Saturday, June 24, 2017

Just Us Guys

It's Sunday, late afternoon, and Grayson invited Parker, Craig and Chase over to watch football.  He thought it would be a good idea for them to hang out.  The game will be starting shortly, so before it starts, everyone is in the living room talking.

Grayson:  I'm thinking about upgrading the television again.  I'd like an even bigger screen with more definition.
Parker:  That sounds good.  Have you started shopping for a new one yet?
Grayson:  No. First I need to talk Cyann into it.  I was kind of hoping she would try to buy another piece of furniture.  Then she can't say anything about my purchase. 
Craig:  So you're scheming, huh?
Grayson:  I'd call it planning.

Everyone laughs.

Craig:  I'd love a new set too.  But our place is so small and with the baby coming, we are trying to save.  I want Avery to be able to quit her job and I think we'll need a bigger place.
Grayson:  I know how that is. 
Chase:  I don't, but I hope to one day.
Grayson:  Don't rush it.  I love my family, but things were easier to buy before I got married.  Speaking of which, how are things with you and Ember, Parker?

Parker:  Things are going very well.  The next step is to start spending with Erwyn, you know the three of us, and see how that goes.  I'm a little nervous.  I want her to like me.
Grayson:  I'm pretty sure she does already.  As long as you're good to her and her mother, it should be fine.
Chase:  I don't know much about the situation, but all you can do is give it your all.
Parker:   I agree.  I'll see how it goes.  I'm very hopeful.  It's different when I'm just the nice man who she sees some times.  But to be the man who now spends time with her mother.
Craig: And who could end up being her father.
Parker: Yes, possibly.  To be that man, it's different.
Grayson:  True, but Erwyn's a sweetheart.

Cyann:  She sure is.

Cyann has just walked into the room.  All of the men stand up and say 'hello', except Grayson.

Grayson:  Hey!  What are you guys doing?  You're making me look bad.
Cyann:  They're being gentlemen.  Make a note, Honey.
Grayson:  I live here.  Standing up only happens now when we're out.  I know these guys don't stand when they're home and their lady walks in.
Craig (smiling):  You got us.
Cyann (laughing):  Well gentlemen, I appreciate your standing on my account, but please, have a seat and relax.  Gray, a word, please.

Grayson excuses himself so he can talk to Cyann.

Cyann:  I'm running out to pick up the food I ordered for your little get together.  Brooklyn's finally sleep or I would have brought her out here.  Brenna's watching TV, but I told her if she needs something to come see you.  I shouldn't be long. (noticing Grayson looking down at her clothes).
Honey, are you listening?
Grayson:  Uhuh. That cute little outfit is just speaking a little louder than you are.
Cyann:  Focus.  I'm leaving, I'll be back soon.
Grayson:  I love summer and the skimpy things you wear to stay cool.  Eye candy.
Cyann:  Okay, then. 

Cyann turns to walk away, then she feels Grayson's hand on her rear end.

Cyann:  What are you doing?
Grayson:  Copping a feel or did I not do it right?  I must be out of practice.
Cyann:  Ha ha. You have issues, I'll be back.

Cyann leaves and Grayson sits back down.

Craig:  So you let Cyann cut her hair?
Chase:  She had such lovely long hair.  But I think that hair cut is becoming.
Grayson:  Let her cut it?  As if I could stop her.
Craig:  Man, you need to have control, just like I have in my house.  If Avery wanted to cut her hair, I would tell her no and she had better listen.  I'm the man and that's that.
Chase:  That's interesting
Grayson:  Is that so?  Well, I'll make sure to ask her how that whole control thing is goingChase, he's full of it.  Don't let him fool you.
Parker:  Craig, you know darn good and well Avery would put you right in your place if she heard you talking like that. 
Craig:  That's exactly why no one is going to say anything.  What happens here, stays here.  Right?
Grayson:  Yep.  You're talking tough behind her back, but I bet if she were here, you'd be all 'Baby, you can do whatever you want'.

Parker:  Do you do the same thing?
Grayson:  Well, of course.  We need to live in our fantasies somehow.  This is the man's circle.  It's just us guys.  We can pretend we're in charge when it's just us.  You'll see how that goes once you're on real lock down with Ember.
Parker: I don't think I'll need to do that.
Craig:  Give him time.  He's still in the delusional honeymoon phase of their relationship.  Let him enjoy it before reality kicks in.
Chase:  Mmmm...I have to agree with that.  I love Chambray and sometimes she can be assertive, but I know when not to push it.
Grayson:  See, another man who gets it.  Well, Cyann is picking up our food.  But I see no reason we can't get started with the drinking.  What can I get you guys?

Grayson stands up to take orders and head to the kitchen.

Parker:  Beer, please.
Craig:  Me too.  Thanks.
Chase:  Bourbon on the rocks, please.
Grayson:  I'll be right back. I think I should grab a folding table too so we can have some of the food out here and more easily accessible. 
Craig:  Sounds good, Man.  I can help you.

Grayson heads to the kitchen and Craig follows him to get the table. It looks like they should have a good time watching their game, what with food and drinks to enjoy. 

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  1. Oh, it has been a while since we've seen Grayson and Cyann's place! I raised my eyebrows when I heard Craig's comment about "letting" Avery cut her hair! I know she would put him in place for sure! Boys will be boys!

    1. I think the guys just need to pretend every so often. It makes them feel good.

  2. The guys are funny! They are in control only when no one is around. Lol! I love Grayson and Cyann's relationship. Great episode!

    1. Right? Grayson had me cracking up. I can't believe he did that.

  3. Typical men, always talking junk. The "man circle" to funny.

    1. I guess it's safe if what happens in the circle stays in the circle.

  4. I'm glad the guys are spending time together GO TEAM...... :) They are so funny.

  5. Those fellas know they'd better stop talking smack to Parker. None of them would get away with bossing around their woman πŸ˜‚Parker had better use his common sense. πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ This was great.

    1. You never know. Parker isn't married, so they may just get him onboard one day. At least with pretending when it's just the guys around. Chase didn't even chime in though either. He knows what's up. He admitted he knows when not to push things with Chambray.

  6. LOL at Grayson copping a feel. I'm surprised she didn't give him the stink eye for doing that in front of the fellows.

    1. Muff, I don't know if you remember the time Craig and Avery had gone out to dinner and stopped by to see Grayson and Cyann. Craig implied that being intimate with Avery was his dessert and before they left, Cyann told him to enjoy dessert.

      I think Cyann has her uninhibited moments.


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