Wednesday, March 8, 2017

Penny for your Thoughts

When we last saw Parker and Ember, they were on their way to spend time together for Valentine's Day.  Parker picked Ember up and they went to the restaurant where he made reservations.  They coincidentally went to the same restaurant as Maurice and Henna had their dinner, but this time dinner went very well. 

Parker and Ember have just finished their meal.

Parker:  That was delicious.  Would you like some dessert?
Ember: Thank you, but I'd better say no.  I don't want to be too full.
Parker:  Me neither.  Are you enjoying your evening?
Ember (smiling):  Yes, I am having a wonderful time.  You planned well.
Parker:  I hope so.  I also have a gift for you, but it's too big to give you here.  I can give it to you after we leave.
Ember:  How nice of you.  I can hardly wait to see it.

Ember: You know, I'm actually surprised that we've yet to see anyone we know yet while we've been out.  It's weird, but good I guess.
Parker (laughing):  That reminds me.  I stopped by to drop off cards for Avery and Aviana and barely got out without getting the third degree.  Avery was trying hard to figure out who I was meeting tonight.
Ember:  That is funny.  The same thing happened to me with Henna.  She and Maurice are no longer seeing each other, but she definitely found a window in her grief to try to figure out who I was planning to see.
Parker: I guess inquiring minds want to know.
Ember (smiling and shaking her head):  It seems like it. 
Parker:  Don't worry.  I won't say anything until you say your ready.  I'm not in a rush.  I just enjoy being with you.

Parker:  If you don't want anything else.  I'll go pay the check and I'll be right back.  Is that okay?
Ember:  Of course.  I'll be right here.  Thank you.

Parker goes to pay the check and then returns to get Ember.

Parker (offering his hand):  May I help you from your chair, My Lady.
Ember (taking Parker's hand):  You certainly may, kind Sir. 

They exit the restaurant and head to the car.

Before we go on, this part of the story is slightly adult, maybe PG-13, but not R.  Now back to Parker and Ember.  Their evening did not end after leaving the restaurant.  They have arrived at the next place where Parker has a reservation, the Sweet Dreams Hotel.  They have just walked into the room.

Ember:  This is such a lovely hotel room.  I like the décor.  It seems so serene.
Parker:  I did some research online and read some reviews.  It's one of the best hotels around here. 
Ember:  Yes, reading reviews is very helpful.  I do that a lot when I travel.

Ember:  Look, there's a great view of the city.
Parker (laughing):  I think that was actually in a review too.
Ember (laughing):  It wasn't me.  I promise.
Parker:  Well, I don't mean to change the subject, but I'd like to give you your gift now.

Parker sets down his bag and Ember sets her bag and purse on the bed.  Then she turns around to accept Parker's gift.

Ember:  This is a big box.  Should I shake it to guess what's in it?
Parker:  No.  Well, you can if you'd like, but I doubt it will help you.
Ember:  I won't shake it then.  I just love the anticipation.  This is so thoughtful of you.
Parker:  I have to warn you I picked it out myself.  I hope you like it.  I think it's perfect.  I'll turn on the overhead light so you can see it well.

Parker walks over to the light switch and turns on the overhead light so Ember can see better.

Ember sits on the bed and looks at the box for a minute. 

Ember (feeling excited and curious):  I'm going to open it, but maybe you could sit next to me while I do.
Parker:  Okay.  Good idea.

Parker sits down and she opens the box and pulls back the tissue to see what's in it. 

 Ember pulls out beautiful lingerie and gasps.  She is very surprised.

Ember:  This is so pretty.  I love it, Parker.  You have wonderful tastes.
Parker (grinning): Well, I have to be honest, it's for me too.  I was hoping you would wear it this least for a little while.
Ember (feeling her cheeks get hot):  Of course I will.  I'll go put it on right now.  I'll be back soon.

Ember grabs her overnight bag and the lingerie from the box and heads to the bathroom.  While she's in there, Parker put the gift box next to the chair by the window and then undresses.  After he's done, he looks around the room some more and then stands by the window to get a better look at the view.

Ember comes out of the bathroom and stands watching Parker as he looks out of the window.  She's a little nervous, but excited.  It's been a very long time since she's enjoyed an evening like this.  But she's certain that she wants to with Parker.

Parker keeps enjoying the view until he hears Ember softly speak his name.  Parker turns around and a huge smile comes across his face.

Ember:  So what do you think?  Do you like it?
Parker:  No.  I love it!  It looks even better than I imagined it.  I'm not going to lie, I did imagine.  But this reality is so much better. 
Ember:  Thank you.
Parker:  Please come closer and turn around so I can see how you look from the back.

Ember walks closer and turns around for Parker to see her.  Parker takes the opportunity to put his arms around her.

Parker:  You smell wonderful.  You look so sexy.
Ember:  Thank you.  You are making me feel beautiful.
Parker:  I doubt you need me to do that.  You just are.

Ember:  I was feeling nervous about this evening, but now I just feel so...ready. 
Parker:  I'm glad.  I could hold you like this forever.
Ember:  Mmmm....I would like that.  It's been so long since I've felt like this.  I don't want it to end.
Parker:  It doesn't have to.  I don't plan on going anywhere.  I know what I want and I'm holding her right now.

Parker gently turns Ember around so she is facing him and then he begins to kiss her.

Parker:  I love you, Ember.
Ember:  I love you too, Parker.

A whole lot of loving went on for a while and then they both dozed off to sleep.  After a while, Ember wakes up and decides to go look out the window.  She feels like her mind is now running a mile a minute and maybe letting her mind drift into the sights around her, she can calm it.

Ember enjoys peace at the window for a while.  Eventually Parker stirs and realizes she's not in the bed.  He turns over and notices her at the window.  He gets out of the bed to talk to her.

Hearing him come over, Ember turns to look at Parker as he puts his arm around her and touches her face.

Parker:  Hey, Beautiful.  Penny for your thoughts.
Ember:  After how special you've made this evening for me, I think this one can be on me...I was thinking that I'm ready.
Parker:  Good.  Ready for what?
Ember:  Ready to let everyone in on our little secret.  I want us to grow our relationship and I'd be so honored to let everyone know I love you.  I want  you in my life and Erwyn's.
Parker (smiling):  I'm glad.  I want the same thing.  Now, do you want to come back to bed?
Ember:  I want to stand here a little longer.  I can't get back to sleep right now.
Parker: An even better reason for you to come back to bed.

Whew! and YAY! It's about time....

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  1. Whoa, whoa, whoa! I totally feel like I missed something! That happened way faster than I expected it to. However, she did have an overnight bag so I'm guessing hot sexy time was pre arranged.

    Now I'm curious how their families are going to react.

    Love that hotel room, it's so swagish.

    1. LOL! Sorry about that, Muff. It was planned, but you know I can't just come out and tell you that. No shock value there.

      They have been dating a few months and Parker did ask Ember if it was okay to plan, hence the overnight bags.

      I wonder how the families will react too. Hmmmm...

      Thank you for liking the room. I call myself making these quick rooms for a scene, but they never turn out to be quick.

  2. Wow, Parker really knows how to treat a woman!

    I have to agree with Muff, though, that did seem a little sudden. When they arrived at the hotel I was completely caught off guard. I guess since I only saw them go on the first date, I hadn't realized they'd been together for months. It was nice of them to go to a hotel, though, instead of going to Ember's house. A very responsible decision.

    1. Hi, Champagne Star. That's funny. Yes, it's been a while, I haven't been able to show all of their dates and interactions, plus them constantly talking. They've been pretty active with their relationship.

      If you had to wait for me to show every date (at the rate I seem to get distracted with other dioramas), they'd be at date 5 next year. LOL!

      Yes, I think it will still be a while before there will be overnights at Ember's. But Parker does share an apartment with Jun. So I suspect they won't always be at a hotel. This was a special thing for their first time.

  3. Hunty, when they ended up at that beautiful hotel I was shocked! But then I was in love with them being in love! You wrote this story so elegantly and with such lovely discretion that I wanted to get in the bed my dang self! Love Love Love!!

    1. Brenova, it seems everyone has been shocked so far. LOL!

      You made me laugh about wanting to get in the bed. I'm glad you enjoyed the story. Thank you!

  4. Well, I must be the only one who wasn't shocked. Not only was I not shocked (you've been hinting at the amount of time they've spent together) but I was anxiously waiting for this moment. And I admit I have a dirty mind, too. When Parker said he had a gift that was too big to give her at the restaurant, I was all like ah sookie sookie now- Lol

    1. Jewell, I think they've been waiting for this moment too. The mention of the big gift was a hint. I don't think you have a dirty mind, you just caught on to what was coming.

  5. Well, I can't say I was shocked exactly, maybe a little surprised. I do remember some stories with them talking on the phone and I knew some time had passed and that they were seeing each other from time to time. I was hoping for something a bit romantic to be going on with them, because I have thought they were a great match for a long time! Loved how elegantly you told their story. It was sweet and very romantic! The hotel room was great too. Your dios just keep getting better and better. I am excited for these two!

    1. Thank you, Phyllis. I have been working on that daggone hotel room for two weeks, because I had a vision and I had to keep figuring out how to make it come together. Just when I thought I was ready, I realized I needed a chair.

  6. One more thing I forgot to add...when they got to the hotel room, I was singing R Kelly's "It Seems Like You're Ready" in my head while reading. Ha ha!

    1. Jewell, I read this comment just before going to bed last night. Guess what continuously played in my head until I finally fell asleep?

  7. I was like :-O....when did they get here. Lol! I was shocked that their relationship had gotten this far. Beautiful love story! Parker is the perfect gentlemen!!! I love the hotel decor! Very nice!

    1. Thank you! I love Parker's style. Apparently Ember does too. LOL!

  8. Lovely couple and a perfect romantic evening!


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