Saturday, March 31, 2018


Today Cyann has decided to get her hair done.  She has decided to try Janeer, the hair stylist Henna highly recommends because she keeps Henna's naturally curly hair looking luscious.

Janeer:  So this is your first time here, Miss Matthews?  
Cyann:  Yes, it is.  A good friend recommended you and her hair always looks beautiful.  
Janeer:  Who is your friend?
Cyann:  Henna Richards.  I think you also did the hair of my second mother, Fatima Richards.
Janeer:  Oh, yes!  Henna is a regular with her big bouncy curls.  So, please have a seat and we'll start talking about what you'd like to do with your hair.

Cyann sits in the chair and removes the hat and sunglasses.  Janeer can instantly see that she does need help.

Janeer:  So give me a little history on your hair.  Is this your natural color?  Do you normally keep it short?  
Cyann:  Well, I used to have long hair.  I noticed it was getting drier, so I decided to cut it.  The cut wasn't great.  It probably wasn't good.  I was looking in the mirror yesterday and decided to try just cutting it myself, but as you can see, I made it even worse.  I feel like I should shave it off and just wait for it to grow back.
Janeer:  Would you like it to grow back to it's prior length?
Cyann:  No, actually.  But I would like it around my shoulders or a little longer than that again.  But not as long as it once was.  

Janeer:  Who cut your hair the first time?
Cyann:  I was out and just decided to run inside one of those quick hair cut places.  
Janeer:  Hmmm...Those are for cuts for sure, but not hair health and styling.  So you came to the right place.  We can correct mistakes.  It takes time sometimes, but it can be done.  No more chop shops though if you want to see improvement.
Cyann:  I've learned my lesson, no more.

Janeer:  So we have some options available.  The first thing is that we need to ensure it's going to come back healthy and not dry.  We'll talk about some practices, conditioners and shampoos which can facilitate that.  
Cyann:  Okay. 
Janeer:  In the interim, while we take care of your hair, I suggest we cut it even first and treat that hair.  While it grows back you can either wear it out short or we can add extensions, weave or use a wig.  If you add extensions, it could add too much weight to you hair at first because of it's length.  I suggest wigs until there is enough hair to use extensions, if at some point you'd like them.  What are your thoughts?
Cyann:  My husband misses my long hair, although he deals with the short hair.  But I think some wigs and weaves will allow me to change things up a bit.  So let's consider those options.
Janeer:  Good.  Daiyu, would you mind coming over here please?

Daiyu walks over.

Daiyu:  Yes.  (to Cyann) Hello.
Janeer:  Dee, Miss Matthews is going to need an even cut and then we'll need to show her some wig and weave options.  Can you assist us, please? 
Daiyu:  I sure can.
Janeer (to Cyann):  Dee, is even better at weaves than I am.  She has a gift I can't even touch and I hear I'm talented.  So we're going to work together to get you set up today and during your future visits.  I don't even recommend going to a store for a new wig.  Come here and we'll help you. We will be fair with pricing and we guarantee there will be nothing living in your wig and that it will be fresh and clean for your head.

Cyann:  That's good to hear.  
Daiyu:  So, I'll start with the wash, condition and cut. Then we'll pull out options, okay?
Cyann:  Yes, thank you.
Janeer:  I'll be here every step of the way to assist.

Cyann gets her hair treated and picks her first new style.  As long as she was doing something different, she figured she'd go big with a new color.

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Friday, March 16, 2018

Lazy Sunday

It's Sunday and everyone is just enjoying their day off.  Let's drop in on a few residents and see who's up to what.

At Ember's home, Parker is visiting to spend time with her and Erwyn.  Ember is working on serving up snacks.

Parker:  Are you sure you don't want any help?  I scoop a mean bowl of ice cream.
Ember (laughing):  No, I think I have it covered, but thank you.  Besides, I'm master of desserts in this house.  Right, Erwyn?
Erwyn:  Right.  Are we gonna watch the movie soon?
Ember:  Are we GOING to watch the movie soon?  Yes, we are.
Erwyn:  Okay.

Parker:  I'm excited to watch it.  I hear it's a good movie.
Ember:  I've heard it's very funny.  Erwyn should like it too.
Erwyn:  I will.  My friends at school told me I need to see it.
Parker:  Well, that settles it, we have to watch it.  

After enjoying their food in the kitchen, they head to the living room where they settle down to enjoy their selected movie.

At the Hamilton's, they are settling into having Cristian home. Although Cristian normally sleeps in a cribinet beside Avery, when Craig is home and to give her some time to rest, Craig will put Cristian in the crib in the room he will share with Aviana.  Today, Cristian was sleeping in his crib while Aviana played quietly in the room, but now he's wide awake and crying.  Craig answers his call.

Craig:  Hey, Little Man.  You're up and at it again, huh?  I'll bet you're hungry. Well, let's go get Mommy so you can get your milk on tap.  
Aviana:  What's on tap?
Craig:  It's just a term I use because he gets his milk directly from your mother, just like you once did.  But now you don't get yours on tap, because you get it in a cup.
Aviana:  Oh!  

Craig transports Cristian to Avery so he can be fed.  She was resting because of her erratic sleep schedule throwing her sleep off.

Avery:  I think I need to start pumping, then you can help with feedings too.
Craig:  Good. You should do that.  You can get some more rest that way too.  Where is the pump?
Avery:  Can you believe that out of everything I put on my registry, that's the one thing I didn't get at the shower?  I wasn't in a rush to go back to the store and get it either.  I just figured I had time, so why rush?
Craig:  I can go get it.  What store?
Avery:  In Style Baby.  If you just go in and ask about my registry, they'll help you get the one I want.
Craig:  Okay.  I'll get it tomorrow.  Will that work?
Avery:  That's just fine.  Thank you.  I appreciate it.

Craig leaves Avery to feeding Cristian while he goes to play with Aviana for a little while before he makes lunch for the family.

At In Style Baby, which is closed, Jaguar is setting up the new cash register.  While his sisters, Mercedes and Logan, and the store's other employee, Waverly, watch and wait.  They need to understand how to use the register before they open Monday.

Jaguar:  We have to make sure the date, time and till count are correct. All of the codes are going to be accessed through the wireless network, so when you scan, we won't have any issues.  You should also be able to pull up customer accounts by entering the account numbers.  It should work.
Waverly:  So it will track inventory too, right?  I hate when counts are off.
Mercedes:  It had better.  That's what the sales person promised.  If not, it's going back where it came from.
Jaguar:  I'm sure it will be fine.  Do we have the up to date manual list so I can check accuracy?
Mercedes:  Yes, we do.  I'll go get it from the back room.  Logan, can you come with me to help me move that new stock quickly while I'm back there, please?  It should take Jag a few more minutes to get this going.
Logan:  Okay.

Logan and Mercedes head to the back office and storage area.  After he is sure they have left, Jaguar walks over to Waverly who has decided to ensure things are straight.

Waverly:  What are you doing?
Jaguar:  You know I can't resist you, Woman.  I just want to be all over you.  You're coming over after we're done, right?  I'll draw us a hot bubble bath, light some candles, turn on soft music, pour some sweet wine.  Just like you like it.
Waverly:  Shhh!  You want your sisters to hear?
Jaguar:  I don't care.  I don't know why we're being hush about it.
Waverly:  You know why.  Wasn't it you who told me that the last person who worked here that you dated ended up being ostracized when they found out about it?  It wasn't too long until Mercedes insisted on firing her?
Jaguar:  Yep,  that was me who said that.  But that was different.

Waverly:  Well, I like my job and although I really don't want to keep this secret, I'm afraid that the same thing will happen to me.  I think we all have a good relationship right now.  I don't want to mess that up.
Jaguar:  I won't let that happen to you.  I promise.  Mercedes and Logan will just have to understand.
Waverly:  If we get serious, then we'll tell.  But until then, I like my job and I have bills to pay.  Unless you're ready to pay them, I think we need to be discreet.  Okay?
Jaguar:  Okay.  So you're coming over for the night, right?
Waverly:  Yes, of course.  A bubble bath sounds great.

They all spend another hour at the store practicing with the register and ensuring things are okay for Monday.  Then they each head home.

At Peyton's house, Henna and Onyx are visiting and chatting.

Peyton:  Then he had the nerve to ask me could he take me to breakfast the next day.
Onyx:  What's wrong with that? 
Peyton:  He wanted to stay over and take me to breakfast.  I've known him maybe a month and he thinks that's okay.  I swear these men out here have lost their minds.  I know there are some good men out there, but he proved he isn't in that crowd.
Onyx:  A good man is hard to find.  I think my man is a good man.  Not sure if we're headed to the altar, but I'm sure I want him around right now and for quite a while longer.  So when you finally get one, it's time to hold on and make it work.  For now, toss that guppy back, Pey, and get a bigger, better fish.
Peyton:  I hear you.  

Onyx notices Henna has a strange look on her face.

Onyx:  Henna, are you with us?....Henna?
Henna:  Huh?  What?
Peyton:  Girl, where were you while the two of us were in this room?  
Henna:  Sorry, I was just thinking....a...about the good man thing.  
Onyx:  Is that a good thought or a not so good thought?  I can't tell.  Please tell me it's a good one and you think you've found one.

Henna:  Don't be mad, but I was thinking about how I had one and threw him away. 
Peyton:  Oh, Boy!  Girl, please tell me we're are not back to the whole Maurice thing.  I thought you moved on from that.
Onyx:  Amen!  To quote the words of a famous song, "Let it Go!  Let it Go!"  Enough already.  There are so many men out there.  I'd rather hear stories about them, not the same guy, who by the way, already has a woman.
Henna (after hesitating):  That may not mean anything.  I..I...never mind.  Let's talk about something else.

Peyton:  I have the feeling there is more to this than you are telling.  Why may that not mean anything?  What are you hiding?
Onyx:  Wait, if this is going to get good, we need some drinks and I'm not talking water.
Peyton:  You're right.  I feel something juicy is coming.  Give me a few minutes and we'll be ready.  That will give you time to figure out how to tell the story.
Onyx:  I'll help you get the popcorn or what will have to serve as popcorn.  

Onyx and Peyton head to the kitchen to get the drinks and snacks to enjoy while Henna tells them what happened.

Well, that's all the catching up for now.

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