Saturday, July 22, 2017

It is the Dating Game

We last left off with Giordana (aka Gio) hosting the Dating Game to help one of our newest bachelors, Blaze Far, find a suitable love interest.  He's very fortunate to be able to do this.  Most of the men here don't have this opportunity.  But Miss Slay demanded suggested it and, well you've seen her in action.  She's quite bossy, so she's getting what she wanted.  Even though she dipped out on us all to go look at and flirt with men.  SMH!

Gio is about to ask the first question and get responses from the ladies, so let's see how this goes down.  Shall we?

Gio:  The first question is: Why are you interested in Blaze as a potential love interest?  We'll start with Song and each time I ask a new question, the lady to the prior lady's left will be the first to answer. Your left, not mine.  So, Song, what is your response. 
Blaze:  That certainly seems like a fair way to go through this.
Gio:  Yes it is. I'm glad you like it.   Now, let's see what Song has to say, please.  Song?

Song:  Well, I think he's very handsome.  But that's not my main reason.  I read his profile, which says he has a very calming demeanor and is very considerate.  I like that.  I would like to have a man in my life just like him.
Gio:  Very nice.  Now Falon.  Same question for you.  Why are you interested in Blaze as a potential love interest?

Falon:  I'm a good looking young lady who deserves a good looking man on my arm.  I think we'd have fun together and be a great couple.  He'd be very happy with me.
Gio:  Okay.  Thank you, Falon.  Seiko, how would you like to respond?

Seiko:  I would like to be with someone who I can relate to and who can relate to me.  Yes, Blaze is handsome, but that fades.  I am hoping for a connection that is deeper than that.  One that I think can be there for us if we give each other a chance to be ourselves, while understanding and supporting each other.  I'd like to find out if he is that person.
Gio:  Nice response.  Andressa, why are you interested in Blaze?

Andressa:  I...I think he's a nice boy.  I think.  I, uh, yes.  He's nice.
Gio (confused about Andressa's hesitation and short answer):  Okay.  Well, he certainly is

 Gio:  Blaze would like to be married with children one day.  So, what are your thoughts on being married and having children?  Feel free to expand on your answer, if you must.  Thank you.  We will start with Falon.

Falon:  Oh, my.  Married with children.  That certainly sounds so exciting.  But I do think we should really know each other first and discuss that personally.  This is so public. What two people decide to do with their lives if very personal.  Maybe we could spend some time talking after the show and really has things out.
Gio:  Yes, that could be a possibility, for the person who Blaze chooses.  But at this time, that is not part of this game.  So, next is Seiko.

Seiko:  Yes, I would like to have children one day, as well as having a husband.  Well, the husband first.  Honestly, I hope that's not too soon.  I am still young and I have a budding modeling career ahead of me I wish to pursue.  But I think there can be a right time for all three.
Gio:  Me too.  Andressa, what are your thoughts on being married with children?

Andressa:  Yes, I would like that.

Gio waits for a few seconds to see if Andressa, plans to add more.  She smiles at her and Andressa just smiles back, with no additional response.

Gio:  Okay.  So, Song, what are your thoughts on marriage and children?

Song:  I love my sisters very much.  So I would like several children so they can grow up and be close like us.  I miss my father so dearly and I treasure how I saw him treat both of my mothers.  So marriage is something I look forward to also.
Gio:  I love that sentiment.

Gio:  I think we are running out of time, so I will ask one last question.  If Blaze does not choose you, what will you do from here?  Let's start with Seiko.

Seiko:  I will continue my career and when the time is right, I will meet and be with a man who will be right for me.  I cannot force anything to happen, so I do what can do and make decisions accordingly.
Gio:  Well, alright!  Andressa, what will you do from here is Blaze does not select you?

Andressa:  I will go back to be with my aunt and uncles and visit with my family.
Gio:  Andressa, Honey.  Do you really want to date Blaze?  It seems like you're reluctantly here.
Andressa (hesitating):  Yes.  My aunt says I am to come here and I come here.  I do not know this man.  I do not think we are to be together.
Gio:  I'm so sorry, but I know your aunt and I get it.  At least that's settled.  Thank you so much for being honest.
Blaze: Yes, thank you.

Gio:  So, Song, what will you do?
Song:  I will not be happy, but what can I do. Just go on with my life, right?  Eventually someone will come along.
Gio:  That is so true.  And our final answer for the evening is from Falon.  Falon, what will you do?

Falon:  I will look up his super fine big brother and see what's up with him.  I still have another chance to Mrs. Far.  It's called a back up plan. 
Gio:  Mmmm... Interesting.  Thank you.

Blaze:  My brother?
Gio:  She's being honestThe comment was a little inconsiderate, but she is being honest.  Plus, you've just met these ladies.  It's not like she'll be your ex-girlfriend.
Blaze:  Yes, I see.  You're right.
Gio:  We're wrapping this up.

Gio:  Ladies we appreciate your honesty and taking the time to be in the spotlight like this to answer these questions.  I know this was quick, but this was just a quick way to help Blaze narrow down and decide who he would like to consider dating.  We are not guaranteeing an immediate date or relationship.  But all of your responses will be considered and we'll get back to you all.
Blaze:  Thank you for coming.  You are all so beautiful.  It will be a hard decision to make.
Gio:  Honestly, we're reduced back to three ladies because it is clear Andressa was forced to come here.  But we do appreciate your coming and having the chance to meet you.

Gio:  We are going to review the responses from each lady, have a discussion and come up with the right match for Blaze.  We'll let you know as soon as possible who has been selected.  Thank you so much for joining us for our version of The Dating Game!


  1. This is a great post! I have laughed so hard at some of their responses! I was thinking Blaze better run! Lol! I loved it! I cannot wait to see who he chooses.

    1. Hi, Georgia Girl. Thank you!

      Blaze is probably not sure what to do at this point.

  2. I'm rooting for Seiko. She seems the most sensible.

    1. She certainly seems way more sensible than Andressa with those vague responses.

  3. Falon looks good, but that she'd hook up with his brother if things don't go right with him - OMG. Andressa would be out because she - understandably - isn't keen on connecting with someone she did not meet on her own. Song or Seiko.

    1. Hi, D7ana. That was pretty bold of Falon. I don't think Blaze took it very well.


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