Sunday, April 8, 2018

She's Growing Up

It's Saturday and the Matthews family is out shopping.  They are at In Style Baby looking for new clothes for Brooklyn.

Cyann:  I know we're here for clothes, but she's going to need a bigger stroller too.  She's barely fitting in this one.
Grayson:  She'll be up walking around soon too.  Then we won't need it.  Spending the money is a waste.

Cyann:  You're joking, right?  We'll still need to get her around when we're out.  How far and fast do you think those little legs will take her?  She won't keep up and she'll get tired and want to be picked up.  Unless you plan to be around to carry her all the time, she needs a new stroller.
Grayson (frowning):  Fine.

They discuss the strollers for a few minutes and then move on to the baby clothes rack.  They have decided to buy one the following week since their focus at the store is supposed to be new clothes.

Cyann:  These are cute, but where are the cute girl summer fashions?  
Grayson:  I thought they carry gender neutral stuff.  There's barely any pink or blue here.
Cyann: You're right, but they do carry gender specific items sometimes too.  Let me ask.

Cyann (to Waverly):  Excuse me, Miss!  

Waverly (walking over):  Yes, how may I help you?
Cyann:  We're looking for fashions our daughter (pointing to Brooklyn).  I was wondering if you have any girly items for summer in yet.
Waverly:  Yes, we are getting shipments in, but we have not yet updated the racks.  I think we have a few cute little knitted dresses so far.  We will start to get more items and you can also order from our catalog at no additional cost.  If you order in the next few weeks, you'll have the items in plenty of time for summer.
Cyann:  Great.  I'd like to see what you have in stock, please.
Waverly:  Certainly.  I'll be right back.

Brenna:  Mommy, am I getting clothes today too?  I'm getting bigger.
Cyann:  You're getting clothes for summer, but not right now, Honey.  This store doesn't sell anything for you, just babies.
Grayson:  Don't worry, you're mother loves to shop so she'll use any excuse to buy something, even if it clothes for someone besides her.
Cyann:  Whatever.

Grayson:  While you're looking at cute baby clothes, I'm going to run over to the game store.  I want a couple of new games that came out recently and need to pre-order one.
Cyann (frowning):  You're just going to leave me here with the kids while you go shopping for yourself.
Brenna:  I'll go with Daddy.
Grayson:  See, I'm not going by myself.  Don't get your wig all twisted in a bunch. (He starts laughing.)  Did you get that, Brenna, Mommy's wig in a bunch, cause she's wearing a wig?
Brenna (laughing):  Yeah, her wig in a bunch.  That's funny.
Cyann:  Ha, ha, ha.  Okay, Mister Funny Man.  Enough with the wig jokes, you try to fit one in every day now.  Go on! Take your twin and go to the game store.

Grayson and Brenna head to the game store.

Waverly returns to show Cyann the dresses she found in the back.

Waverly:  These are adorable, aren't they?  They would be perfect for her. 
Cyann (taking the dresses):  Hmmm...yes, these are pretty nice.  

Waverly:  Hey, cutie.  What's your name?
Cyann:  It's Brooklyn.
Brooklyn:  Bwoo da ben.
Waverly:  Aww.  So cute.  I'm Waverly.
Brooklyn:  Wa de.  Ca da ya.  Da da ke ba da.

(Sorry, I would interpret Brooklyn, but I have no idea what she's saying either.)

Cyann: I'll take these dresses, but I would like to check out what's in the catalog too, please.  She needs an entirely new wardrobe.  I didn't save anything from my oldest.
Waverly:  We keep the catalog online.  I'll give you a card with the site.
Cyann:  I forgot about that. Okay.  Stollers are on there too, right?
Waverly:  Yes, they are.  You can special order one if you'd like in any color.  But they are non-returnable.  
Cyann:  Okay.

Brooklyn becomes restless and starts whining and reaching to be picked up.  Cyann obliges.

Cyann (kissing Brooklyn):  Girl, you're alright.  Next time you are going to the store with your father too.  I love you, Baby.

Well, Brooklyn is getting bigger and should be walking soon.  Cyann will be getting more exercise chasing her.  She should be rocking the cute fashions Cyann plans to buy for her.  Brenna will also sport some cute summer items.  And Grayson.  Well, he may not see summer if he keeps making those wig jokes.  Before we go, here's a close up of Brooklyn.

Thanks for stopping by.  ~ Jaye

Wednesday, April 4, 2018

Red and Limber

When we last saw Cyann, she had just gotten her hair cut and a new wig.  Before going home, she has dropped in to visit with Ember for a few minutes.

Ember:  I like the red hair on you.  Grayson should love being with a redhead for a while.
Cyann:  I don't know if I like it enough to keep it long-term, but it works for now.  That terrible haircut had to go.  But you're probably right, Fifty Shades of Gray will love it.
Ember (laughing):  If you say so.  So what have you been up to lately?  
Cyann:  Well before we talk about me, it looks like you've been up to a lot of working out.  That yoga class has you looking good, Girl.  I may have to join a class.  Are you feeling the burn?
Ember:  Yes and I'm loving being more limber too.

Cyann:  I'll bet Parker is loving that you're more limber too.  
Ember (feeling her cheeks get hot):  He's not complaining, that's for sure.  I have been able to execute a few new moves.  But enough of that.  
Cyann:  How's business?  Any new models lately?
Ember:  As a matter of fact, I am looking at expanding beyond the tall thin ladies.  I hear plus size models are in need and of course some handsome men can garner some attractive male modeling contracts.  So, while I am continuing to look at expanding my roster, I'm going to mix it up a bit and incorporate some variety.  
Cyann:  Sounds good. 
Ember:  Speaking of variety, do you think you'll start shopping for more wigs? In different styles?

Cyann:  I think so. I'm going to rock this for a minute, but as long as I have to wear these for a while, I'm going to get a couple more.  We'll see.  I'm so glad they come off though.  This will take some getting used to.
Ember:  Uhuh.  Especially with summer coming.  
Cyann:  I don't have to wear it when I'm home and I doubt I will.  I can't wait for my hair to grow back.  Yes, it could be hot with it some day, but at least I could just run cold water through it.  

Ember:  Give it a chance.  How are the girls?
Cyann:  Brooklyn is getting big.  I can't take it.  She'll be walking soon.  Brenna is looking forward to summer.  She is looking forward to the break.  She is missing Erwyn.  She talks about her a lot.
Ember:  I know.  I really need to balance things a little more.  Since Parker's been in our lives and trying to build a relationship with Erwyn, I know they haven't been able to hang out together as often.  I'll bring Erwyn over next weekend to visit.  
Cyanna:  I know you have Eliana to watch her, but you know you can bring her by to visit and spend the night sometimes.  

Ember:  I know, but you and Grayson need alone time too.  We'll figure it out.  I know I'm about to jump to something else, but when Avery feels he's old enough, I'd love to steal the baby from her for a while so she and Craig can have some time to rest.  Of course Aviana too, but I want to get my hands on that baby.
Cyann:  Yes!  That sounds like fun.  Especially now that my baby is getting older. I wish she was that tiny again.  Oh, well.  I'll have to use other babies to quench my need. 

Ember and Cyann chat a little longer and then Cyann heads home to show her family her need look.

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