Saturday, October 27, 2018

Isis and Tyson Tie the Knot

First, I appreciate everyone's patience in waiting for this wedding.  I think it's been a long time in the making, but it's finally here.  Not the way Isis envisioned it (she wanted an outdoor Summer wedding, but got an indoor fall wedding), but still lovely.

So, we left off with Isis and her entourage getting ready to walk.  Isis's and Tyson's mothers, Sabine and Taliyah (both widows) are excited to see their children get married today.  We missed the entire wedding procession, but we are in time to see the happy couple both being left at the altar by their mothers.

Each of the mothers kisses their child as they go to take their seats.

Sabine:  I love you so much, Honey.
Isis:  I love you too, Mom.

Taliyah:  I could just cry.  I'm so happy.
Tyson: Don't cry, Mom.   

Isis hands her flowers to Jayna.

The officiant says a lot of motivational and encouraging things about them becoming one and some good stuff like that.  Isis and Tyson take their vows and exchange the rings (which, by the way, they really didn't trust Tylyn to carry, she had the fake ones).

 They are pronounced husband and wife, so they can kiss now.

And we now present to you, Mr. and Mrs. Tyson and Isis Edwards.

We had to get the officiant out of the way and get this lovely photo of these newlyweds.

 Before they go off to take photos with the wedding party, Sabine and Taliyah cannot resist getting photos.

So that we can cover the reception now, the professional wedding party photos have been placed on their own page, located here:  Isis and Tyson's Wedding Photos.

The photos are done and it's time for the reception.  We didn't catch everything because we were too busy living in the moment, but we did get a lot.

The couple's first dance...

The delicious food catered by The Flavor Café.

The cake made by Marisol.

The couple in front of the cake...

Tyquan congratulating his brother..

 Tyquan:  Better you than me, Bro.  But I'm happy for you.  Isis is a wonderful woman.  Take care of her.
Tyson:  Thank you.  I plan to take good care of her.

Lots of mingling..

Zale: Congratulations, Cousin. Lovely wedding.
Isis:  Thank you.  Now you need to catch the bouquet so you'll be next.
Zale:  I'm not in a rush, but thank you for looking out for me.

Isis:  Rowan, people are raving about the food.  It's delicious!
Rowan:  Thank you.  I was feeling bad about leaving the delivery and set up to Marisol, but I didn't want to miss the wedding.
Rahim:  Didn't you hire extra staff to help?
Rowan:  Yes, but I can't help it.  It's still my business and the food I cooked.  You know how it is.
Rahim: I do.
Isis:  I'm glad you could do both.  Thank you!

Sabine:  Rowan, you have to come to my house. Dinner or lunch, whichever you feel most comfortable with.  I know you have the business and everything.  But I really want to get to know you.
Rowan: I would enjoy that.

Jayna:  You're a good guy, Tyson.  Look out for my girl.  She's a catch.
Tyson:  You don't have to worry about that.  I know what I have.  Why do you think I put a ring on it?
Isis:  Really?  Well, I can't argue that.

Then there was some cake cutting.

And cake feeding...

And cake eating...

Jayna:  Have you tasted this?  It's scrumptious!
Bexly:  I'm going to grab me a slice.  I was waiting for the line to die down.  Where are the servers?
Jayna: I don't know, but I need a piece to go too.

Rahim:  You look gorgeous today.  
Rowan:  Thank you, Babe.  You look really dapper yourself.
Rahim:  Maybe I'll wear something more dapper on our wedding day.  What do you think?
Rowan:  I think we'll cross that bridge when we come to it.  But I think we could come to it.
Tyquan:  My Tylyn.  You look so beautiful today.  Such a pretty dress on a pretty girl.  Just a beautiful as your mother.
Quinn (under her breath):  Oh, please. Give me a break.

Daiyu:  So who's going to snag the bouquet tonight?  One of us has to be next.
Falon:  Should I knock you over to get it?
Jayna:  Girl fight.  I'm in!

Some scheming and planning...

Sabine:  How long do you think before we'll have some grandchildren from those two?  I know you have one already, but I'm sure there's room for more.
Taliyah:  There sure is.  I'll push Tyson if you'll push Isis. Well, some well placed gentle nudging.  Just a few bugs in their ears and promises of babysitting.

Some dissing...

Tyquan:  Ladies, I really am the 'best' man.  If you're looking for the man of your dreams, look no further.  I'm a fantasy fullfiller.
Jayna:  I think not.  Pass.
Daiyu:  Um, no thank you.  I'd rather have nightmares and unfulfilled fantasies.
Falon: Little Boy, please. Find some reality.  We will never be that desperate.  Poof, be gone.  Go on, scoot now.

Flower throwing...

Last words from the happy couple.

Tyson:  Thank you all for joining us.  We will always remember this day.  I married the love of my life.
Isis:  Yes, I am so happy.   I's married now!  (Giggles) I couldn't resist.  I'm Mrs. Tyson Edwards and I couldn't be more proud!  This was a dream wedding and well worth the wait.
Tyson:  Speaking of waiting, I can't wait to get this honeymoon started.  So with that, we'll be off. 

Thank you for stopping by and don't forget you can see more photos on Isis' and Tyson's Wedding Photos page.  ~ The Edwards and the Knights

PS - I made Isis' wedding gown and her bridal party dresses, bouquets (I even added Tyson's boutonniere to the suit I purchased) and the wedding cake (including the slices).

Friday, October 12, 2018

Getting Ready to Walk

Today is finally Isis' and Tyson's wedding.  Isis and her bridal party are in the bridal suite getting dressed and ready to walk down the aisle.  Her mother , Sabine, is there too, of course. Isis is so excited that her big day has finally arrived.  She just moved most of her belongings into Tyson's place and will move the rest after they return from the honeymoon.  They are honeymooning in Tahiti, a place they've never been to before, so they are prepared to have a wonderful and romantic time.

Earlier in the day, all of the ladies when to Janeer Maxwell's beauty salon, Max Beauty Salon, to have their hair done, but they waited to do their makeup at the wedding venue.  The wedding ceremony and reception will be at the same location.  Janeer is at the venue too, taking care of makeup and ensuring all of the work on hair that morning is not ruined.

Isis' entourage consists of her maid of honor, Jayna, her bridesmaids, Daiyu (who works for Janeer and is Song's older sister) and Falon, and her Flower Girl/Ring bearer (and soon to be niece), Tylyn.

The clock is ticking and soon the wedding will begin, so the room is a bustle with activity.

Janeer:  I'm so glad the gown doesn't have to go over your head.  I hate putting on the make up and being concerned about any make up drift getting on the gown.  

Isis:  Just be sure to keep me as natural as possible, please.  I want Tyson to be able to recognize me.
Janeer (laughing):  All I'm doing is enhancing your beauty, not covering it up or creating it from scratch.  He will definitely see you, the real you.  
Isis:  Good, good.  

Jayna:  I wonder what side of me will look best in photos.
Daiyu:  It doesn't matter.  The photographer is going to pose you and I'm sure there can be some airbrushing if you need it.
Jayna (indignant): Airbrushing?  I don't need that, all my sides are good.  I'm just looking for best side, not extra help I don't need.
Daiyu (laughing):  Okay, I was just saying.

Quinn:  Baby, make sure you don't drop the basket.  The rings are very important.  Just smile and walk to where we showed you last night.  Okay?
Tylyn:  Okay, Mommy.  I will walk and smile.
Quinn:  Good.  You look so pretty.  I can't wait to see you walk down that aisle. Everyone is going to think you're so pretty.  Don't tell your new aunt, but you are going to be the prettiest girl in the room.

Isis (overhearing):  It's okay.  She is going to be the prettiest girl in the room. I'm going to have to hope people remember I'm part of the reason they are here.
Tylyn:  You aw pwetty too, Miss Isis.
Isis:  Thank you, Honey.  After today, you can call me Aunt Isis or Aunt Icy, okay?  You're going to be my niece, we are family.
Tylyn:  Okay.

They finish getting dressed, except for Isis who is trying to wait until the last minute to slip into her dress.  She's concerned about messing anything up before getting down the aisle. Vedette stops in to give them the ten minute warning.

Vedette:  Ladies, you all look wonderful.  I'm glad to see most of you are ready.  Isis, is everything okay with your gown?
Isis:  Yes, it's fine.  I was just waiting until the last minute to put it on.
Vedette:  Well, it's here.  Please get it on now to ensure you're all ready.  I have your flowers all arranged and ready to hand to you before your trip to the down the aisle.  (Looking at Tylyn)  I also have the adorable basket for this lovely young lady too.  I'll see you all in 5 minutes, I need to be sure you're matched and lined up.

Vedette heads back out to wait for the wedding party and Isis puts on her gown.  It takes her only seconds with her mother's help.  As soon as she puts it on, Tyson's mother, Taliyah, who had already been in the room when they first arrived, but went to spend some time with her son as he prepared, enters the room.  She gasps as soon as she sees Isis.

Taliyah:  I cannot believe it!  You look wonderful.  So beautiful.  Just glowing!  
Isis:  Thank you!
Taliyah:  I could just cry, I won't, but I could.  At least not right now. You are a beautiful bride and my son is so lucky.  Oh, and I can just feel those grandbabies in my arms.  Speaking of grandbabies, I didn't mean to neglect my Pumpkin Pie in her gorgeous dress. 

Taliyah turns and picks up her granddaughter, Tylyn, to give her a kiss.

Taliyah:  You are beautiful, Pumpkin.  You're going to be a star coming down that aisle.
Tylyn:  A shining staw?
Taliyah:  Yes, absolutely.  Grandmom will need to get some photos of you.  I also need some with you today.  I know exactly where I'm going to put the collage.  

There's a knock at the door.  Suhan, Vedette's assistant, enters the room.

Suhan:  I'm sorry to interrupt, but it's time, Ladies.  The moment has arrived and I'm here to escort you to your starting point.  Does anyone need anything?

Everyone says they are fine and ready and they all head to their starting point so the ceremony can begin...

Vedette:  Ladies and Gentlemen, please take your seats as we get the wedding started.  
Sabine:  I'm so happy my baby girl is marrying such a wonderful man.  She's so happy.  We are so excited that you will be joining us for the wedding.
Taliyah:  My son is marrying my new daughter and I couldn't be happier.  Thank you for coming. 
Vedette:  Mommas, it's time for you to take your seats too.  Shall we?

Thank you so much for stopping by as we start this momentous occasion for Isis Knight and Tyson Edwards. We will provide the actual date so that guests can join us. - The Edwards and Knight Families