Thursday, November 22, 2018

Setting up the Display

Somali is in the 2018 Christmas display area setting up the first display for photos.  She is directing the team, which includes having Lisa take notes.  The photographer, Teagan, is also along to start thinking about photo possibilities.

Somali:  This fireplace needs to be finished in time.  I'm not feeling the white background.  Well, maybe we can change it out.  We need to know when full installation will be completed.  Those gas lines shouldn't be a hold up.

Lisa: Okay.  I'll follow up with the team right after we're done.  
Teagan:  I think changing it up is good for the photos too.  If that's an option, let's keep the option open.  I can envision some great shots.  I'm glad there will be a fireplace this year, albeit gas.

Somali:  Gas is better so that the models won't get an embers or soot on their clothes.  It's not a good photo if someone is in flames.
Teagan (laughing): You're sure right about that.  I want these photos to be fire, not someone ON fire.
Somalia:  Okay.  Let's start looking at some of the 'above the fireplace' options.  Can we start with the deer head, please.

The crew brings in the deer head and places it above the fireplace.

Somali:  It's rather large.  I was hoping to place a shelf above the fireplace.
Lisa:  Can we put the head on another wall.
Somali:  Maybe.  I'll give it some thought.  Do we have shelf options?
Lisa:  I checked yesterday and one is being worked on.
Somali:  Good.  I have some items to place on it.  Please get measurements once it's ready.  I want to know if what I have will fit and how many items, if I need other shelving options, etcetera.
Lisa:  Got it.
Somali:  Have the team bring in a few more items, please.

Somali:  I like this piece.  It looks good.  Now the seating options will move in and out.  I want some small rug options for the fireplace.  Did you check the storage area for prior display items?  I'd like to mix up some of the old with the new.
Lisa: Items are being brought out, cleaned up and set over there in the props area.
Somali:  Good.  I like that you are on top of everything, Lisa.  Good job.  Now, let's talk about the display area.
Lisa:  Okay.

Somali:  The display was originally going to be housed in a smaller space, the usual area. Now that we are in a larger area, will the display area be expanded?
Teagan:  More photo options sounds good.
Lisa:  I asked and so far there hasn't been a decision made.  If the team is available to add on an extension, they will do so.  Our window of construction is short. They may be able to fit in an extension after the first shoot.  They definitely cannot rebuild.
Somali: It's okay.  I like this as is, but more room, with a festive door, would be very nice.  Would doors be available?

Lisa:  Yes, there are three door options, red, blue or green.
Somali:  No white doors?  I know it's cliché.  Every house has white or brown doors, but white would work in this display.
Lisa:  No, I'm sorry.  Nothing in white.
Somali:  Tan or beige at least?
Lisa:  No, not those options either. I did ask about painting one and was told that we are asking for too much with an extension and door repaint.  We'll have to accept current options or nothing.  If we had known about the door request weeks ago, we could have had it, but now we're behind the eight ball.

Somali:  Okay.  Well, we didn't know then what we know now.  Okay.  I'd like to go over the fashion options and see where we stand.  I will look them over later and send you some notes and items for follow up.  I'll get with Leera for pieces.
Lisa:  I've written that down and I'll set up a meeting with Leera for tomorrow.  Is there anything else I need to handle?
Somali:  No, I think that's enough for today.  I need to get home to my family.  Crain was supposed to put the turkey in the oven this morning.  I'm sure Azure is up by now wondering where I am.  You both get home to your families.  

Teagan:  I'm going to stop and grab a hoagie.  I'm starving.  I hope you have a Happy Thanksgiving!
Somali:  You both have  Happy Thanksgiving as well.  I'm going to browse through the props quickly before I hit the road.
Lisa:  I'm going home to curl up on the couch with a good book before I head to my parents.  Happy Thanksgiving to you all.


Saturday, November 10, 2018

Christmas Theme Planning - 2018

Today the ladies are meeting to discuss the executing the Christmas theme this year.  It looks like we have a larger crew.  The Christmas event must be growing to need additional support, but I'm not going to complain.  Help is always welcome.

Well, we can just join the ladies and see what's going down for the holidays.

 Somali is taking a moment to check her notes one last time.  And five, four, three, two, one...

Somali:  Hello, Everyone.  Welcome to the 2018 Christmas Theme  planning meeting.  I'm Somali Stewart and I will be overseeing operations, including décor, photo ideas, and styling.  

Somali:  Please introduce yourselves as we go around the room and state the role each of you will play in executing this year's beautiful Christmas display and photos.  If you want to tell us a little about yourself, please be sure to do so and I am looking forward to getting to know each of you better during this holiday season.

Leera:  Hello, I'm Leera Medina and I'm a fashion designer.  I was part of the first display, White Christmas.  I enjoyed it.  Not only did I get to participate in the photos and meet four other wonderful people, I was able to design the clothes for most of the shoots.  This year, however, my ability to design will be limited, so I understand some items will be outsourced.  I should be able to design around pieces which are acquired.  I'm glad to be here in some way again this year.

Bexly:  Hello, I'm Bexly Medina, Leera's younger sister.  I'm very excited to be here.  I'm an aspiring curvy model and this will just add to my portfolio.  I'm looking forward to getting started and getting to know you all as well.  I've heard from my sister how fun this can be, so I'm in!

Remington:  Hi, I'm Remington.  Just Remington for now.  Maybe that will catch on like Cher.  I'm privileged to model as part of the display this year, which is wonderful considering I've been here a short time and I'm already selected.  So, yes, it will be nice to get to know you all and make some new friends.

Lisa:  Hello, I'm Lisa Thomas and I am Somali's assistant.  This is exciting for me because I once tried to be a model, but that didn't work out.  But then I had the opportunity to host some product reviews with a good friend of mine, Tasha.  Tasha is now a display model. She looks gorgeous too, I might add.  Anyway, I am so happy I have this chance to be part of the holiday display team this year.  I'm so happy.

Somali:  I'm happy to have you join us too, Lisa.  Thank you.  Next.

Janeer:  Hello, I'm Janeer Maxwell, owner of Max Beauty Salon.  I do hair, nails and make up.  I know Tasha.  I worked with Gio to get her ready for display.  She's sure a spitfire.  Well, I'll be ensuring your hair, make up and nails are photo ready.  I may bring in back up here and there from my team, but they are all very talented, so you won't be disappointed.  I'm busy with the holidays and with moving to a new location soon.  But you will have nothing but the best attention from me.  Thanks for having me.

Marianna:  Hello, I'm Marianna.  I've done some modeling as well and I love it.  Bexly, Remington and I met during a photo shoot.  It was fun.  I'm looking forward to shooting with you guys again.  Maybe we can also go out and figure out how to snag one of these good looking guys around here.  They are growing in numbers.

Bexly:  Right?  Did you see that Middle Eastern looking guy who arrived looking all Arabian Nights and what not?  I think he's being spruced up and stuff.  You know, brought up to the twenty first century.
Leera:  Yes, I know about him.  I'm pretty sure he's someone's husband, someone who is in this room, so leave that one alone.  But I have it on good authority three dark-skinned brothers will be here soon as well and not one is taken yet.  So we'll see.

Somali:  Ladies, I'm rooting for you to all find love and happiness, however, at this time we are here for another reason.  So, let's get back to the introductions.

Teagan:  Hi, I'm Teagan and I'm a photographer.  Yes, I'm going with that Cher thing for now too.  I'm pretty good at posing ideas and I do think I will get the kind of shots great Christmas cards and scenes are made of.  This is exciting for me and you won't be disappointed.  

Somali:  Thank you all for being part of the team.  We will do this year's display justice, I just know it.  Now, as you may have noticed, there are only three models this year.  That's because we have not yet been able to contract with a fourth.  

Somali:  We do have one in mind, but we are not sure if we can get her here, but we are hopeful.  If not, we'll go with three and still rock this.  Lisa, please come touch on some details as we discussed.

Lisa:  You will all be provided with a schedule for fittings and photo shoots.  Please be sure to be on time.  Leera, you will have a list and photos of the acquired items when they come in so that you can assess any pieces you may need to add.  Somalia and I will take care of scenes changes and accessories, like shoes and jewelry.  All models will need to be here two hours before the shoot so that Janeer and her team can do their thing.  Food and drinks will be provided.  Thank you.

Somalia:  After each shoot, Teagan and I will review the best photos and present them for publishing on several sites.  Does anyone have any questions?  (After a long pause and head shakes) Great.  Let me know as we go along.  I'll see you all in a week for another planning meeting.  Thank you!

Leera:  Bex, I do have one question for you.  Why the heck are you dressed like a Greek Goddess in a toga? 
Bexly:  Because I am a goddess.  Now let's get some drinks.

Leera shakes her head and just heads out with her sister.  The meeting is over and everyone leaves.

Ladies and gentlemen, please welcome our 2018 Christmas display models:

Remington, Marianna and Bexly


Christmas planning is in full effect.  I'm hoping to execute the vision in my head, but if it's not perfect, it will be a 'make it work' moment. 

I hate to point out the elephant in the room, but did any of you notice something very different about Lisa?  

Oh, in case you're wondering, Bexly is wearing a toga because I have this nice tie/belt and I was trying to drape it (?) and this is what I came up with.  Not too bad. 

By the way, Somali has found a huge place in my heart, so I think she can have her MTM body back and you will see much more of her and her family soon.

Thank you for stopping by.  ~ Jaye and the Holiday Planning Team-2018

Saturday, November 3, 2018

Yes, Baby, No, Baby

Today looks like a busy day for Dr. Graham.  As usual, the day is pretty booked.  Dr. Graham is a pretty popular OB/GYN.  As you may remember, she also took over Avery's pregnancy care after Dr. O'Dair had a personal health issue and could not return to work.

One of the medical assistants, Jadyn, is getting the room ready for the next patient.

This next appointment is for Catori Kingbird.  We met Catori's sister, Nizhoni, who is also a friend of Syren's.  Today Catori is accompanied by her husband, Dakota.  The Kingbird's have been escorted to the room and waiting for Dr. Graham as Jadyn takes down some information.

Jadyn:  Your chart says you're here for a fertility visit today.  Is that correct?
Catori:  Yes.
Jadyn:  Have you been having regular periods?
Catori:  Yes.
Jadyn:  Are you on any medications?
Catori:  No, I just take vitamins.  I take prenatal vitamins and iron to be prepared.  Dr. Graham said that was a good idea.
Jadyn:  Yes, it is recommended if you're trying to get pregnant.  I'll note it in your chart.  I'll check your blood pressure and temperature.

Jadyn checks Catori's blood pressure and temperature and notes the numbers in her chart.  Then she tells her Dr. Graham will be with her shortly.

Catori:  I hope she has some good news from the tests.  I'm so nervous.
Dakota:  I know.  I'm a little nervous too.  What if I'm shooting blanks?
Catori:  I hope that's not the case.  I hope we're getting closer.  I keep seeing babies all the time and all I do is get jealous of those women.  I hate feeling that way.
Dakota:  I get it, but we've still got options.  Let's just see what the tests say and then we'll be able to figure out what to do next.

They sit in silence for a few minutes, each thinking about 'what ifs' for the test results.  Both trying to remain positive.  Finally, Dr. Graham comes into the room.

Dr. Graham:  Hello.  How are you today, Catori?
Catori:  Good.  Nervous but good.
Dr. Graham:  It's normal to be nervous.  You've been trying to get pregnant for over a year now and just started working on the question of your fertility.  It's a challenging time for several couples at this stage.  But we'll do what we can to see if we can help you get pregnant.

Dr. Graham:  First, as I told you when we moved forward with testing, the results can mean several things and there could be things interfering that we don't see right now.  That's why we start with the less invasive items and then move to additional things as we rule out each item.  That should help us narrow it down.
Catori:  Okay.  So, the suspense is killing me.  What do we know so far?

Dr. Graham: The first item is sperm.  We checked Mr. Kingbird's sperm for count and activity.
Dakota:  Please tell me I'm not the problem. (Feeling a little guilty he lets his machoism get in the way for a minute.) I mean, not that I want anyone to be the problem.
Dr. Graham:  Well, your sperm count is well within range and they are active enough to do their job.  So, now our focus is on Catori.
Catori:  That's wonderful news!  I mean, at least we know that even if I need IVF, we can use Dakota's sperm.  I wouldn't want to even consider a sperm donor, so I'm very happy.

Dr. Graham:  We also tested to see if your body is creating the right conditions for conception when you are in a fertile period.  The wrong conditions can kill sperm and not help carry it where it needs to go, but that is not the case.  The tests are showing that you are creating the right conditions. 
Catori:  So that's good news, right?
Dr. Graham:  It's  good news, but that means there could be other factors preventing conception.  We will need to start looking further.  I'll need to set up an appointment to check your tubes and then go from there.  It's a little invasive, but if you want to continue moving forward, it's what I recommend.

Catori:  What do you think, Kote?
Dakota:  It's up to you, Honey.  I think we should try it if it's recommended.
Catori:  Yes, I'll do it.  Anything that gets me closer to getting pregnant.
Dr. Graham:  I will put in instructions with my assistant and you will receive a call to set up the procedure.  It has to be done in the hospital, so it could take a few weeks to schedule.
Catori:  Okay.  I'm okay with that.

The Kingbirds finish up their appointment and Dr. Graham moves on to other patients.

A few patients later, she has Idania Nichols in for a visit.  Dr. Graham finished the pap and now Dani is dressed as they wrap up the visit.

Dr. Graham:  Other than a new prescription for birth control, do you need anything else?
Dani:  No, that's all for now.  But I am thinking in another year I will stop the birth control and start trying for a baby.  I will need to see if I should wait for my body to clear out for a while before trying.
Dr. Graham:  It would be good to give it a couple of months for your body to reset. You can use other protection for a little while.  It will also be good for you to spend the next year building up your iron and folic acid.  I'll give you a list of things you can do, especially when you get closedto getting off the pills.
Dani:  Great!  My bridal shop is thriving and we have started making good profit.  I just want to build business up for a while and get some things in order before having children.

Dr. Graham:  It's good you're planning things out.  It makes sense to be prepared.
Dani: My husband has been hoping for sooner, but I was able to talk him into waiting a little longer.  I just want us to be in a really good place financially.  I know that I will still have income because it's my business, but I have to plan ahead.  Anyway, I'll see you in a year or so to get things started.
Dr. Graham:   Let us know if you decide to move things up or need to see us before then, but you're good until then.  As usual, we'll call with the results of your pap.  Okay?
Dani:  Sounds good.

After the patients leave for the day, Dr. Graham and Jadyn are wrapping up the day.

Jadyn:  I think we added some urgent appointments for tomorrow.  The nurse told me we had a few calls come in during the day.
Dr. Graham:  Wow!  I thought today was busy. I guess tomorrow will be even busier. I can't wait to get home and get some rest. I feel like today was all about having babies, not having babies yet, planning to have babies, and worried about getting pregnant.
Jadyn:  You're right.  We didn't have one expecting mother today.  That's rare.  But with all this baby planning and planning to have babies, that will shift.
Dr. Graham:  And that's why I picked the right career. No stoppage of new lives being created.  Anyway, it's been a long day and I'm sure you're just as tired as I am.  Let's get out of here so we can get some rest and do it all again tomorrow.

The practice closes for the evening and the staff heads home.

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye