Sunday, April 9, 2017

Spilling the Beans

It's Thursday, late afternoon and Parker and Ember are meeting to discuss construction and design for a client.  Henna has plans for dinner at Ember's house that evening, so she has picked up some desserts.  However, to keep the desserts fresh, Ember needs to pick them up and take them home with her.  She will be arriving any minute now.

Parker:  This wall is load bearing so, the idea you had about expanding here will be more expensive.  We'd have to create another way to bear the load.
Henna:  Well, I guess I'll have to come up with another option. What I'm thinking of proposing could still work, but if they don't want to add on, I need a back up plan.  Darn! 
Parker: Your clients don't normally wince at the costs if it gets them what they want.
Henna:  You're right.  What about this idea?

While they are talking, Ember arrives.

Carly:  Hi, Ember!  How are you?
Ember:  Hello, Miss Carly.  It's good to see you.  I'm just dropping by to pick up some food Henna bought.
Carly:  Yes, she's in a meeting right now, but she said she to just get her on the intercom to let her know you're here.
Ember:  Okay, great.  I'm not staying long.  Thank you.

Carly pages Henna.

Carly:  Excuse me, Henna.
Henna:  Yes?
Carly:  Ember's here.
Henna:  You can send her in, Carly.  Thank you.
Carly:  Okay.  Thank you.
Henna:  I hope you don't mind, Parker, but Ember's just picking up those desserts for dinner tonight.  She's having us, her sisters and our mother over.  She'll be just a few minutes and then we can continue our conversation.
Parker:  That's not a problem. 

Henna stands up and moves toward the table where the desserts are. Ember walks in and closes the door behind her.

Ember:  Hey, Henna.  Hi, Parker.
Henna:  Hey.
Parker:  Hi, Ember.
Ember:  I know you're meeting, I won't be but a minute.  Sorry to interrupt.
Parker: No problem.
Henna:  Thanks for stopping by to get these.  Sy's going to be very happy.
Ember (laughing):  You know she will.  I bet you a dollar she grabs a cream puff the moment she sees the box.
Henna:  Why would I bet against that?  I know better.  Hey, do you mind making a quick stop to grab one more thing?  It's for this evening.  I'll give you the money.

Henna moves to get her wallet out of her purse.

Ember:  Sure.  Why not?  What do you need?
Henna:  Hot wings.  I don't know why I'm in the mood, but I want some for the potato salad you said you're making.
Ember:  Okay.  Blue cheese or ranch?

As Henna goes to reply, she notices Parker looking at Ember.  She knows that look and she is amused.  It reminds her of how she would catch Maurice looking at her sometimes. 

Henna:  Ummm.  Both, please. 
Ember: Okay.

Henna hands Ember the money, which she puts in her purse and then grabs the boxes.  Parker rushes to the door to open it for her.

Parker:  Let me get that for you.  Do you need help taking these to your car?
Ember (smiling):  Thank you, but I can handle them.  I appreciate the offer.
Parker:  Of course.  Well, enjoy your evening.

Henna just stares at the two of them.  Ember leaves and Parker and Henna get back to work.


Eliana has taken Erwyn out for dinner and a movie.  They will be back in time for Erwyn to take her bath and be in bed for school the next day.  Ember wanted to be able to talk to her sisters and mother without Erywn there. 

Ember's mother, Fatima, and sister, Henna have already arrived and are chatting in the living room while they wait for Syren, Henna's and Ember's youngest sister to arrive.

Fatima:  So, this ought to be interesting.  I wonder what's on Ember's mind.  She said she had something to share with us, but I wonder what it is.  Maybe her business is expanding. I hope it's not that she's moving.  I like being able to see you all when I visit.  Speaking of which, I'll be going home in two weeks.
Henna:  I'm glad you stayed this long.  You should move up here.
Fatima:  I love Florida, but I've been thinking maybe moving closer would be a good idea.
Henna:  It would be.  But, on another note, I don't think Ember is moving.  I doubt she will anytime soon.  But I think I know why she wants to talk to us. 
Fatima:  Really?  Well, what's your guess?
Henna:  I'm 99 percent sure I'm right.  I have a good feeling.  I'm going to tell you just so you can confirm if I'm right, but if I'm not, we don't say anything, okay?
Fatima:  Okay. What is it?

In the kitchen, Ember is mixing up the potato salad.  Henna's requested hot wings are sitting with the ham in the oven.  It's off, but warm enough to keep the meat warm.  Ember is repeating what she plans to say over and over again in her head.  Her thoughts are interrupted when she hears the doorbell.  She goes to answer it and let Syren in.

After Ember lets Syren in, she leads her to the kitchen to set down the drinks she brought with her.  Then Ember says she has to get a chair from her office and she head to the living room so they can all and talk.  Syren says she be right behind her. 

Fatima:  Is that Syren?
Ember:  Yes, she was supposed to be right behind me, and I stopped to go get this chair.  I suspect she couldn't help herself when she saw the box in the refrigerator.
Henna:  See?  And that's exactly why I don't take losing bets.
Ember:  So much for the dollar I would have won.
Fatima:  Are you going to tell us what's on your mind?
Ember:  Yes, as soon as Syren gets in here.  I don't want anyone to say they were the last to know.

Syren enters the living room, kicking off her shoes and greeting everyone.  To no one's surprise, she has a plate with a cream puff on it and a beer in her hand.  She's happy.

Henna:  Yep, there she goes with her Achilles' Heel.  You just can't pass one up, can you?
Syren:  I'm a woman of simple tastes.  This little creamy dream just calls to me.  How can I say no?
Henna:  Well, I bought them because I was thinking of you.
Syren:  That makes you the bestest biggest sister ever.  I love you.
Henna (smiling):  I love you too. 
Fatima (laughing):  Sy, Baby, you crack me up.
Ember:  I tried to bet Henna a dollar you would grab one the moment you saw those, but she refused.  What does that say about your predictability?
Syren:  It says you just know me so well.  But, I wish I could say the same about you.  Why are we here?  I have been trying to guess what you're up to.  Do spill the beans, Darling Sister.

 Ember takes a deep breath and then tries to remember what she rehearsed in her head.

Ember:  I'm dating again.
Syren:  And?
Fatima:  Syren, let her finish.
Ember:  I'm seeing someone I think could be long-term.  I'm in a relationship and I wanted you all to know.  We were keeping it quiet until we, mostly me, were sure it was worth discussing.
Fatima:  Congratulations, Honey!  I'm very happy for you.
Syren:  Me too.  It's about time.  Girl, get your life!
Henna:  I'm happy for you too.  So, who is it?  When will we meet him?
Ember (pausing):  You have met him...It's Parker.
Henna (yelling):  Yes!!!!

Everyone looks at her shocked, because of her outburst.

Henna:  I knew it!
Ember (laughing):  No you didn't.
Henna:  Mom?
Fatima:  Yes, she did tell me, right before you came in here, that's what you were going to tell us.  She wasn't going to say anything if she was wrong, but she did say it.
Syren:  Wait a minute. You knew and you didn't tell me?
Ember:  How did you know?
Henna:  Well, I honestly didn't know until today.  It was very clear to me from your interaction with Parker today.  He was all googly eyed.  And that's not Parker.  He's normally so laid back and cool.  But the way he reacted to you, he may as well have worn a t-shirt that said he was totally tripping over you.

Everyone laughs.

Syren:  We need details.  How long have you been seeing him?  Is he good to you?  What made you two start dating in the first place?
Fatima:  We just need high level details.  Does Erwyn know?
Henna:  Are you thinking you two could end up getting married?  Wait, that could mean I'll end up working with my brother-in-law.  Like a family business thing or something.
Ember (trying to take in all the questions):  Okay, okay.  I'll tell you some, as Mom called them, high level things.  No deep details, Syren. 
Syren: I'll take it.  I have my food and drink.  I'm ready.  Spill more beans.

Ember provides the high level details and they enjoy dinner together.  They have a fun evening.  It's also time for Fatima to go home.  I don't think there will be any going away parties for her this year. 
Oh, and Parker needs to tell.  We'll have to see how that goes.

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye


  1. YEAH I'm glad they are happy for Ember as I am. great set

  2. That went well! Loved Henna's reaction! Now to see how Parker's family will react, but I think they will be happy for them too!

    1. LOL! Hi, Phyllis. I wonder if Henna happy because Ember is dating or because she guessed it.

  3. Everyone is so well dressed. I really like the fashions! Glad everyone took it well, but I wasn't seeing a reason why they wouldn't. Now Parker's family however, that could get interesting. Especially if his mom is still trolling around.

    1. Thanks, Muff! I'm pretty sure things will go well with Parker's family too. Avery just wants to know who it is and be sure whomever it is treats Parker well.

      Now for his mother, Parker doesn't even speak to her, so it would be interesting to see if and how she finds out. And if she does, what does that mean to her? Hmmmmm......

  4. Henna was right on point! 😻 Great photo story! All went well. Now Parker has to spill the beans to his family. I bet they are just as happy. It was good to see Fatima.

    1. Henna is great on the professional side, but when it comes to family and friends, I think she has a totally different side.

      Parker has to tell. Well get to see how that goes. Fatima is going home. She's such a nice person. I'm sure she'll be back again for the holidays as usual. She love seeing her girls.

  5. Squeee! I really wanted Ember to walk over and kiss Parker on the cheek so Henna's mouth could drop open, but I suppose that would have ruined the big reveal she had planned for later on- Lol

    1. LOL! That would have been funny, Jewell! But as you can see, there was no way her sisters would have accepted not being told at the same time. Fatima probably wouldn't have cared, but you saw Syren's reaction to Henna having figured it out.


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