Saturday, May 27, 2017

Crate Love (Musings of a Blogger)

I bought some crates at a craft store in anticipation of making furniture for Jun's apartment (which I still have not started building).  Having seen some photos using crates, I thought they would be nice to use to help seat some of the residents for photo shoots.

First I took photos of the some of the guys for Mother's Day, which I only posted on Instagram.  I like these crates.  Here are the photos I took:

 L-R: Jaquar, Bo, Grayson (yes, he let his hair grow and is showing his real lip color now) and Crain.  Good looking crew, right?

 L-R: Crain, Bo, Jaquar and Grayson (you'll see later that the widow's peak is less apparent)

I loved using the crates so much that I used them again yesterday to show off some new clothes.  I purchased hand crocheted tops from Crafts By Mandee on Etsy.  Now, you know how I try to make clothes myself, but there are just times when I can't resist.  They were cute and a great price, so I bought four. 

You may have notices everyone in the photo has been upgraded to an MTM body.  ToyRUs had a great sale on MTMs, so I splurged.  Then I realized I should have purchased two more for a couple of left out ladies (Trillian and Jadyn were not very happy with me).  But it's okay, those two are still able to move, so they'll be fine.  With so may folks to remember, it's easy to over look someone.

Those articulated bodies, by the way, were donated to other ladies (like Lisa, who I felt sorry for since her friend Tasha joined the Display girls and left her) and some are still available should I get more residents, who I totally don't need to invite to live here.  I can barely get them all on camera.  But I digress.  Back to the photos.

Don't the ladies look like they are relaxed and enjoying the new bodies, the tops and the crates? :-)
So I also had to take at least one individual shot of each.



 Isis (this body will also enable her to do more poses in her wedding photos)

Syren (who thinks this upgrade will draw even more suitors - I'm sure she's right)

So back the crates.  I love them.  They are so versatile.  They would also be great in different colors.  However, I will resist the urge to buy lots more on an impulse. But I am tempted.

It's the holiday weekend and time for me to get back to work on this baby stuff.  We have a baby shower coming up and a trip to the baby store to work on (which means actually having baby stuff in the store).

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye


  1. Your guys are very, very hot! And the girls look awesome on their new MTM bodies! I stock up on the MTM whenever I see a good deal on them, so right now I have a pretty good supply for when new dolls come in. Since I am starting to see some of the new Fashionista's being released I am hopeful I will have what I need for upgrades.

    Those little crates are awesome too! I need to get some too! They are very versatile for many things.

    1. Thank you, Phyllis. It took me a minute to get used to the MTM bodies, but now I love them. The crates were only $1 at the craft store.

  2. The crates are cool. I can't wait to see what you do with them. The fellas are looking fly. Bo is SO hot! School's out for summer, so it's time to get back to my dolls. Today I took pictures for the next photo story. It's taking me a while since this story includes three separate scenes requiring three separate dioramas.

    1. LOL! Bo is hot. His brother, Blaze, just arrived.

      Yes!! New story. You know I keep checking.

  3. Loving these photos! They look like they are in a "real" fashion shoot. Very Calvin Klein.

    1. Thank you, Muff. I think that's what I like about the look. I've liked seeing crates/palettes in other photos and the versatility is nice. I can even drop cloths over them for color.


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