Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Planning the Baby Shower

It is Saturday afternoon and Avery, Ember and Cyann are meeting at Avery's to start planning the baby shower.  Avery's father is in town and he and Craig have taken Aviana to the aquarium. They are meeting Grayson there, who is bringing his daughter, Brenna and Ember's daughter, Erwyn, who spent the night. 

Ember has already arrived and she and Avery are chatting while they wait for Cyann to arrive. 

Avery:  And how are things with Parker?  I'm not going to be nosey and ask too many questions, but I hope things are going well.
Ember (laughing):  Things are going well.  I'm very happy.
Avery:  Great!  What about Erwyn?  How is she with everything?
Ember:  She's fine.  When it gets a little warmer, we're going to all spend some time together.  She likes Parker, but I want to ease her into us all being a group, you know?
Avery:  Yes, I know.  Well, I am hoping that you will all start spending more time with us as well.  I know we've spent some time together, but I feel like the dynamic is changing with you dating my brother.  Does that make sense?
Ember:  Yes, it sure does.  Kind of like I'm concerned about the dynamic with Parker and Henna.  I don't think there will be any issues, but it does make things a little different.

Avery:  Exactly.  Well I'm routing for you! 
Ember:  Thank you.  So, how much shopping have you done for the baby so far?  Have you had a chance to look around and think about making a list?
Avery:  It's crazy, but as excited as I am about the baby getting here, I am not so motivated to do a lot of shopping.  I told Craig I was going to shop, but I've still been procrastinating. 
Ember:  You still have time, besides, that leaves people plenty to buy.  It would just be helpful if you would register. 
Avery:  I know.  There's this very nice baby boutique I've seen, but never been in downtown.  I hear they specialize in more gender neutral options.  That would be perfect. 
Ember:  That sounds good.  We can make arrangements to go check that store out.  We can have lunch, shop for clothes, check out some other stores.  It will be fun.

Avery:  That does sound like fun. 
Ember:  We need to do it before the shower, so motivated or not before you get there, hopefully you will be inspired when you arrive.
Avery:  I'm sure I'll be in love with lots of things.  Who can resist items for tiny people?

The door bell rings.  Ember tells Avery she'll get the door, it must be Cyann.  Ember answers the door and greets Cyann, who has brought Brooklyn with her.  Ember takes Brooklyn, who is sleeping, from Cyann  and they walk to the living room.

Avery:  Hey, Cyann.
Cyann:  Hey, Momma.  I see despite the fact that the air is on in here, you're having your own personal hot summer.
Avery:  What makes you think that?
Cyann:  The fan over there pointed at you and it seems to be on high.
Avery (laughing):  Oh yeah.  That would be a clue.  Girl, I'm a little warmer than usual.  You know how it is or should I remind of you of the ice cube incident when you were pregnant with Brooklyn.
Ember:  The ice cube incident?
Avery:  Shamefully I was just having a really hot day and I decided to add lots of ice cubes to already cold water and poor it over my head.
Ember (laughing):  Okay then.  Did it help?
Avery (laughing hard): It helped her alright, but those cubes were pretty hard hitting her head.
Cyann:  I ended up with a few small bruises and a cut, but at least I cooled down.  Grayson just shook his head when I told him and asked if she should lock up the freezer.  But that's neither here nor there.  Let's get to work.

Ember sets Brooklyn next to her on the floor and Cyann sits next to Avery.

Avery: I would say I miss Aviana being that small, especially when she was sleep like that.  But now I'm right back there again.
Cyann: You sure are.  I don't think I'm doing that again though.  I think two is enough for me.  What about you Ember?
Ember:  I would do it again.  At least once more.  I just loved being pregnant and getting ready to meet this new person I helped create. They are so cute and warm and smell great.
Avery:  Aww!  That's sweet.  Until you have another one, I love babysitters I can trust.  You can borrow this one.
Ember:  You have a deal. 
Cyann:  Speaking warm, it's not exactly that in here.  Let me give you a blanket to put over her. 

Cyann: So, on to the planning of the shower.  I thought about bringing a pad and paper at first, but then I realized I should use my trusty laptop.  I already have a planning document made up and ready for completion.  It will also keep us organized. 
Ember:  That sounds like Cyann, the party planner alright.
Avery:  She cracks me up, but I like it.
Cyann:  Yes, so the first thing I want to talk about is color scheme and then the guest list, then party favor ideas, and, of course, the menu.

Avery:  Are we sending save the date notices before we send invitations?  I was thinking we'd get them out this coming week.  I want to invite my mother and I think she needs notice.  I'm hoping she'll come.
Cyann:  Okay.  We can do that pretty quickly if we have e-mail addresses.  If not, that means mail and stamps.
Avery:  I think that will do.  I can always just call my mother.  I just thought she would love to get the invitation or something in writing.

Avery:  Ember, do you mind if I share with her that you and Parker are dating. 
Ember: I don't mind, but I want to be sure Parker is okay with it. 
Avery:  You're right.  I'll ask him if he's okay with it.  It's just information, I'm not expecting her to do anything, but I know she'd like to know he's happy.
Ember:  It's your family, so I will let you handle it. 
Avery:  Speaking of family, I want to be sure yours is invited to the shower.  Especially your aunt.  I love her spunk. 
Ember:  Yes, spunky is what she is.  I'm sure she'd love to come. 
Cyann:  That's an understatement.  But, let's focus, Ladies.  Back to the color.  Would you like something that matches the baby's larger items?  Like bedding or stroller options?  I don't know, I'm just trying to pick a theme. 

Avery:  Well, I have ordered a crib, mostly because Craig made me do it.  He said the baby definitely needs a place to sleep and then we had to choose something that would fit well in the room, so we placed an order.  So that's one less thing I need.  I want to choose the bedding myself, but everything else is on the table. 
Cyann:  So will the baby need a monitor?  That can go on the list.
Avery: I think so, but not right away.  I am getting a small cradle to sit next to my bed for the first few months.  I'm planning to breastfeed for a while, so I need the baby conveniently next to me.
Cyann:  That's good to know, for bottle needs.  Especially if you plan to pump too.
Avery:  I'll have to at some point so I can leave the house sometimes.
Ember: Yes, so I can babysit.

The ladies get back to planning the shower.  In case you're wondering, I have made a crib.  Man, what an undertaking, but I like the way it turned out.  Yes, you'll get to see it, just not today.

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye

Saturday, May 27, 2017

Blaze Far (Musings of a Blogger)

With so many ladies in the house, male residents are still outnumbered (I don't know the ratio, I just know there are clearly lots more females here).  Many of these ladies would either like to be married, dating or just playing the field.  Yes, it would be a rather small field, but they'd like to play it anyway.  So when I saw this new handsome young man by Integrity Toys (IT), I snatched him up. 

He arrived today in his box...

 I don't keep boxes, but I thought I'd show it.  Normally the dolls arrive in black boxes.  Surprisingly, there's even a photo of him on the paper inside after you open the box.

 Nice photo, can you see already why I wanted him?  So I took off the paper and voila!

There inside is the doll identified as Tate Tanaka of I.T.'s Industry line.  He comes with some nice sneakers and an overnight bag.  I'm loving that jacket he's wearing.  He also has some accessories...I...I'm sorry.  Please hold for a minute, something is going on. I see some movement...Wait a minute, why is she headed over here?

Miss Slay:  Tate, Babe!  What a surprise!  How are you?
Tate:  Hey! I'm good, Nadja.  How are you?  So this is where you ended up?
Miss Slay:  I sure did. It's a pretty nice place.  I think you'll like it. 
Me:  What are you doing out of the case?

Miss Slay:  I could see my friend is here, so I came over to say hello.  I see you want to take photos of him, but I think he just needs to get out of this box now.  He's had a long trip.
Me:  I know.  I'm getting there.  Can I have a couple of minutes?
Miss Slay (sighing):  A couple of minutes is two minutes longer than he needs to be in here.  Never mind, I'll just do it myself.
Me:  Really?

Miss Slay:  Darn it.  I think we need some scissors. I'm sorry Tate, but it IS going to take a couple of minutes, but I'm working on it.
Tate (whispering):  Is that lady the one who takes care of things around here?
Miss Slay:  Yes, she invited you to be a resident here.  (whispering) Don't tell her I said so, but she's pretty cool.  But I just need her to agree to some things I want sometimes.
Tate:  Maybe we should wait for her to get me out.  We don't want to be disrespectful.
Miss Slay (puffing):  Okay. Fine.

Miss:  So, I guess maybe this is a job for you.  But can you speed it up a little, Honey?  It's warm  and this poor thing is in that hot jacket.
Me:  Sure. 

I know you're asking yourself right now why I put up with her.  I'm asking myself the same question.  But I am going to remove the new guy from his cardboard confines.  No scissors necessary.  Just untie the ribbons. So he's out now.

Tate:  It's so good to see you, Nadja.  Thank you for trying to help me.
Miss Slay:  Sure, Babe.  Any time.  But, I need to tell you something.  For now, everyone just calls me Miss Slay. 
Tate:  Okay.  Why?
Miss Slay:  As if it weren't obvious, it is because I do.  But also because Miss Lady over there thinks the names we were given are just identifiers.  Everyone gets named by her. 
Tate:  Oh!  Okay then.  I can get used to a new name.  What else do I need to know?
Miss Slay:  Well, everyone gets a life around here, except for the Display Ladies in the glass cabinets behind me.  But that's their permanent job. Stand and look gorgeous.
Tate:  Oh!  They're all so pretty.  So that's what you are?
Miss Slay:  Yes, part time.  I'm special, so I'll also have a life.  Want to hear about it?
Me:  Umm...you don't have a life right now, so table that conversation.  Besides, I want to get on with the rest of my day.

Tate:  Ma'am, if you don't mind, can I take this jacket off, please?  I am a little warm.
Miss Slay:  See, I told you he needed it off. 
Me:  Yes, you can take it off.  I want to get some photos of you.
Miss Slay:  I'm going to have a seat on these crates while I wait.  But first, let me grab that daggone net off your head.

Finally, Miss Bossy is going to step aside.

Miss Slay:  I have to tell you, just so you'll know, we're part of the 'it' crowd around here.  The rest of the residents are mostly 'B's' or something.
Tate:  We're it?  Like the in crowd?  Automatically?
Me:  First of all, Miss Slay is confused.  You are not 'it' as in part of the crowd.  You're I.T. dolls.  And I love the 'B's' who come from Mattel just as much.  Don't let her pump your head up.
Tata: Yes, ma'am.  I understand. 
Me:  Please have a seat and we'll put your sneakers on so I can take a picture.

Tate:  I'm so sorry, ma'am.  I cannot sit in these tight pants.  They look fashionable, but they are as tight as they look.  Maybe tighter.
Me:  Not to mention, I don't know why they are black.  Guys as light as you usually ended up stained.  Well, fortunately, I have some other items you can wear.  I'll put the sneakers on while you stand up.
Tate:  Thank you, ma'am.

Me:  There.  That's very nice.  You look good.
Tate:  Thank you.
Me:  By the way, your official name is Blaze Far.  You have a brother, named, Bo.  He's just as good looking.
Blaze:  Blaze, I like that name.  I'm looking forward to seeing my family.  I am also looking forward to meeting my girlfriend or wife.  Whatever you choose to give me.
Me:  Yes, lots of ladies will be excited to be matched with you. I'll figure it out. Now let's get those pants off.

Miss Slay:  Hold onLet's not be in such a hurry.
Me:  What?  Why?
Miss Slay:  Blaze, it is Blaze now, right?
Me:  Yes.
Miss Slay:  Blaze is a hot commodity and should be treated as such.  I have a suggestion.
Me:  I may regret this, but what is it?
Miss Slay:  I think he needs to meet a few of the available ladies and see who's a potential match. Let's see who he likes first.  I mean, just like me, he should be able to have his preferences met.
Me:  I guess that couldn't hurt.  Maybe we could do speed dating.  I think you should have a seat so I can talk it over with Blaze directly and get his thoughts.
Miss Slay (frowning and I'm pretty sure pouting):  Sure, Honey.

Me:  So what do you think of that idea, Blaze?  Would you like to do some speed dating and meet the eligible and interested ladies?
Blaze:  If it's not too much trouble, I would be honored.  Thank you, ma'am.  I would also appreciate your opinion after I meet with them.
Me:  No problem.  I'd be happy to give you my opinion.
Miss Slay:  Me too. 
Me:  So it's settled.  I'll make the arrangements.  But you are not wearing those tight pants, so you can sit down.
Blaze:  I would appreciate that too.  Thank you.

Miss Slay:  See, I hooked you up.  I should be an agent, along with being a model of course, who also is or gets engaged to a good looking, dark, handsome, successful man.  In case anyone needs a reminder.
Me:  No one does. 
Miss Slay:  Blaze, come hang out with me in Display for a while.  I'll introduce you to my friends. 
Me:  Yes, go do that, please.  I'll be back again later, when the speed dating is ready.
Blaze:  Thank you, ma'am.
Miss Slay:  Yes, thank you, Babe. 

I like Blaze, he's as humble as Chi.  I wonder if she'd be interested in him.  I'll put the word out and see who responds. 

Until next time, thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye

Crate Love (Musings of a Blogger)

I bought some crates at a craft store in anticipation of making furniture for Jun's apartment (which I still have not started building).  Having seen some photos using crates, I thought they would be nice to use to help seat some of the residents for photo shoots.

First I took photos of the some of the guys for Mother's Day, which I only posted on Instagram.  I like these crates.  Here are the photos I took:

 L-R: Jaquar, Bo, Grayson (yes, he let his hair grow and is showing his real lip color now) and Crain.  Good looking crew, right?

 L-R: Crain, Bo, Jaquar and Grayson (you'll see later that the widow's peak is less apparent)

I loved using the crates so much that I used them again yesterday to show off some new clothes.  I purchased hand crocheted tops from Crafts By Mandee on Etsy.  Now, you know how I try to make clothes myself, but there are just times when I can't resist.  They were cute and a great price, so I bought four. 

You may have notices everyone in the photo has been upgraded to an MTM body.  ToyRUs had a great sale on MTMs, so I splurged.  Then I realized I should have purchased two more for a couple of left out ladies (Trillian and Jadyn were not very happy with me).  But it's okay, those two are still able to move, so they'll be fine.  With so may folks to remember, it's easy to over look someone.

Those articulated bodies, by the way, were donated to other ladies (like Lisa, who I felt sorry for since her friend Tasha joined the Display girls and left her) and some are still available should I get more residents, who I totally don't need to invite to live here.  I can barely get them all on camera.  But I digress.  Back to the photos.

Don't the ladies look like they are relaxed and enjoying the new bodies, the tops and the crates? :-)
So I also had to take at least one individual shot of each.



 Isis (this body will also enable her to do more poses in her wedding photos)

Syren (who thinks this upgrade will draw even more suitors - I'm sure she's right)

So back the crates.  I love them.  They are so versatile.  They would also be great in different colors.  However, I will resist the urge to buy lots more on an impulse. But I am tempted.

It's the holiday weekend and time for me to get back to work on this baby stuff.  We have a baby shower coming up and a trip to the baby store to work on (which means actually having baby stuff in the store).

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye

Sunday, May 7, 2017

Just a Day at the Bridal Salon

It's Friday afternoon and Felice and Bailey are working at the bridal shop.  Dani has taken the day off.  She trusts that Felice and Bailey know how to operate the store on their own.  There are customers today.

Bailey is helping a customer, Katie, who has brought her younger sister, Katya, with her to start considering gowns.  Felice is assisting a customer, Renee, who made an appointment to consider bridesmaid dresses.  She has not started the search for her own gown yet. 

Bailey:  Keep in mind that we can order anything you'd like.  We can tailor items or, with enough time, you could have something special made.  But that type of order can take months.
Katie:  Hmmm...I don't know that I need something special.  Darned if I can imagine what I'd like to wear enough to design it myself.  I just know I want something that will keep me cool, since it will be the middle of July.
Katya:  You need something short sleeved for sure.
Katie:  I was thinking sleeveless, if possible.
Bailey:  We have sleeveless options.  We don't have everything out on the racks.  I think I have something you may like hanging in the back.  If you don't mind following me to the dressing room, I'll go grab it while you get ready to try it on.
Katie:  Okay.  Thank you.

Renee:  I don't know why I find this so hard.  I know what color I'd like, but these options are just so nice. 
Felice:  That's why I pulled some options from our photo cards, instead of bringing out the entire catalog.  I thought it would help narrow things down based on our first conversation.  I can see this is a tough decision.  What about your bridesmaids?  Have you spoken with them to see what they would feel comfortable wearing?
Renee:  Oh!  I should do that?  I just thought I pick a dress and tell them it's what I've selected.
Felice:  You could do that, but you are selecting a dress that should look good on them all too.  So while you should have a couple of items, it helps to get the group involved and have them try things on.  We will have to get them the correct sizes.  Plus there are considerations for what will look good too.
Renee:  Really? Like what? 

Felice:  For instance.  I know you want something for the summer.  You asked for strapless, but this sleeveless dress may be an option for bridesmaids who are more, shall we say, modest.  But without knowing what your bridesmaids will feel comfortable wearing, we won't be sure about the option.
Renee:  Wow!  I never would have thought of that.  See, that's why I need your help. The color, I have down pat, but the style, well, I need all the help I can get.
Felice:  I will help you as much as I can every step of the way.

The door opens and in walks Leera Medina.

Seeing her, Felice asks Renee to excuse her so she can greet the woman who has just entered.

Felice:  Hello.  Welcome to Dani's Bridal Salon. 
Leera:  Hello.
Felice:  I would be happy to assist you.  Please give me a few minutes as I'm currently assisting this customer.  Is there a particular item you may want to start considering while you wait?
Leera:  I'm sorry to interrupt.  I was hoping to speak with the manager or owner, if possible.  I believe that would be Ms. Nichols.  Am I correct?
Felice:  Yes, she isn't in today.  If there is an issue, I can certainly help you.

Leera:  No, there's no issue. I was just hoping to speak with her about a business opportunity.  I design clothing and I wanted to see her about a very limited gown option for this store.
Felice:  Yes, I can take your information in just a minute.

Katie:  I think this is beautiful.  I wonder what bridesmaid dresses could go with this.  Hopefully I can get them in the same pink color as the flowers, if I go with this one.
Bailey (to Katya):  What do you think?  Do you like this one too?
Katya: Yes, it's very pretty.  I do hope you can find us pretty bridesmaid gowns in that pink color.  That would look good.
Katie:  I do want to try more on before I make a final decision.  But this was a great first selection, Bailey.  I like it. 
Bailey:  Good.  I'm glad to hear that.  I have a few more options you can try.  Take a few more minutes to consider this one and I'll run to see what else we have and show you them.

Renee:  I'm just looking at these dresses.  It will only take a few minutes for you to get this lady's information.  Go ahead while I sit here and think for a few minutes.
Felice:  Are you sure you don't mind?
Renee:  No, I don't mind at all.  I need the time to think anyway.
Leera (to Renee):  Thank you.  I will only be a minute.  I appreciate it.

Leera leaves her information with Felice, who will provide it to Dani.  Renee continues to stress over the dresses until she decided to make another appointment in two weeks, on a Saturday.  She will bring her bridesmaids at that time.  Katie enjoys trying on a few more gowns, but is pretty much sold on the first one and Katya is supportive of her choosing that one.

It will be interesting to see if Dani chooses to allow Leera to provide some wedding gowns for the salon.