Tuesday, April 25, 2017

The First Date - Rowan and Rahim

Rowan and Rahim are on their first date.  Rahim made reservations at Select Spaces.  Although he chose the 'Romantic' package, he was specific about dialing it back a little so Rowan wouldn't feel pressured about the date.  He's very much interested in seeing her and doesn't want to ruin his chances, especially not on the first day. 

Rahim has been sure to be a gentleman.  He picked Rowan up, made sure she was seated and continued to ask if she needed anything.  Rowan is very impressed.  Bryce is their server this evening.  He has welcomed them, provided them with the specials and is asking about their order.

Rowan:  I would love to try the lamb.  Instead of the normal jelly, do you have a light barbeque sauce to pair with it?  I'd also like the potatoes cooked with olive oil, not butter, please.  The broccoli can be steamed with garlic, but not too heavy.  I'd only like some water, no lemon, please.
Bryce:  Certainly.  Would you like bread with it?
Rowan:  No, thank you.
Bryce:  And for you, Sir.
Rahim: I would like the sirloin special, medium rare, with au jus.  The rice pilaf, no salt, but please add steamed shrimp.  I'll salt it myself.  Oh, an dfor the vegetable, I would like the creamed spinach,
Bryce:  Certainly.  And for your drink?
Rahim:  I would like Raspberry Tea, please.
Bryce:  I will get your drinks, place your food order and be back shortly.  I am here to be sure you enjoy your evening, so please to not hesitate to let me know if you need anything.  Can I take your menus?
Rowan:  I would like to keep mine a little longer to look over the desserts, please.
Bryce:  No problem.  I'll leave them for you.

Rahim:  Have you ever been here before?
Rowan:  No, never.  I was aware they were opening it last year, but I haven't had a chance or a reason to come here. 
Rahim:  I hope you like it here.  I thought about taking you to the restaurant where I work, but I thought that would be too distracting.  The staff would all be curious about you and I wouldn't get peace all night. 
Rowan:  I can understand that.  Maybe at some point you will feel comfortable to have me dine with you at the restaurant where you work.
Rahim:  I hope so.  Of course, it's a little different if I'm not the chef working that evening.  I would like chance to cook for you myself one day.
Rowan:  Well, I would certainly like that. If you play your cards right, that could happen.
Rahim:  Oh, I'm definitely the cards master.  You'll taste my cooking for sure.  So, why don't you tell me a little about yourself.

Rowan:  I have one sister.  She's only one year younger than me.  I'm the eldest.  I'm fortunate we're close.  I love having my own business.  My business seems to be my life right now.  Marisol is wonderful and one of the best business partners someone could have.
Rahim:  You co-own the Flavor Café?
Rowan:  No, I own it myself and Marisol technically works for me at the Café.  However, she also has her own business wherein she makes cakes and other desserts.  So we work together when I cater a wedding or large event.  I'm better at general food and Marisol is better with cakes and desserts, so I subcontract with her to provide wedding and special cakes along with other desserts.  Hence the cake testing with Marisol for your sister's wedding.
Rahim:  Nice set up.
Rowan:  Thank you.  So tell me about yourself.

Rahim: I also have only one sister, no brothers.  I'm very protective of Isis.  She's my little sister.  She trusts me and my opinion.  Especially when it comes to food.  She's marrying a guy I really like, Tyson.  I'm glad she's happy.  I also know she'll be happy for me to find someone I'd like to be with.
Rowan:  That's so sweet. 
Rahim:  I'm also a one woman man.  So when I say I'm interested, that's it.  No field playing.  So I'm expecting the same.
Rowan (smiling):  I understand and agree.  I want that respect too.
Rahim: Cool.  So what are you looking for in a relationship?

Rowan:  Honestly, I'm not into the dating game.  I really want a husband, a settled down life and children.  I enjoy my business and don't want to ever give it up, but I would be willing to figure out how to manage my career with a family life.
Rahim:  I don't think you should have to sacrifice your dream for a family.  You can have both.  I like that you have your business.  One day I'd like my own restaurant.
Rowan:  Really?  Do tell.

Rahim:  I have my own style of cooking and where I currently work, I know I bring in the crowd.  But I'd like that pleasure every day.  I want to manage my own hours and time.  I want to impart my skills to others and mentor other chefs to recognize their full potential.  I know my cooking talent can be merged with my business sense.  Just like you've done.  I like your café and I want something similar, but larger scale.
Rowan:  Well, it seems we both share a love for cooking.
Rahim:  It does, doesn't it? 

Rowan:  What else would you like to know about me? 
Rahim:  Other than I'm attracted to you?
Rowan (laughing): Yes, other than that.
Rahim:  I like to travel, I love my family.  By the way, I think my mother would love you.  Isis likes you, so I know my mother will.
Rowan:  Is your father around?
Rahim:  Unfortunately not.  But he raised us well before he passed.  He was a great man.  He taught me to be gentleman, to care for my mother and sister and to respect women.  I miss him so much, but my mother always says she sees him living in me.  I'm very proud of that.
Rowan (smiling):  It sounds like you should be.

Rowan:  I think I'm really feeling a vibe between us. I like cooking, you do.  I like respectful men, you are one.  Should I be worried I'm missing something?
Rahim:  Not that I'm aware of.  So tell me, why are you currently single?
Rowan (hesitating):  Well, the last man I dated was intimidated by me. He couldn't handle a woman with her own business and path in life.
Rahim:  That's sad for him.  What a loss.  You are clearly a beautiful, intelligent, self-sufficient woman who appreciates family.  I wouldn't sleep on that.
Rowan:  Some men do.
Rahim:  Yes, some do, but I wouldn't
Rowan (feeling her cheeks get hot):  I like that.

Rowan and Rahim exchange a silent moment.

Rowan:  I like this restaurant.  It's very nice.  I love this private room, not to mention seeing my name on the board.  You really planned well.
Rahim: And I'm just getting started.  Give me a chance and I think you'll like what you see.
Rowan:  I hope so. I'd like to see you again.
Rahim:  As I you.

Rowan and Rahim enjoy the rest of their date.  At least the first date went well. We'll have to see how things go with these two.

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye


  1. Whoa, that's some heavy conversation for a first date. They seem to have a lot in common, which is good. It will be fun to see where this goes.

    1. Right? Well, I guess they are not wasting time. They know what they want and don't want.

  2. My goodness, they are not playing games. They are very straight forward and put it all out there. Love the restaurant.

    1. Yes, they are just getting it all out there. Right up front.

  3. Ha, I thought this date was a little too forward for a first date, but at least they know where each other stand. I guess when you know what you want, there's no need to beat around the bush.

    Also, Rahim certainly knows how to work the ladies!

    1. I think it depends on how you view your purpose for dating. For some it's recreational. For others, they know they are looking for more, so why not be honest about it up front?

  4. Oh I remember a couple of first dates like this one. Everything seemed so perfect. One happened with my ex-husband. We were engaged within weeks of our first date and married in less than four months. The second first date didn't get that far, thank goodness. In both cases I did miss something. So my advice to Rowan is to slow down. If he really is that "perfect" guy, he will still be that perfect guy after getting to know him better. It's easy to get married and hard to get out. Just ask Mary J. Blige. On another note, I'm surprised he asked for his rice pilaf to not be salted. That's not typically a dish that is made to order and the best chefs properly salt their food during the cooking process. Just got me wondering if he's a real chef.

    1. Vanessa, I actually know someone who was married in two weeks of meeting someone. They were together for years after getting married. I don't know if they are still married right now, but I know they had been married for 10 years at the time I last knew them to be together.

      Regarding the salt, not everyone can have salt or lots of it for health reasons. So while he may cook with it, he himself may have restrictions.

    2. I too, have heard of a couple marrying quickly and their marriage lasting 10 yrs or more. The question is always, "is it a happy, healthy marriage". Sometimes they are and sometimes they aren't. Mel B and her husband stayed together for 10 yrs. From the outside they seemed happy, but clearly that relationship was not a healthy one. I am still a proponent of taking time to get to know someone and not ignoring any red flags that may show up.

      If he hadn't added the "I will salt it myself", I would understand. Adding table salt to food is worse for people who have health sensitivities to salt. Just a teaspoon of salt has a full days worth of sodium for the regular person. However, I would need to have this conversation with him, which really isn't possible. Chances are he is a chef. Hopefully one who properly seasons his food.

    3. I agree about waiting for red flags. I once went out with a man twice. He started talking about guessing that I wanted to get married, and not in a way that was like yes I would like to with the right person. More like that's what he wanted and I should be making a decision fast. I dropped him and told him why. Seriously, Dude. It's only date #2.

      Rahim is definitely a chef and he properly seasons food when he's cooking it or the restaurant where he works wouldn't be thriving because of him.

  5. Very good dating --- interview??!! Well, it is good to get all of your cards out on the table! These to are very busy, ambitious people, so why waste time with someone who doesn't have the potential to fit into your life! It will be interesting to see where this goes.

    1. LOL! I think you should interview the other person you are interested in seeing. Too much being cute and avoiding the real subjects can lead to wasted time and disappointment.

  6. It does amaze me how many people go into marriage without discussing basic principles, like: do we want kids? Will mom stay home with the baby? For how long? Where do we want to live? etc. etc. Rahim is super confident, even so!

  7. No beating around the bush for these two! I think they may be well suited for each other and will still take their time to be sure about the relationship. I like them, very straightforward folks.

  8. Oh this is so great. It looks like an episode from Ellen's new show, "First Date!!!" I love how you put your settings together. Looks so real!!!

  9. I absolutely LOVED this! Their candor and honesty with one another was refreshing. They cut out at least 3 dates! And that restaurant 😍 I have a couple who wants to make reservations for Friday.


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