Saturday, December 9, 2017

Happy Holidays 2017 - Photo Shoot One

The ladies are dressed and gathered.  You'll notice they are all wearing lovely sweaters which were special ordered from the talented (and so very kind) Amanda Preiser.  Mandee owns the Etsy shop, Crafts by Mandee.  The sweaters are not the only items which arrived, but the ladies will wear those later.  I'll make sure to point out the items whey they wear them.

It's time for the first photo shoot, so let's see what's going on.

Suhan:  I don't know about this tree for this theme.  I'm getting this kind of rustic feel from what we've put together and this sparkly green, no ornament holding tree doesn't sing rustic.
Marianna:  I know.  The prop department is trying to fix that issue.  I'm hopeful we'll have something more fitting soon.
Nizhoni:  It's green, so it will work.  Plus, it's better than no tree at all.
Suhan:  Well, you have a point there. We'll just make it work for now.

Ramsey:  I'm loving this set up.  We'll switch things up once in a while.
Suhan:  I think we should put up some Christmas cards.  Can we get a shelf?
Ramsey:  There was supposed to be a fireplace, but the prop department isn't sure what fireplace and where we'd put it.  So we'll have to see.
Suhan:  Okay.  We'll figure it out.  We also need to figure out how we're going to pose.
Ramsey:  Yep.  Where's the photographer anyway?  Has anyone seen him or her?
Suhan:  I haven't.  But whoever it is should be arriving soon.  Let's figure out about cards while we wait.

Ramsey and Suhan engage Marianna and Nizhoni in a conversation about more changes to the scene. After a few minutes, Nizhoni's attention seems to be focused elsewhere.
Marianna:  Nizhoni, are you still with us?  What are you looking at?
Nizhoni:  Hot chocolate.
Suhan:  What?  We'll have to wait until we're done with the shoot to drink, but some hot chocolate sounds good.
Nizhoni:  No, that hot chocolate right there.

The ladies all turn to see what Nizhoni is talking about and then they understand.

Deandre:  Hi, I'm Deandre.  I'll be photographing you lovely ladies for this year's holiday theme.

All of the ladies say hello.

Deandre:  I'm excited I have a chance to work with you.  There's nothing like being surrounded by beautiful women at work.  So, I don't know your names.  Please introduce yourselves.

The ladies introduce themselves.

Deandre:  I'll admit I'm a little bit of a novice at photography, but I passed the test to be able to handle this.  So I must have done something right.
Suhan (to Ramsey):  I'll bet he does lots of things right.
Deandre:  I also hope I have the right equipment.  I want to get the best shots possible.
Suhan:  Oh, I can see from here you have the right equipment.

Marianna shoots Suhan a look.

Suhan:  What?  He's clearly holding a camera.
Marianna:  Be a little more professional, please.
Nizhoni:  She will be.  She's just having a little fun. Right, Suhan?
Suhan:  That's right.  So can we get to posing now?
Deandre:  Sure.  Let's get started.

The ladies got to posing and here are their photos.

I like both of these photos.  The ladies look lovely in their sweaters and in the holiday setting.  We'll have to see what they do next time.

Have a Very Merry! ~ The Holiday Crew

Saturday, December 2, 2017

Getting Ready for the Holidays

So it's almost time for our favorite holiday around here.  We can't let it pass without our holiday set up, so we're getting it ready.  This year we have all new hosts and they doing double duty as always setting up.  We thought you may want to meet the team before we up and running.  Today they're working to get things ready, which is going to take some time, but I think we can ask them to spare a few minutes to introduce themselves.

Me:  Hey, Guys.  I know you're busy, but if you don't mind, can you stop for a few minutes to say hello to the audience, please?  I appreciate it.  Thank you.

Hi, Everyone.  I'm Marianna and I'll be one of your hosts for this year's Christmas theme.  We are all very excited you will be joining us as we enter the Christmas season.  Before we go any further, you should meet the other ladies who will be hosting as well.  I'll let them introduce themselves.

Hi!  I'm Ramsey.  I'm so happy I'll get to work with this team and celebrate the holiday season with you.  It's an exciting time around here and such a privilege to be a host.  The last team was fabulous, but I think we can do just as good a job.  Oh!  If you are looking for some delicious holiday treats, be sure to stop by the Flavor CafĂ©.  My sister, Rowan, owns that place.  You'll love the food.  Okay.  So now it's time to meet another host.  Take it away!

Greetings!  I am Nizhoni.  The ladies and I will try to make this a happy holiday season and we hope you enjoy our efforts to wish you a happy and healthy holiday season.  With that said, here is our fourth host.

Hola!  I am Suhan.  Isn't this great?  Don't you just love this time of year?  I do and we'll be wishing you and yours a wonderful holiday season.  Please be sure to join us for each post.  We'll be looking for you.

Marianna:  Well, you've met the team for Christmas Extravaganza 2017.
Ramsey:  Is that what we're calling this?
Nizhoni:  I don't think that fits the theme.
Suhan:  Me neither.  We need to come up with something better. Extravaganza reminds me of over the top stuff with big bangs and things.  That's not exactly our theme.

Marianna:  I guess you're right.  Let's think about it and be ready for the first official post.  Does that work?
Nizhoni:  Yes, I think that works.  But we aren't quite ready yet.
Marianna:  No, we're not.  We need to get this place up and running so that we can be ready.  Are you all ready to get to work?

Everyone agrees.  So we'll let them get back to work and then we'll see you for the holiday blogs.

Happy Holidays! ~ The Holiday Team