Sunday, April 30, 2017

The First Date: Brett and Marlin

Brett and Marlin had their first date weeks ago, but it's taken a while to post the story.  They are having dinner at Color Burst.  They have already ordered and received their food and drinks.  They have been talking about one of the things they have in common, work.

Brett and Marlin have been exchanging stories about customers they've served, including the best tips they've received, the cutest couples, and interesting events.

Brett:  Those women were the best.  I guess since it was a bachelorette party and they weren't having a stripper, I was the next best thing.  All I had to do was smile.  They were making up for not dolling out dollars on a half-naked man by tipping me every time I came back with something.
Marlin:  That is too funny!  I wonder what would have happened had I been assigned to their event.
Brett:  You never knowYou could have scored just the same.
Marlin:  Well, I doubt they would have been just as happy. said you have a secret to increasing tips.
Brett:  It's not a secret anymore.  I told Bryce and he says it's been working out for him.
Marlin:  Good for him.  I need the secret too.
Brett:  Okay.  Here it is.  The secret sauce.  I wear a tie.
Marlin (staring for a few seconds):  What?  You're kidding, right? A tie.  That is the big tip secret?
Brett (winking):  It sure is.  It enhances the experience and seems, well, black tie.  For lack of a better term.  My uncle gave me that tip.
Marlin (laughing):  I love it!  Is your uncle a server?

Brett:  No, but he's in the restaurant business and he does very well. So is serving a long-term career for you?
Marlin:  It's what I've been doing for a while.  I haven't thought about doing something else.  At least not seriously.  But who knows?  Maybe I will find something else I would like to do.  But serving pays the bills, the tips are good and I enjoy the interaction with people.  What about you?
Brett:  I'm just in it to learn the business from the ground up.  I want to manage a restaurant one day. 
Marlin:  That's nice.  Are you taking courses for restaurant management?
Brett:  No, I plan to get hands-on, nose on the ground training.  I know I'll be ready for the next step soon.
Marlin:  Good for you.

Brett:  This food is delicious.  Don't forget we have to try those rolled bacon appetizers. 
Marlin: I won't.
Brett: So, are you having a good time?
Marlin:  I am.  A very good time.  I'll be honest.  I sat at this very table on my first date with someone else. 
Brett (frowning):  That last guy?
Marlin:  Yes.  But I feel so much more relaxed and I'm loving the conversation.  I guess it's because I've known you for a while.  It feels like I'm spending time with a friend.  I like that.
Brett:  Good.  I'm glad. Then maybe we can do this again?  Well, something else.  Like a movie or something.
Marlin (grinning):  Sure.  That would be fun.

Brett:  You know, this has to be the most delicious drink they make here.
Marlin:  I don't know. My lemonade is pretty good. 
Brett:  I may have to order that next.  Hey, that reminds me.  I think I saw some mixology event coming up in my special events notifications from this website I registered for.  What do you think of doing that?  We can go head to head and see who mixes the best.
Marlin:  That would be fun.  But, I have to warn you.  My best friend loves mixing up drinks.  I've picked up some tips from her, which will make me pretty hard to beat.
Brett:  I'll take you up on that challenge.  Besides, I don't mind being beat by a beautiful woman. 
Marlin (blushing):  That's so sweet of you.  Thank you!
Brett:  I'm just calling it like I see it. 

Brett and Marlin enjoy the rest of their date.  Brett takes Marlin home and then heads home excited about and looking forward to their next date.

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  1. Nice to see Marlin relaxed and having a good time.

    1. Hi, Marles62. Fortunately Marlin has known Brett as a co-worker, so helped her behavior. I'm hoping the therapy has done it's job as well.

  2. It looks like these two had a nice time. Hope they go on more dates. They seem to be pretty good together!

    1. Hi, Phyllis. It sounds like at least one more is in the works. We'll have to see where they go from there.

  3. What a treat to see these two enjoying one another's company. I hope they give things time. They have a good foundation to build on with their friendship.

    1. I hope so too, Jewell. Maybe Marlin will get what she wanted, just not how she expected it.

  4. It's good to see Marlin behaving like a normal person on her date and not like she's trying to snag a husband. That therapy must be working!

    1. Dr. McNeil must be working her magic. Marlin did well.

  5. Oh so sweet. I'm pulling for them!

    1. Thanks, Brenova. First date, check!

  6. Well, this is promising! Relaxed Marlin is completely different from marriage obsessed Marlin. Brett is handling himself very well.

    1. Can you believe it, Marlin. I think Marlin has it together because she's hung out with him (well not alone) before. So that seems (and probably the therapy) seems to have helped her out.


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