.  What's up?  I'm here now.  Carly says you may have a cold.
Henna (looking sad and relieved at the same time):  Hi.  No, I don't have a cold. 
Ember:  Well, you don't look well.  Is that why you wanted to talk to me?  Is it serious? 
Henna:  It's serious, but I'm not ill.  Come in, please.  Close the door.  I'll tell you.  I just need some support.
Ember (concerned):  Okay.

Ember sits down to hear what Henna has to say.

Henna:  Do you have plans tonight?
Ember:  Yes, I do.  So I am on a schedule, just like I told you earlier.  I'm sorry I can't stay long, but I did want to be sure to stop by.  Please stop stalling.  I'm concerned about what's serious.
Henna:  Okay.  (sighing)  Maurice and I have ended our relationship.
Ember (surprised):  Really?  Why?
Henna:  Because yet again, he wanted to propose to me.  I don't know why.  He knows I'm not ready to get married. 
Ember:  I see.  When did you break up?
Henna:  Saturday.  We were celebrating Valentine's Day early.
Ember:  I'm so sorry to hear that.  How have you been handling it?

Henna:  It's been hard.  I didn't want to end it.  It was his decision.  I don't see why we can't still be together, just because we're not married.  But he seems so set on getting married.
Ember:  Well, you did keep telling him you weren't ready, right?
Henna:  Yes, of course I did.
Ember:  That was his mistake then, to keep trying to force it.
Henna:  I know.  I agree.
Ember:  However, he did keep talking about wanting to marry you, didn't he?  So you knew that was what he wanted.  So that was your mistake.
Henna:  Who's side are you on?
Ember:  I'm always going to support you because you're my sister.  But I'm also always going to be honest with you. 

Henna:  What are you saying?
Ember:  What you should have known.  This was bound to happen.  You were not on the same page.  You were both in denial and both headed in a different direction.  Although I love you both, and I don't want to see either of you hurt, maybe this is for the best.  I'm not happy you broke up, because it's clear you care about each other.  But all is not lost.  You can both find people who want what you want.
Henna (feeling tears coming to her eyes):  Maybe.  Can you and Erwyn come over later and keep me company?  I can order in, find a movie for Erwyn to watch and we can talk.
Ember:  I'm sorry, Honey.  I still have plans.
Henna:  Do you have a date?
Ember:  I have plans, Henna.  Speaking of which I need to go now.  I have some things to do.
Henna:  So you have a date?

Ember grabs her purse and stands up.

Ember:  Why don't you call Mom or Syren or one of your friends for company this evening.  Although Syren probably has some poor man taking her somewhere.  I doubt Mom does.
Henna:  I love Syren, but she's not helpful.  You know she's about dumping men after using them.
Ember (laughing):  Well, it works for her for now.  Tomorrow evening you can come over and spend time with me and Erwyn.  I'll cook and you can chill with us.  We can talk after Erwyn goes to bed since it's a school night.  How does that sound?
Henna (pouting):  Okay.  I can do that. 
Ember:  Good.  You'll be okay.  You can get through this.  Just keep reminding yourself why it didn't work out.  You just didn't want the same thing.

Ember heads to the door and cracks it open as Henna stops her.

Henna:  Ember?
Ember:  Yes?
Henna:  Who are you going out with tonight?  I'm just surprised you have a date.  I mean it's great, but Valentine's Day dates are usually for lovers.  So who is it?
Ember (smirking):  You are really trying, aren't you?  I have plans, I'll give you a call tomorrow, have a good evening.  I love you.  Bye.
Henna (sulking):  Okay.  Bye.

Ember leaves and Henna gets back to work.  I think we'll need to check in on Ember's and Parker's date.  Stay tuned.

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye


  1. Oh my goodness, Jaye...I LOVE love LOVE this office. I am simply amazed by all of the detail involved!!!! I'm reading the story, looking at the pictures and totally forgetting all of this is 1/6 scale! AMAZING!

    1. Thank you, April! I just had to make that window between these rooms (I think my favorite item), but I like the way it turned out. I love the white, but I think the carpet needs a real tiny vacuum because it gets dusty.

  2. LOL Henna tried hard to get info.... of the date ah...... plans. I hope she will be fine being single for the moment

    1. Hi, Ladonna. Henna is certainly trying hard to find out what Ember is up to.

  3. I am so glad that we are privvy to what is going on in Ember's life! Henna will just have to wait and see what is going on with her sister! I also love the office. I noticed that you used the letter "H" for Henna's desk. Very clever! I do love all the detail in her office. I have been working on my 1:1 scale house, but it is giving me ideas and some materials that I can use for my doll dios too!

    1. LOL! We sure do know more than Henna. And, yes, I had to have the H for her desk. Thank you!

  4. Wow! I love completely all in this diorama. It's perfect.

  5. Very chic office! Henna is feeling down but that doesn't stop her from being nosy, lol.

    1. LOL! I agree. It will be interesting when Henna finds out.


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