Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Uh Oh!

It's Friday evening and Henna and Onyx are at Peyton's, waiting for her so they can go out for dinner and drinks.  It's been a busy week for the trio, so they are all anxious to relax and enjoy hanging out with friends.

Onyx:  How long can it possibly take that girl to get ready?  We're not walking the red carpet.
Henna (laughing):  Well you know she's used to that type of life.  Maybe getting dressed needs to be a big production too. 
Onyx:  I'm hungry and ready for the booze.  (yelling) For heaven's sake, Peyton, get out here already.
Peyton (yelling from her room):  Okay, okay.  I'm coming.

Peyton finally emerges from her room.

Peyton:  Well, how do I look?
Onyx:  You look just perfect, Ellie Mae.  Dressed just right for wrangling that pig.  In your case, maybe bacon...already cooked.  But you look good.
Peyton:  Ellie Mae.  Really?
Onyx:  That would be about right.
Peyton:  Maybe I should change.
Onyx:  Maybe you should starve.  That's just what you're going to do if you try to change again.  We'll leave you.
Henna:  I have to agree with Onyx on this one.  We need to get going.
Peyton (frowning):  Okay, I'll just grab my shoes and purse and we're off.
Onyx:  You have thirty seconds.  We're walking to the car now.

Peyton, knowing they would leave her, grabs her purse and shoes and heads straight to the door, right behind Henna and Onyx. 

When the trio arrives at the restaurant, the hostess shows them to the table.  Henna doesn't go straight to the table and heads to the restroom first.  Instead of sitting down when they get to the table, Onyx thanks the hostess and says they're fine.  She has spotted someone at the next table and wants to talk to Peyton.

Onyx:  Uh oh.  Do you see who I see?
Peyton:  Huh?
Onyx:  Behind us, over my left shoulder.
Peyton:  Uh oh.  Do you think we should get another table?
Onyx:  I don't know.  I just don't want any drama. 
Peyton:  We're all adults.
Onyx:  You and I don't even count in this situation. 
Peyton (looking over):  Well, we look really suspicious and stupid right now as we've been spotted.  Let's just play it cool, say 'hello' and have a seat.
Onyx:  Okay. 

Onyx turns around and heads to take a seat.

Onyx:  Hi, Maurice.
Maurice:  Hey, Ladies.  How are you?  Its' been a while since I've seen you both.
Peyton:  Hi, Maurice.  I hope you're doing well.
Maurice:  I am.  It's good to see you.
Onyx:  Well, we won't keep you.  Enjoy your dinner.
Maurice:  Thank you.  I hope you enjoy yours as well.

Just as Onyx sits down, Henna arrives at the table.  She immediately sees Maurice and Peyton sees her look.  So she touches Henna's arm to get her attention and talk to her.

Peyton:  Hey.  If you want us to leave or get another table, we can do that. 
Henna (pausing):  No, we don't have to do that.  I'll be fine. 
Peyton:  Well, maybe I should move to the other seat.  That way you won't be facing him.
Henna (smiling): No need for that.  I'll just go say hello, real quick.
Peyton:  Are you sure?  We can just get out of here.
Henna:  Thank you, but I'm sure.  I'll be fine.  No need in pretending I don't see him
Peyton (smiling in a supportive way): Okay, if you insist, but don't feel obligated. 
Henna:  I don't. I just want to see how he is.  I'll be fine.  Check out the menu, I'll be back.

Henna heads over to Maurice, who stands up when he sees her coming.

Maurice:  Hi. How are you?
Henna:  Hi.  I'm good...and you? 
Maurice:  Good. 
Henna:  It's been a while.  It's good to see you.  So, how is business?
Maurice:  It's good seeing you tooBusiness is good.  Really good.  I got a couple more clients and I'm thinking about opening up a gym.  Well not just a gym.  I may have a business partner to do the gym and spa thing.  It could really take off, but we're just in the planning stages.  We'll see.
Henna:  That's great!  I hope it works out for you. (scanning the table) I hope I'm not interrupting dinner. 
Maurice:  Not at this moment, I'm just waiting for...

Just then Henna hears a voice behind her and turns.

Kent:  Hey, Henna!  I haven't seen you in a while.  How have you been?
Henna (relieved to see Kent): Hi, Kent!  I'm good.  How are you? 
Kent:  Doing great!  You are looking good.  I was just asking Maurice about you.  Of course, I know you haven't been together, but you never know who stays in touch.
Henna:  Oh...well...sometimes you have to give people their space. 
Kent: I guess that's right.  It's really good seeing you. I guess you're having dinner here too.
Henna:  Yes, with my friends at the next table.
Kent:  Cool. I love the food.

Henna:  Yes, this dish (pointing to the dish on the table where Maurice was sitting) looks delicious
Kent:  It does. 
Henna:  I don't want to keep you or let your food get cold.  I'll let you sit down and get back to it.
Kent:  Oh, I ate already. We're on dessert.
Henna:  Really?  I thought this was...
Kent (laughing): You thought was mine?  Sorry about that.  I was just agreeing the food looks delicious.  I'm at another table. 
Henna:  But you came here, I just thought...I thought you were eating with Maurice.
Kent:  No, I saw Maurice earlier and came over to say hi and chat for a minute.  Then I just saw you, so I wanted to come over and say hi to you too. 

Kent:  But I do need to get back to my table.  (touching Henna on her arm).  It was really good to see you.  Keep looking good, Lady.  (to Maurice) I'll call you and we'll get together next week.
Maurice:  Alright.  Sounds like a plan.  Talk to ya later.
Kent:  I'll see you.
Henna (feeling lost):  Okay.  See you.

Kent turns and walks away.  Henna turns back to Maurice, but before she can figure out what to say or do, she sees him looking in another direction.  As she turns her head, a woman approaches. 

The woman apologizes for taking too long in the restroom. Then she asks if she's interrupting something.  Henna just thinks to herself, "She's so pretty.  Is he seeing her?  Is this who he's having dinner with?"

Maurice:  No, you're not interrupting.  I seem to keep running into people I know this evening.  Let me introduce you.

Peyton:  Are you taking all this in?
Onyx:  How can I miss it? 
Peyton:  She must be his dinner date?  Look at her.
Onyx:  You think? 
Peyton:  Okay, okay.  I get it.  I'm just, well, feeling like this is awkward?
Onyx:  Henna is about to meet someone her ex-man is dating and YOU'RE feeling awkward? 
Peyton:  Yes, that would be correct.
Onyx:  Okay, well, I don't want to miss anything, so let's go back to listeningShhhh...

Maurice:  Chi, this is Henna.  Henna this is Chi.

They shake hands.

Chi: It's nice to meet you, Henna. 
Henna: Uh, yes.  It's nice to meet you. 
Chi:  So how do you two know each other?
Henna (surprised at the question):  Umm, well, we used to...
Maurice:  We used to date, a while ago. I think I may have mentioned that once. 
Chi:  Oh, yes.  Now I remember.  Well, I apologize.  I do think Maurice mentioned you before, but maybe once.  I don't think he told me how beautiful you are.
Henna:  Thank you.  I haven't spoken to Maurice in a while, so I haven't had the chance to hear about you.  YOU are beautiful.
Chi:  Thank you.  That's very kind of you. 
Maurice:  Well, I think maybe we should eat before this food grows icicles.
Henna:  I'm sorry.  I didn't mean to keep you.  I just wanted to say hi.  Uh, my friends are waiting and I know they're hungry.  Well, enjoy your dinner.
Chi:  You too.  Again, it's nice to have met you.
Henna:  Thank you.  It was nice seeing you, Maurice.  Have a good night.

Henna turns to head to the table.

Peyton:  Now should we leave?
Onyx: Let's just see how Henna's feeling first.

Maurice ensures Chi is seated.

Maurice:  I'm sorry if that was weird.  I hope that wasn't too uncomfortable.
Chi: It's okay. You had a life before you met me. 
Maurice:  It's been over for a while.
Chi:  It's really okay.  I'm not that insecure.  She's very pretty, but I'm here with you, she's not.  I'm sure if you wanted to be with her, you would be. 
Maurice:  I don't want to be with her. I'm where I want to be with the person I want to be with.
Chi:  I know.  So let's just enjoy our dinner and not act like this is an issue.  It's not.
Maurice:  That's why I like you.  Let's eat.

Onyx:  Honey, are you okay?  We can go.
Peyton:  Yes, we can find another place to eat or grab something and go to my place.
Henna (sighing):  No.  No.  Well, we can go, but I'd like two shots first...for the road.  Back to back shots and then we're out. 
Onyx:  Okay.  Two shots for you.  I'll have water so I can drive.
Henna:  I drove.
Onyx: I know, but I'll drive us back to my place.  You can stay at my place this evening, we can talk, just hang out, play games or something.  Have as much as you want, Honey.
Peyton:  We're here for you.
Henna:  Thanks. 

Henna gets her two shots.  Peyton and Onyx stay sober because they are worried about her.  They leave and stop to grab take out, then go back to Peyton's place where they watch TV.  Henna stays at Peyton's for the night and Onyx goes home.  Henna is grateful for her friends and their willingness to being there for her.  The night didn't turn out as she had expected, but she still spent it with good friends.

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye


  1. Henna is understandably hurt by this encounter, but I for one am thrilled to see Maurice moving on with his life and not pining for a woman who doesn't want what he wants.

    1. Hi, Jewell, it is good for Maurice to move on and find someone else. Why wait around hoping and wasting time?

  2. I know this encounter was uncomfortable for Henna, but I too and happy to see Maurice has moved on. I think he deserves somebody who wants the same kind of relationship he wants. It is nice that Henna has her friends to help her deal with this evening's encounter though!

    1. I guess Henna thought she could handle saying hi to Maurice, but that didn't turn out so well. I'm looking forward to seeing how things progress with Chi.

  3. Oh, man, that was awkward. Maurice isn't wasting time. Makes me wonder how much of him loved Henna and how much of him just doesn't like being alone.

    1. Hi, Muff. I'm sure Maurice loved Henna. But how long is he supposed to waste his time. He tried to keep a relationship with her, but she didn't want what he wanted. If he knows it's not going to work out with her, there's no use hanging on to hope.

  4. While I agree this is an awkward encounter for Henna, I can't help but think she brought this on herself. She should have just said hi to Maurice and kept going instead of hanging around to see who he was having dinner with. That's a good way to get your feelings hurt every time.

    1. Yes, she should have just not tried to make conversation. But I think she was partially hopeful that he would want to talk to her and partially curious about why he was at the restaurant.


    1. Hi, Ladonna. Maurice is certainly moving on and poor Henna just needs to do so too.

  6. WOW! Great story!! That was very awkward! Henna did not handle that too well. She should have said hello and kept it moving. I would have sucked it up and not even given him a second look. Oh, well this is what she wanted...

    1. Thank you. Yes, she should have kept it moving. And, yes, she put herself in this situation. I guess she thought Maurice change his mind and want to get back with her.


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