Sunday, November 26, 2017

Avery's Shower In Full Swing

Ember and Cyann, with some help from Grayson and Parker, have set up for the baby shower.  Henna has arrived and now more guests are starting to arrive and get settled.  Gifts are on the table and everyone is trying to mix and mingle and meet each other.

Among the several guests invited is the attorney Avery supports as a paralegal, Brynlee Far (yes, she is related to Bo and Blaze).

Brynlee is single and enjoys doing her job well.  She's very confident, sometimes on the verge of cocky, but still an all around decent person.

Another guest is Sani Patel, the daughter of another attorney Avery supports.

Sani's mother couldn't make it because she has an extended business trip out of town for a few weeks.  She asked Sani to go in her stead. Sani is 19 and taking a few courses at a time in college.  She's been working with a small modeling agency trying to get her career started as a model.

Syren:  They did a good job.  This is a nice place, right?
Marlin:  It sure is.  Baby showers are so fun.  Well, babies are fun.  So cute and tiny.  I know Craig and Avery are going to have such a cute baby.
Syren:  They will.  Just think, one day I'll get to throw you a shower.
Marlin (looking surprised):  Syren, you hate when I talk about getting married and being a mother.
Syren: No, that's not true. I hate when you act like you're desperate to get married and be a mother.  I want to see you have what you want, but not watch you act like every man you meet is a potential husband and father from the door.  See the difference?
Marlin (smiling sheepishly):  Yes.  I see the difference.

Cyann:  So Brynlee, what type of attorney are you?  Avery doesn't talk about work much.
Brynlee:  I can understand that.  We handle confidential information, so it's easier to not talk about it.  I'm a family law attorney with clients who either need a separation or divorce or child custody cases.
Cyann:  I'll be you're always busy.
Brynlee (frowning): Yes, I am. I love being an attorney and I'm good at winning cases, but I hate that people can be so negatively affected.  But it does come with the job.  I'm not sure you get used to it, but you do learn how to deal with it.


Avery, Craig, and Avery's mother, Cora have arrived. 

Avery (to Craig):  Do you want me to call you when we're about to wrap up?
Craig: Yes, then I'll come get you.  Save me some cake for dessert, please.
Avery:  Of course, Honey.  I can see the room is set up and lots of people are here already.
Cora:  Yes, it looks nice.  Thank you so much for inviting me.  I'm looking forward to meeting your friends.
Craig:  Well, let's get in there so I can get Grayson and Parker and we can get going.
Cora:  Parker's here?
Avery (frowning):  Mom, please leave him alone.  It's my baby shower and I don't want to see my brother upset.  Okay?
Cora:  Uh.  Okay.

Avery:  Well, it's time to make my entrance.
Craig:  And a grand entrance it will be.  Maybe I should go warn everyone you're here so they can be ready.
Cora:  No, you should walk in with her.  I'll go in first.
Craig:  Okay.  That works.  We'll give you a minute.

Cora goes inside so she can let everyone know Avery is about to enter.  Everyone gets prepared and Cyann goes to the door to open it for Avery and Craig.  They both walk in.

Everyone claps and yells, 'Congratulations!'

Avery:  Thank you!  Thank you so much! I'm so glad you could all make it today.
Craig:  Yes, we appreciate your wanting to do this for us.  It's very kind of you.
Avery:  And we can't forget.  We owe a special thanks to Cyann and Ember for being such good friends and forcing me to do this. I'm so happy to have you in my life.
Cyann:  We're happy you cooperated.
Avery:  Thank you!  So, let's get this started.

Craig:  Alright, Guys.  Let's hit the road and let these ladies to their thing.
Parker:  Okay.  Let me go say goodbye to Ember and I'll meet you outside.
Grayson:  I'd better say goodbye to Cyann too or I'll never hear the end of it.

Both men head to each of their respective ladies to say goodbye.

Parker:  I'll see you later.  I'll be back to help transport some of these gifts.  Call me if you need anything.
Ember:  Okay, Sweetheart.  Thank you for helping out today.
Parker:  I'm happy to do so.

Parker gives Ember a kiss. As they are kissing, they are noticed by two people who had no idea they are a couple.

The men leave and the ladies continue to mingle, keeping what they have seen on their minds.  The ladies enjoy the food and (non-alcoholic, of course) drinks.  Avery admires the cake.  The guest talk amongst each other and each are sure to give their personal congratulations to Avery.

Everyone is enjoying the shower.

Syren:  This food is delicious.  I can't wait for some cake.
Marlin: Me neither....So, Syren, I noticed that Parker kissed Ember when he left.  What's going on with them?
Syren:  They've been dating for a while.  It seems serious.
Marlin:  Really?  It's been a long while? I didn't know.  Why didn't you tell me?  I can't believe he started dating her.
Syren (looking concerned):  I didn't know I had to tell you, but it's not a secret either.  So now you know.
Marlin:  I can't believe it.  He wasn't interested in me, but he's interested in Ember?  Didn't she know we dated?  That was inconsiderate, don't you think?

Syren closes her eyes for a moment and takes a deep breath.  She wants to be composed with her response.

Syren:  Marlin, it's been months and I can't believe we are back here again.  You and Parker were never a couple.  He seems to be very much into my sister and I'm happy for her.  My sister doesn't owe you anything.  Get over yourself and cut it out.  I don't want to hear another word about it.  Am I being clear.
Marlin (shocked): Um.  Uh.  I...yes.
Syren: You have been doing so well with the help you've gotten.  I thought we were beyond that.  Besides, you have a man who is very much into being with you.  I thought you were enjoying being with him.  Am I wrong?
Marlin:  I love being with Brett.  He is wonderful.

Syren:  Yes, he sounds wonderful when I hear you talk about him.  But now you are bringing up Parker. Are you saying you'd rather be with Parker?
Marlin:  No, I'm not.  I want to be with Brett.
Syren:  Then why do you even care who Parker is with?  You have a man who is good to you and you are stuck on worrying about a man who barely gave you the time of day. Not because he's rude, but because he just didn't want to be with you.  It happens.
Marlin:  I know.  And I don't want to be with Parker over Brett.  I'm falling in love with Brett.  
Syren:  Sooo?
Marlin:  So I guess I just haven't let go of that rejection.  That's all.  I know that's all it is.  It's why her and not me I guess.  I know it sounds silly now that I say it.
Syren:  It sure does.  You talk about Brett all the time.  He chose you. He. Chose. You. Let that fill your heart and keep you focused, not wondering why someone else didn't.  And I don't want to have this conversation again.  Okay?
Marlin:  You're right.  You're so right.  Thank you.  That's why you're  my best friend.  You know how to keep my craziness at bay.
Syren:  Most days.

Ember:  If I can have everyone's attention, please.  I think we can open gifts now.  Please be sure to come to the gift table to write something funny on a diaper or two.  It should be something Mom and Dad can laugh at when they are changing the baby's diaper.
Avery:  I promise I won't even look until we use the diapers.  That way I will actually be surprised.
Cyann:  Good idea.  Okay, Momma.  Waddle on over so we can get this started.
Avery:  Hey, my waddling is almost over.  

We'll have to come back for the last of the party.  So far so good, despite Marlin's momentary relapse.

We need to wrap up this showers so this year's Christmas theme can get up and running and Avery can finally deliver that baby.

Thank  you for stopping by. ~ Jaye

Wednesday, November 22, 2017

Avery's Shower Starts

Today is the day!  Avery's baby shower is finally going down.  I suspect there will be a lot going on which can't be told in one post.  So look for more.  Lots to tell, so let's get to it!

Ember and Cyann are buzzing around trying to get things set up.  They have enlisted the help of Parker and Grayson, who plan to leave and hang out with Craig after he arrives with Avery.  Because they want to focus on hosting and enjoying the party, Ember, Cyann and Avery are paying their sitter, Elaina, very well to babysit the girls at Cyann's house.  It won't be hard as Erwyn and Brenna are old enough to entertain themselves and help Elaina out.  They also keep Aviana entertained.

Ember and Cyann have made most of the food, but bought dessert items from The Flavor Café.  Marisol made the cake for the shower, which Ember selected.  Rowan is going to drop off the cake and desserts, which is one less thing for Ember and Cyann to worry about.

Cyann:  Do you think we'll have enough room on this table for the food and the drinks?
Ember:  We should probably put the drinks on another table.  I think that will work better.  We also need to be sure to have room for the cake.  Oh! Did we get the gift table sorted out?
Cyann:  Yes, we're going to use that large kind of round one in the corner over there.

Parker:  Em, where should I put this?
Ember:  I think we can set it in a corner next to the gift table.
Parker:  Okay.  
Cyann (grinning):  You two are so cute together!  We need to go on a double date.  When can we do that?
Ember:  Cy, please focus on getting ready for the shower you planned before planning something else.
Grayson:  Welcome to my world.  She's always planning the next thing before giving something time to settle.

Cyann:  I can't help it I like to plan things.  Maybe that would have been my chosen career had I not married you and had children I had to make a choice, so I plan on the side when I get the chance.
Grayson:  I didn't know the two were dependent on each other.  Other women have children and work. (smirking) They can handle both.
Ember:  Uh oh.  I'm walking away on that note.  Grayson, I really enjoyed knowing you.
Cyann: So, about other women and what they do...

Ember walks away laughing.

Parker (who heard the conversation):  Is Grayson still talking tough?
Ember:  Yes!  I swear he enjoys getting a rise out of Cyann.  Although Cyann does do the same and starts it sometimes. But in this case, I know for a fact Grayson didn't want her to work so she could be home with the kids.  You know, they play like this all the time.
Parker: Well, they seem to have a solid relationship.  They're good people.
Ember:  I love 'em.  So, are you guys going to stay long enough to get a plate and play some shower games?
Parker:  Thank you, but I think we are only on set up, clean up and gift transfer duty.  Besides, there are some wings calling my name.  Plus, I'm sure you ladies would prefer to be able to talk about babies without us around.

Cyann:  I love you too, Honey.  Now, can you just help me with the rest of the stuff in the car and then you can be free to wait for Craig?
Grayson:  Sure, Babe.  

Cyann and Ember continue working until the room is fully set up.

Grayson:  Cyann is talking about double dating.  Are you up for that?
Parker:  Sure.  It would be nice.  We'll have fun.
Grayson:  Watch out. It won't be long before Cyann starts hinting about the type of ring Ember might like.
Parker (laughing): Who knows?  I may need her help...eventually. But she may have to fight with my sister for that honor.
Grayson:  Hmph.  They will tag team you and work as a team.

Cyann:  I think we've got everything covered.  
Parker:  Do you have everything out of the cars?  
Cyann:  Yes.  We just need the cake, desserts, guests of honor, even though one is leaving, and some other guests and we're good to go.
Parker:  Okay.  Let me know if you need anything.  

In walks Rowan with the cake and Ember's face lights up.  She's been looking forward to seeing it.  She walks toward Rowan to greet her and get the cake.

Ember:  Hi!  I can hardly wait to see the cake.
Rowan:  Hello.  I think you will be pleased.  Marisol did a great job with it.

Ember helps her set the cake down, while Cyann heads over and and they take a look.

Cyann:  I love it!  Great choice, Em.
Ember:  Thank you!  It really did turn out nice.  Thank you so much.
Rowan:  I'll let Marisol know you are happy with it.  She'll be pleased.
Grayson:  I hope it tastes as good as it looks.
Rowan:  It does.  Let me go get the rest of the desserts for you.
Grayson:  Do you need help?  I'll help you bring the rest in.
Rowan:  Sure, I can use help.  Thank you.

Grayson helps Rowan bring in the rest of the desserts.  As they are heading out, Henna enters.

Henna:  Hi, Everyone.  This place looks good.  Nice decorating.
Ember:  Hi.  Thanks.
Cyann:  Hi, Henna.  I had a vision, a dream if you will, of a shower with all the fixings.
Henna:  Uhuh.  No need for a speech, Cy.  Please point me in the direction of the gift table.
Cyann:  It's right over there.
Henna:  Okay.  How long until we eat?  I'm hungry.
Ember:  We're waiting for the guests to arrive.
Henna:  So no cocktail and appetizer hour?  (laughing) Someone needs to work on their hosting skills.

Cyann (swatting at Henna):  If you don't get out of here.
Henna:  Ouch!  I'm very sensitive, you know.  Hey, Em, Mom said she was sending you a gift for Avery.  Did you get it?
Ember:  Yes, she sent a gift card.  I have it.

Rowan walks in followed by her helper and sets down the desserts.  After she is finished, she walks over to say good bye.

Henna:  Hi!  I just wanted to say I think your segment on the Good Morning, Good People is going well.
Rowan:  Thank you.  I appreciate it. It was so unexpected, but someone thought we'd be good enough to recommend.  I have no idea who, but I'm glad we were asked.  I wish I could say thank you.
Henna:  Well, you can and you're welcome.
Rowan (looking surprised):  You recommended me?
Henna (laughing):  Yes, Peyton is my friend.  I'm Henna Richards and I just love just about any and everything you make.
Rowan (offering her hand to shake):  It's so nice to officially meet you.  I think I've seen you before, but I don't remember very well.
Henna:  My assistant usually comes to purchase breakfast or lunch pretty often, so you probably haven't seen me often, but I definitely buy from you a lot.
Rowan:  Well I'm glad you enjoy what I make and I do appreciate your suggesting The Flavor Café. I owe you more than a Danish.

Rowan chats with Henna for a few more minutes and then says her goodbye and leaves.  Then everyone has random conversations as they wait for guests to arrive.

Ember:  I can't wait to get started.  We can unwrap the food soon. I'm getting hungry. Do we have enough ice?
Cyann:  Girl, we've got this covered.  I need a seat for a minute.
Grayson:  I need Craig to get here.  As much as I'd love to revel in the fact that there are so many good looking women coming to one place, they are all accumulating to get all giddy over babies and delivery and stuff.  I'm good with missing that.  Right, Parker?
Parker (laughing):  Yes, I have to agree with you there.
Ember:  We get it.  You'll be free soon.  Just hang in there.

Everyone just chats and waits for the guest(s) of honor to show up.

That's all for now.  Avery and Craig and I'm sure several other people should show up soon.  We'll have to tune in again to catch the rest of the shower.

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye