Friday, March 3, 2017

The 'Chi Master' (Musings of a Blogger)

Every time I travel for work, there is a Walmart I stop at along the way (mostly for some relief along the way), but also so I can run through the toy department before getting back on the road.  I couldn't believe what I found the other day.  I'm not even sure how it could have happened, but while looking in the clearance area of the fashion doll aisle, I stumbled upon three different Stardolls. 

Their price said $17, but I thought $17 had to be too high for a doll that cost that much in the first place.  So I grabbed the one I really wanted and took her to a scanner.  She was $7.  At that price, I figured I could buy all three, although we all know I don't need them.  But does that ever stop me?  Mmmmm...sometimes.  But at that moment, nope!

So I gathered them up, thinking how I'd need to re-body them all and which bodies I'd need to procure to make that work (three skin tones).  I got up to the register and was very disappointed when the cashier scanned the first one, one I didn't even take to the scanner and told me it was $17.  I told her I didn't understand because the other one was $7.  Do you think she cared?  Nope!

So she scanned the one that actually came up $7.  Good, at least she's my first choice.  Then she tried scanning the third, but that one didn't register at all.  Would she have thought to just scan the $7 doll and give it to me for that price?  Nope! 

I didn't have time for the nonsense, so I just abandoned the two dolls and took the one.  Here are the two that didn't make it home with me.

I think I would have dyed this one's (below) hair a shade of red or added some other colors.  But she sits still on that least until I pass by that Walmart again.

Here is the one that made it to a new home. 

Stardoll:  This looks like a nice place.  I'd love to take a look around, if you can find the time and don't mind.
Me:  Well, some other dolls are not going to be happy, but since I grabbed a donor for you already, there's no need to put that box away.  Let's get you out of there.
Stardoll:  Wonderful!  Thank you so much!

After some ripping and snipping she was free.

Stardoll:  I love being in the fresh air now.  This is so kind of you. 
Me:  Well, that was the first step.  I may as well get you onto a new body.  One that moves very well.  It will also help you to fit most of the shoes here. 
Stardoll:  Really?  That sounds great.  My current legs don't even move at the hip.
Me:  While we're at it, I see some potential with making that hair less heavy and highlighting your entire face just by adding some new lip color.
Stardoll: I can tell I'm going to love it here.  You're just so wonderful!
Me:  You know, Ms. Slay could take some lessons from you.
Stardoll:  I don't know if I can teach anyone anything, but I'd like to meet her.
Me:  It's not that important.  I was just thinking out loud.  Let's get this over with. Okay?
Stardoll:  Okay.

Can I just say getting that dress off was a little hard?  I don't even know how they got it on her.  But here she is.

Me:  Well, what do you think?
Stardoll:  I feel like a totally new person.  I mean the same inside, but just prettier and freer outside.  Wow!  Who knew I could ever get the chance to move and pose like this?
Me:  I'm glad you like it.  So now you need a name.  Tell me who you think you are.
Stardoll:  I don't know.  I never thought past being Stardoll.  I just like life and everything about it.  Just like I think that we all are a part of something.  We touch other lives, so we have to be good people, right?  I hope that's not too much.
Me:  It's not too much.  Give me a minute on Google and I'll be right back.

Me:  You look very comfortable.
Stardoll:  I love this body.  I can't say 'thank you' enough.
Me:  You're welcome.  I've made a decision.  I'm going to name you, Chi Masterson. 
Chi:  I love it!  It's so pretty.  Great choice.  Thank you!
Me:  You're most welcome.  For now, I'm going to leave you here, but I'll move you later to join the others.
Chi:  I'm so excited.  I'm looking forward to meeting everyone.  I'm going to love my new home.
Me:  I'm glad, Chi.  I also think I'll nickname you the 'Chi Master.' 
Chi:  Oh!  That sounds so prestigious.  I'm humbled by your kindness. 
Me: You're so sweet.  Let me get one more shot before I leave you. 

Isn't she lovely?  My little 'Chi Master.'  I think I will see if she can give Ms. Slay a few tips on true humility. 

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye


  1. Awesome find!! Those dolls are rare now. I love her makeover! The dark lipstick looks much better. Congratulations on getting her!

    1. Thank you! I was so surprised to see them there. I wouldn't have purposely searched to buy one, but she was deal. Although I paid more just to get her a new body. :-)

  2. Yes, very strange seeing Stardolls in Walmart. Apparently you only needed the one, hence the good price. Funny how things sort of work themselves out. I have all three. I like them all, but the AA one used to get more play time. She's been sitting on my desk for the past couple of months. She's one of my college students. Looking forward to seeing how your new lady fits in with the crew.

    1. Yes, it was weird. I think someone did purchase them from Walmart a while ago, but left the stickers on and Walmart employees (not knowing their current stock) too them back.

      It is funny how things worked out. I know I didn't need the other two, but the addiction started kicking in. Luckily, my addiction to being cheap is stronger.

  3. This post reminded me, wasn't there supposed to be a second release for these dolls? I know I saw some promo pics but I never saw them in stores.

    What a great difference the darker lipstick made!

    1. HI, Muff. I don't know about the second release. I wonder why they didn't. Their faces are so unique.

      I have a lip re-paint addiction. I think their are only a couple of dolls who have been fortunate enough to skirt by. But that's because I don't think a lip color change will improve their looks or their are so expensive, I'm not going to mess with them.

  4. Well, I was going to say, you took the best one home, until I read further on that you are now the doll mom of all three! LOL!!! And yes, her attitude is MUCH better! Reminds me of my early dolls who begged to be brought home with me. Such a contrast to the last couple of, uh...upscale, high maintenance divas!!!

    1. Hi, April. You were correct the first time. I only brought the one home. The other two are still on the shelf. But I am heading by that store this week. You never know what I can finagle. However, like last year, I really need to save the money for more accessories (as if I need more of those).

      Plus, I am really hoping Integrity Toys comes out with some tall, tanned or darker males I cannot resist. So that's supposed to be the only dolly funds spent going forward.

      I've been checking. Ms. Slay seems to recognize the other ladies are not feeling her shenanigans.

  5. Wow, that was a super good deal on the one you brought home. I think she was called "Pretty in Pink". Actually the other 2 were pretty well priced as well, but with the one scanning at $7, I probably would have pressured the clerk to sell them to me for the same price. These are now pretty rare and go for between $20 and $50 plus shipping on EBay and Amazon! I do love your makeover of Chi - she really looks different and better too! Can't wait to see how she fits in in your stories!

    1. Thanks, Phyllis. I like her better this way too.

  6. If you go back to that location I would take my receipt and talk to a manager. If one was $7 they all should be. These dolls are old stock and full price isn't an option. You can tell I've done this before, lol.
    I have all the dolls from this line. I loved it and rebodied them all with Barbie bodies (mostly Fashionista)

    1. I actually stopped there yesterday, but both dolls were gone. Someone realized the opportunity too. But probably for the $17.

      Yes, those original bodies are not great. Especially that permanent underwear in pink.


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