Sunday, July 9, 2017

The Dating Game?

When Blaze arrived, Miss Slay wanted to help him find a lady.  So finally, after advertising and marketing the change to speed date and meet Blaze, several applications were submitted and reviewed by the ladies.  Some of the 'background' ladies without the ability to move, were quickly ruled out.  Blaze is a good looking guy and, let's just say, even as humble as he is, he's not a saint.  He'd like a woman who can move (like dancing - what were you thinking I meant?)

It wasn't easy, but we narrowed down to three possibilities.  I was going to let Miss Slay handle this on her own, but I'm curious about how it's going to turn out.  Aren't you?  Care to join me as I check in on the speed dating?  Let's see how it's going, shall we.

Me: Hi, Blaze.  Hi, Gio.  What are you doing here?  Where's Miss Slay?  Isn't she supposed to be here?
Blaze:  Hi. 
Gio:  Hey.  Well, yes, you are correct.  She should have been here, but she decided to take a vacation.  Something about a beach and hunks with their chests out or something.
Me:  Really?
Gio:  Unfortunately, yes.

Me:  So how did you get elected to take her place?
Gio:  Interesting story.  She decided that since I was able to cross over from Display to Play and I have hosted showing the new Re-ment, I not only am privileged, but I should do well as a host to, get this, the Dating Game.
Me:  The Dating Game?  What happened to speed dating?
Gio:  I don't make these things up.  Besides, you know I know how to deal with, shall we say, individuals who need attention.  I figured there was no use fighting the idea.  Plus it should be fun.
Me:  One can only hope.  So who do we have?

Gio: First, we have a Fan Favorite who is experienced with hosting as well, the lovely Song Li.

Song:  Hi!
Gio:  Next we have fairly new and so cute, Falon Atwater.

Falon:  Hello!
Gio:  Third, we have the beautiful model, Seiko Watanabe. 

Seiko:  Kon'nichiwa

Gio:  And last, but not least...
Me: Wait, what you do mean last?  There were there final ladies identified, right?
Gio:  Yes, but then Tandra rushed in with an application and another young lady.
Me:  But she missed the deadline.  Wait, I wouldn't think either of her daughters is interested.
Gio:  They're not.  Her niece arrived recently and she didn't want her to miss the chance.  I couldn't say no.
Me:  I thought you knew how to handle people.
Gio: I do.  But have you met, Tandra.  She's that one person you, you know, the match everyone tells you you'll meet one day.  The one over whom your Jedi mind tricks won't work.  Well, that's Tandra for me.
Me:  Got it.  Well, let's meet her.
Gio:  This is Andressa, the lovely young lady straight from Brazil. 

Andressa: Ola!

Blaze:  You are all so beautiful.  It's such a pleasure to meet you all.  I am so sorry I can only pick one.  Not that I want more than one, but I just will feel so bad letting the others down.  I hope you don't take it personally.

The ladies start laughing. 

Gio:  It's okay Blaze.  They understand and I'm sure there are several other gentlemen who would be interested in any of these ladies.

Bo:  I know I would be.  Hello, Ladies.  I'm Bo.  Blaze's big brother.  It's a pleasure to see you all here and open to dating him.
Gio:  Nice of you to stop by, Bo.
Blaze:  Hi, Big Brother.  Thanks for supporting me.

Andressa:  Ola.
Seiko:  Hi, It's nice to meet you.
Falon:  Hi and welcome.
Song:  Hello. 

Song:  Please let him be the consolation prize.
Falon: Right?  Good looks run in that family for sure.  Do you think he'll stay?  Blaze is cute, but I need a back up plan.  The males are limited around here.
Song: Right?  I've been taking my time hoping new males will arrive faster than these females with whom we need to compete, but I'm sure the 'Power That Is' is working on getting more males. It's just that these good looking guys are hard to come by. 
Falon: You know that's just how it is.  Females always outnumber the males.

Gio:  Bo, are you staying?
Bo:  No, Sweetheart.  But I did just want to drop by.  I trust my brother is in lovely hands.
Blaze: I wish you could stay.

Bo:  The ball is in your court, Bro.  Don't rush it.  If none of these work out, please forgive me, ladies, but there are lots more residents here.  All just as beautiful. 
Blaze (blushing):  Thank you.  I'll be home right after.
Bo:  No rush. You may want to spend some time with the chosen one.  I'll see you later. Enjoy yourselves, Ladies.  Goodbye.
Gio:  Ladies, it was nice of Bo to stop by.  We will get started shortly.

Bo leaves just as quickly as he appeared. 

Gio:  So ladies, instead of those three by five cards, which I think were actually 8 by something cards, they were so huge, I will use this lively Ipad to ask questions.  Please be honest.  Yes, you want to make a good impression, but most of all, we must make a good match.  Yes, it's the Dating Game, but this is not a game, it's about finding the best match for you both.  You deserve what you deserve and you shouldn't lose sight of that just to 'win.'  Agreed?

All the ladies agree.

Gio:  Great, now let's get started with the first question...

It looks like Blaze will have some options.  But you'll have to tune back in to see how the 'Dating Game' goes. 

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye


  1. Haha, what a great idea to play a dating game to find your eligible bachelor's somebody to date! Can't wait to see the rest of the "game" and see who Blaze ends up picking!

    1. This could be better than speed dating. I wonder who Blaze will pick too.

  2. Blaze reminds me of Ross Butler, another tall Asian man with an innocent face. Georgia Girl deboxed her Tate for SYC and y'all are starting to make me regret not getting him. Looking forward to the outcome of the game.

    1. I'll have to look up this Ross Butler. I wish I had been able to get a few more IT males. I am hoping they come out with some darker ones again soon. I know they'll do it during convention, which always makes me mad. That makes them hard to get.

  3. Seiko doesn't look like she's all that impressed but the other girls seem quite interested in him... or any man, lol.

    1. LOL! I think Seiko can't help but be a little serious. Maybe she's just playing it cool.

  4. I love this story. My feeling is Blaze is going to pick Alessandra. She just suits him well. I love it excited to see what happens. Makes me wanna set this up in the town of Ash Harbor.

    1. You should do that. Considering what the Ash Harbor residents are always up to, that would be a cool show to watch.


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