Sunday, September 16, 2018

He is a Little Intense

Syren is out for the evening at Reds'.  Tonight she is with another friend of hers with whom she hasn't been able to hang out with in a while, Nizhoni.  They are enjoying the evening having drinks, snacks and chatting.  It's pretty busy tonight.

Nizhoni:  I know we say this all the time, but we have to get together more often.  I miss you and your upbeat personality.  Cheers me up every time.
Syren:  Well, that's no surprise, you know how I do.  But I miss you too.  
Nizhoni:  Hey, how's your friend, Marlin?  I'm surprised you're out without her tonight.  It seems like every time I talk to you, you are have been hanging out with her.
Syren:  She's doing well.  That's my girl.  

Syren:  I really haven't been able to hang out as much with her lately.  Between our work schedules and her spending time with her man, it's just harder to coordinate times. But you know I still have a weekly call.  
Nizhoni:  That's nice.  
Syren:  How's Catori?  Are she and her husband expecting yet?
Nizhoni:  As much as my sister would love to get pregnant, they just aren't there yet.  They are still trying.  It gets her down sometimes, but she knows it could take more time. I just keep telling her to stay positive.  She's still young.  Older than me, but still young.

A man walks over to the bar and asks for a drink.  While he is standing there, he looks at Nizhoni and Syren and nods.

Nizhoni:  Hello.  What's your name?
Bo:  It's Bo, and yours?
Nizhoni: I'm Nizhoni and this is my friend, Syren.
Bo:  Well, it's nice to meet you lovely ladies.  I hope you're having a good night.
Syren:  We are.  We're catching up and enjoying the atmosphere.
Bo:  Good.  I've only been here once before, but it's pretty nice.  

Bo looks over and sees his friend approaching.

Bo (to his friend):  Are you getting something to drink?
Kenji:  No, I think I have had enough. 
Bo:  You had one.
Kenji:  And that is enough.  I just wanted to let you know someone is getting antsy and ready to go.
Bo:  Oh!  Okay.  Well, I'll just grab my drink and then we can be on our way.

Bo:  Excuse my manners.  I was chatting with these ladies.  Syren and Niz...I'm sorry.  I think I will mess up your name.  What is it again?
Nizhoni:  Nizhoni.  It does take some people time to get used to it.  (to Kenji) What's your name?
Kenji:  Kenji.  Hello.
Nizhoni:  Hi. It's nice to meet you.
Syren:  Hi.  Do people call you Ken?
Kenji:  No, they call me Kenji. 
Syren:  Oh!  Well, I like your name.  I was just wondering.  My name is Syren, and my family calls me 'Sy'.  Sometimes people just shorten your name for a nickname.
Kenji:  Yes, but only if you let them. I do not. 

Syren blushed.  She wasn't sure if he was putting her in her place, being demeaning, or just being serious with no other intent.  Bo continues to chat with them for a few minutes, then a woman walks up and starts talking to the Kenji and Bo.

Brynlee:  Hey, Guys.  I'm ready to call it a night.  I have things to do in the morning.  Bo, you promised to drive me home.
Bo:  Okay.  I just need to finish my drink.  
Brynlee:  Drink responsibly, my life is in your hands.  (looking at the ladies) Please tell me you are not over here flirting.

Nizhoni immediately feels her cheeks get hot.  She thinks Bo is attractive, but not if he is talking to them with any intent of flirting while having a girlfriend.  Syren is thinking that she looks familiar to her, but can't quite place her.

Nizhoni:  No, they were absolutely not flirting.  We were just chatting and networking.  
Syren:  You look familiar to me. I feel like we have met, but I can't place where.  Maybe through work?  I handle marketing consulting.
Brynlee:  Yes, you do look familiar.  Give me a second, it will come to me.  
Zale:  Excuse me.  Is there anything I can get for any of you?
Kenji:  No, thank you for asking.
Brynlee:  I'm fine.  Thank you.

Syren:  I know where we've met.  You know Avery Hamilton, right?
Brynlee:  Yes!  Yes!  That's it.  We met at her baby shower.  We miss her at work.  We're not even sure if we'll get her back.  I just called her the other day.  We're both paralegals in the same law office.  
Syren:  Well, now we know.  The shower was fun.  
Brynlee:  Yes.  Maybe one day I can have a shower just like it.  They did a wonderful job.
Syren:  Well maybe one day you and your (looks and nods at Bo) significant other can have one for your child.

Brynlee (laughing because she knows what Syren is implying):  Yes.  As soon as I get with the man of my dreams I'm sure we will. 
Syren (not sure what to make of Brynlee's comment):  That will be nice.
Brynlee:  So you do marketing, huh?  Can I get your contact information?  I would like to ask you about your consulting rates.  I'm thinking of opening up an Asian fusion restaurant or take out or maybe an imported goods shop.  I'm still sorting through ideas and working out funding, but I need to know how to get that out there.
Syren:  Sure.  I'd love to help.  Working with entrepreneurs is my favorite thing to do. They present the better challenge than the big guys who are just looking for the next being promotion.

They exchange information.  Bo finishes his drink quickly and sets the glass down..

Bo:  Well, let's get you home.
Brynlee (looking at Nizhoni):  Aren't you going to get the lady's number?  You did want it after all.
Bo:  Boy, thank you so much for your snide comments and support.
Nizhoni:, that's not...
Brynlee:  What's the matter?  You don't like threesomes?
Nizhoni (shocked):  Umm...

Bo:  Please pay her no mind. She loves doing this to me.  One day I will learn to leave her home.
Nizhoni: It's okay.  I know people have different lifestyles.  You're adults.
Bo:  Maybe, but I don't have that one.  She's just my sister.  She enjoys letting women believe she's my girlfriend so she can watch them squirm.  I would like your number, if you'd like to give it to me.
Syren:  Well, I hate to bring up the obvious, but if you know she's going to do that, why don't you immediately introduce her as your sister when she arrives?
Bo:  Probably because I still hope she'll stop it or because she is random with it.  I'm not sure when to expect it.  But you're right, that would keep it from happening.  I'll be on top of that next time.

Nizhoni and Bo exchange numbers.  Nizhoni is happy to have met this good looking man.  She hasn't dated in a couple of months and she likes the attention.  Brynlee, Bo and Kenji (who has been silent through pretty much the entire conversation) say 'good night' and leave.

Syren:  Well, this turned out to be a fruitful evening for you.  Now we may really not have any time to spend together.  
Nizhoni:  Let's not count those chickens yet.  He hasn't even called yet.  He may not even call and could have just asked to spite his sister.
Syren:  True, but maybe he will call.  We'll have to see.  Is it me or does his friend, Kenji, seem like he's too serious?
Nizhoni:  Mmmm...He is a little intense with the seriousness.  But if that's who he is, that's just the way it is.  You also made or re-made a business contact. Good for you.
Syren:  Well, let's have another for the road and then hit the road.  I'm getting tired.  But I will definitely want to hear if you hear from him.  Capisce?
Nizhoni:  Si! 

They finish their 'one for the road' and head home.

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Saturday, September 1, 2018

Letting the Tattoos Go (Musings of a Blogger)

I recently acquired more 'Purple Top Made to Move Bodies' on Amazon, more than the original retail cost (Amazon is getting greedy), but not completely unreasonable.  So I thought I'd go with three because then the Li sisters, Wen, Daiyu and Song, could take yoga, really pose, etc.  

I decided to go ahead and get it done along with a couple other switches. I have all the tools out and operations are underway.  Up next are Song and Daiyu, so here I am to get it done and this...

Me: Okay.  I'm ready. Why is Song crying?
Daiyu:  She's very upset.  As you know the three little birds on our chests represent our father calling us his three little birds when we were younger.  He'd always say we'd grow up and fly away.  Remember?
Me:  Of course I do.  I know the tattoos are meaningful to you, but you are really gaining some great flexibility with a new body.

Song:  But you know how much it means to us.  We also know, no offense, you can't give us the tattoos back.  Not these.
Daiyu:  These are near and dear to our hearts.
Me:  I understand.  But to make my point, touch your heart so it's clear how close it is.
Song (frowning):  We can't.  Our arms don't bend that much.
Me:  Exactly.  
Daiyu:  Wen will have a fit when she finds out about this.  Isn't she coming?
Me:  Um, Wen, can you come here please?

Wen:  What are you doing?  You're holding up progress!  I thought we'd go get dressed and celebrate tonight.  No, baby tonight.  Dad's on duty.
Daiyu:  What?
Wen:  And I promised to show him some new moves when I get home.  I'm dying to see if I can do some things I've only dreamed about.  I bet I can.
Song:  Just too much information right there.  

Wen:  Go ahead and  get these two done, please.  They're delaying my evening and I'm not having it. I have things to do and people are waiting. 
Daiyu:  I've never seen you bend like this before.  Look at how low you are.
Wen:  Pretty cool, right?  (looking up) Speaking of waiting people, here's a waiting person now.

Bailey:  Why am I still waiting here?  What's the hold up?
Song:  I don't want to give up my body because of my tattoo.
Bailey:  Well, you're being pretty selfish, don't you think?  I mean, first of all, it was my body first.  Secondly, I'd love to have the one you're getting, but I'm not.  However, I will get my body, the one you took, back.  It will actually match me instead of my looking like I decided to tan everything on me, except my face.  Plus, you can get another tattoo.  Maybe even one with color. this time.  Who knows?
Song:  I didn't think of it like that.  I guess you're right.  I'm being a little selfish.
Bailey:  Glad I could help.

Daiyu:  I guess we can just get another tattoo.  That would be nice.
Wen:  It's going to be great in the new body.  You won't regret it and we can think about an even better tattoo.
Bailey:  Chop, chop, people.  I have a date.
Song:  Okay.  Let's go.  We can do this!

Finally, we can get a move on.  It only takes a few minutes and the new bodies are ready.  I'll be faster than you can blink.  Did you just blink?

Yup!  It's all over and everyone can get on with their evening, including me.

Wen:  Thank you so much.  It's on with my man later this evening.  I can't wait.  Time to put more spice in my relationship. Woo hoo!
Song:  I CAN touch my heart!
Daiyu:  I can touch my feet. Yes!  I'm joining Chi's yoga class.
Bailey:  No more uneven tan.  Yay!

Mystery Lady:  Excuse me, please.
Bailey:  Yes? How can I help you?
Mystery Lady:  I'm hoping I can find something to wear.  I'm feeling a little exposed.
Bailey:  Sure.  I don't know what your style is, but I'm sure we can find you something better than that, um, wrap.
Mystery Lady:  Thank you.  I appreciate it.
Bailey:  Hey!  When you are all assigned and everything, you have to stop by Dani's Bridal whenever you have need for a special occasion dress.  I work there.  Just ask for me and I can help you.  
Mystery Lady:  Yes, thank you.  I will keep that in mind.  

I guess Bailey will help Mystery Lady find something.  I'm off to find her a name.  I already know where she's assigned, but you'll have to wait and see.

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