Thursday, March 23, 2017

Easy, Hard, Your Choice

It's around 11:00 AM in the morning on a Tuesday and Avery has dropped by to visit with Cyann.  Brooklyn was just put down for a nap in her crib.

Cyann:  So, you took Aviana to daycare, even though you aren't working today?
Avery:  Yes.  We're debating if we want to have her go more often once the baby comes.  I'm sure I can handle them both, but it may be good to still have her go a little more often so I can get some rest at first. 
Cyann:  Have you decided if you're going to continue to work or not?
Avery:  I like having the money, but if I continue to work, the extra day care cost won't be worth spending.  Besides, I think I'd like to be home with both for a while.  I didn't work for at least six months when Avi arrived, but then I didn't want to lose too much work time.  You know, for my resume's sake.  But I'm okay with letting that go this time.
Cyann:  That's cool.  I love being home with the kids.  Of course, sometimes I want to get out of the house.  Speaking of which, does that mean you aren't still considering a larger place right now?

Avery:  Craig and I have been talking about this a lot.  We are thinking that we'd like to get a bigger place, but we're going to wait a while.  We have quite a bit of money saved for a down payment, but we're not in a rush.  The kids can share a room for a while.  That will give us more time to save up and then we'll start house hunting.
Cyann:  That will be so much fun!
Avery:  I know.  I think about it and get excited, but it will be another year or two.  We have time.  Besides, I spent time getting the current apartment, small as it is, the way I like it.  Not to mention having more space to clean is going to be an adjustment. 
Cyann:  It is, but you get into a routine.
Avery:  I can hardly wait for the space to do what you do.  Almost every time I come here, you change the arrangement of the living room.

Cyann (laughing):  I know.  Sometimes I get bored with it, so I switch it up.  I'm also thinking about some more re-decorating again.  I just can't help myself.  It's fun.  Sad that it's the highlight of my day, but fun.
Avery:  I'm sure I'd love that.  Right now the only decorating I can focus on will be adding a crib and maybe a small dresser to Avi's room.
Cyann:  Well, I'm up for shopping when you start getting things for the baby. 
Avery:  Okay.  I'll be sure to let you know.
Cyann:  So what else is going on with you?  How are your parents?
Avery:  They're well.  Mom's still trying to figure out how to get to Parker.  I told her I'm done with helping.  I'm not trying to distance my brother by helping her. 
Cyann:  I get that.  No need for you to jeopardize your relationship with him.
Avery:  Speaking of which.  I am trying to figure out if he has found someone.  I know he's dating and I'm hopeful...

Just then the door bell rings.  They both turn their heads.

Avery:  You have more company.
Cyann:  It sure sounds like it.  I wonder who.  I'm not expecting anyone. 
Avery:  Well, it's a surprise.
Cyann:  I hope that didn't wake Brooklyn.  Let me see who it is.  I'll be right back. 

Cyann heads to the door and answers it.  It's Ember just dropping by for a little while before going on with the rest of her day.  Cyann tells her Avery is visiting and asks her to have a seat while she checks to be sure Brooklyn is still sleeping.

Ember:  Hi, Avery.  How are you?
Avery:  Hi, Ember.  It's good to see you.  How are you?
Ember:  I'm good.  Just out and about working.  But I have some time, so I thought I'd drop by.  How are things with the baby?
Avery:  Good.  Just waiting out the time.  I have an appointment for the ultrasound soon. 
Ember:  Awww!!  Are you going to find out what you're having?
Avery:  I don't think so.  Are you staying for a while?  Have a seat and we'll chat.
Ember:  Okay. 

Ember sits down.

Avery:  How's Erwyn?  Avi asks about her.  She enjoyed having her for company.  They'd had tea and, according to Avi, Erywn thinks she makes the best tea ever.  (She laughs.)
Ember (chuckling):  I'm sure Avi sure does.  How is Avi feeling about the baby?
Avery:  She doesn't know yet.  She thinks I'm just getting fat and eating a lot.  We're taking her to the ultrasound appointment so it's easier to explain to her about the baby.  That way she can see the baby.  We're hoping that works.
Ember:  That sounds like a good idea. That should help to make it real.  I know it did for me with Erwyn.
Avery:  Ha!  Me too with Avi!  I knew there was a baby in there, but there was nothing like seeing her.

Cyann returns.

Cyann:  Brooklyn stirred, but she's still sleeping. 
Ember:  Good.  I'm sorry I almost woke her up.
Cyann:  It's okay.  I'm glad you stopped by.  So, Avery was just catching me up on her family.  What were you saying you were hopeful about?
Avery:  Oh!  Yes, about Parker.  I think he's seeing someone and I was just hoping to find out who.  I hope she's making him happy.  I just want to know.
Cyann:  Oh!  Well, I'm sure he'll tell you when he's ready.
Avery: Yes.  Well, anyway, enough about that. 

Ember:  I was just asking Avery about the baby.  It's almost time for the ultrasound.
Cyann:  Good.  Then we'll know how to set up the baby shower.
Avery:  Baby shower?  No, you don't have to do that.  Thank you so much for the offer.
Cyann:  You're welcome, but it's not an offer.  It's a plan. There's going to be a shower. 
Avery:  You really don't have to.  I don't want anyone to feel obligated...
Cyann (interrupting):  It's not about obligation.  I am throwing you a shower and that's that.  Are you going to find out what you're having?
Avery (sighing):  I don't think so.  I want to be surprised and Craig is okay either way.
Ember:  Well, I like the idea of a surprise.  Good for you. 

Cyann:  So, we can wait until about 8 months and have the shower.  That will give me time to get things ordered and get everyone invited.  It will also give you time to register.  So we can do that on our shopping day. 
Avery:  That's so nice of you.  But you don't have to.
Cyann:  I know.  We can do this the easy way or the hard way.  You can get to have some input on how your shower goes and who's invited or I can just go with my own theme. You know I can talk Craig into bringing you somewhere and you'll always be wondering if I'm surprising you.  This way, you don't have to go through all of that.  I throw a great party, but I think you'd love to have to some input. Easy, hard, your choice.   
Avery (hesitating and thinking):  Well...
Cyann:  Come on.  You know you'll enjoy it and you know it will be fun.  Come on. Say yes.
Ember:  I'm not trying to get in the middle of this, but I know I want to give you something for the baby.  Shower or no shower, people will give you gifts for the baby.  Plus it will save you money. 
Avery (after pausing):  Okay!  You're right.  It will be fun.  Why not?  I'm in.
Cyann:  Yes!  I'll work out a preliminary plan and look for options.  We'll discuss again later. 

Well, it looks like Cyann gets to plan another party soon.

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye


  1. Ha ha, I thought Ember was going to say something about dating Parker for a minute there. When Parker does tell Avery, it's going to be awkward since Ember was right there and didn't say anything.

    1. Hi, Champagne Star. Ember probably didn't say anything because if Parker didn't tell his own sister yet, why would she do that when he may want to tell her in his own way?

  2. Yes, what Champagne Star said! I really thought Ember would have spoken up. I get that she and Parker are private people but that is definitely going to be super awkward later.

    1. Hi, Muff. I'm sure Ember didn't want to step on Parker's toes by telling his sister if he hasn't yet.

  3. I am thinking the same things as the comments above. I just knew that she would have cleared her throat or something. Lol!

    Will it be a reveal baby shower? Cyan have great parties, so I know that it will be a good one.

    1. That's funny. People think Ember would have said something. She and Parker have been in group settings with others while dating and neither let on. I think Ember just isn't sure why Avery hasn't been told yet, so she's staying out of it. I don't even know if she told her own family yet.

      No, Avery and Craig are waiting until the baby arrives.


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