Tuesday, January 8, 2019

Lunch and Begging

It's almost Thanksgiving and Cora, Parker's and Avery's mother, is in town for the holiday.  She is visiting to see her new grandson (yes, it took her this long to get here because she is so busy), Cristian and have Thanksgiving dinner.  She has rented out a very private room for dinner and asked that Avery, Craig, Aviana, and Cristian join her.  She is also hoping she can find a way to have Parker come as well.

Since she is in town and Ember previously agreed to do so, she is having lunch with Ember.  Ember doesn't want to be in the middle of the issues and relationship Parker has with Cora.  But she is also Avery's friend, so she knows she may be around Cora when she's there for Avery, so she wants to keep a cordial relationship with Cora.

Cora and Ember are eating lunch and chatting, so far mostly about Ember's business, Cora's job and fashions.

Cora:  And how are you able to keep up with all of the fashion changes?  It must be a lot in your line of business.
Ember:  It can be, but the fact that my models are going to shoots and I try to be there when I can, I can see what's going on.  I take notes.  Plus, my models like to tell me all about the fashions they've seen. and worn while working.  So I don't miss much.  I am also working on some things with a high fashion model and a designer.  
Cora:  That sounds like such fun.
Ember:  It keeps things interesting and exciting.

Cora:  I imagine running your own business and raising a child keeps you very busy.  I don't know how you balance both.
Ember:  I love being my own boss, but I love my daughter more, so I ensure I make time.  Although, with more business, I think I'm ready for an assistant.  I'm ready to start looking for a top notch administrative assistant who can possibly grow into some agent role as I expand.  Although I was hopeful when I started, I wasn't sure how far I could expand.  But now, with connections and partnerships I'm working on, several things are possible.
Cora:  It sounds like it.  I don't know that I could have gone as far as I am now if I had to focus on raising children.

Ember:  Well, think there is a way to balance both, but we have to make choices based on our priorities.
Cora:  Um, well yes, I'm sure that's correct.  Well, I wish I had your fervor.  Maybe then things would be different with Parker.  How is he?
Ember:  He's wonderful.  So Avery told me you have made special Thanksgiving arrangements.  She is happy she won't be cooking.  It sounds like you've planned a very nice dinner.  

Cora:  Yes, I'm looking forward to it.  I rarely get here to see my family, but I want change that.  
Ember:  Mmm, sounds like a plan.
Cora:  Yes, it does.  I would love for you to come join us and bring your daughter.  Of course you would bring Parker too.  I would really love to have you all with us.  One big, happy family.  The food will be divine and I'm sure there will be enough for you to take food home and not cook for the next two days.  The place I've picked is lovely and comfortable.  It has a dining area and sofas and chairs for relaxation.  It will be almost like home.  What do you think?

Ember:  I appreciate the invitation, however, we do have plans.  My mother is in town and she is cooking dinner at my sister's.  So we will have to pass.  
Cora:  That is rather disappointing, but I understand.  I was really hoping you could all come.
Ember:  Well, you will still be with Craig and Avery and your grandchildren, so I'm sure it will still be a very festive time.  So, tell me more about your job, it sounds like you have a lot of balls in the air at once. 

Cora:  Yes, it's quite stressful at times, but I love running things. (Pauses) Ember, I'm going to be straight forward with you.  I want to get to know you better.  I think we can be good friends.
Ember:  Cora, I'm sure you have plenty of friends.
Cora:  Yes, but none of them are dating my son.  A son with whom I'd like to have a relationship.  
Ember:  Cora...

Cora (interrupting Ember):  Ember, my dear, I really need your help.  I know I went wrong with Parker.  I do.  I accept that.  But now that I have things together, I realize that I am missing my family and I need to repair that.  I need you to help me repair things with Parker.  
Ember:  Why would you think I would get involved?  
Cora:  Because you love him and I'm his mother.  I know that as a mother, you understand the importance of having your children in your life.  I think Parker will listen to you.  I think you can steer him in another direction.

Ember:  Cora...
Cora (interrupting again):  I know, it may seem a little awkward.  I get that.  I just need to figure out how to get Parker to forgive me.  I made mistakes.  I made a mistake I cannot correct, but I can try to get us all to move past that.  Can you understand that?  Can you help me? Please?  I'm begging you.

Ember (sighs):  Cora, Parker's relationship with you is something I don't want to get involved with. Please don't try to put me in that position.  I will not get in the middle.
Cora:  Ember, please.  I don't know what else to do.  Right now, you may be my only hope.  How can I even get a chance to repair things if I can't get a way to do so?  It's important to me. Very important.

Ember:  Let me ask you one question.
Cora: Okay?
Ember:  If you could go back and do it all over again, foregoing the career you have until later, would you do it?
Cora:  What do you mean?
Ember:  Would you go back and stay with your children and give up the career or at least delay it?

Cora:  I don't know.  I...How can I answer that? I just don't know.  I can't go back now, I can only go forward.  That's what I'm trying to do.
Ember:  Perhaps, but would you have given it up and stayed?
Cora (gives a nervous laugh): Ember, I really don't know.  I haven't thought about it.  I just know I want my son to speak to me.  I want to be a family now.
Ember (takes a breath):  Yes, now that the hard part is done you have time and attention for your grown children, but you wouldn't go back and do the hard work to have the relationship you could have developed when they were small children.  That is the problem and how you got here.

Cora:  Excuse me?
Ember:  Cora, I don't want to start an argument and, as I said before, I don't want to be involved with this issue.  I just don't want to talk about this any longer.  
Cora:  I'm sorry.  I just wanted to...
Ember: It's okay.  I need to get going anyway.  Let me just grab cash to leave for my lunch.
Cora: No, no, no.  Lunch is on me.  I'm glad you came. Please don't leave upset.  I didn't mean to upset you.  I'm sorry.

Ember decides that lunch needs to end before it gets any worse, so she lays down her napkin, stands up and grabs her purse.

Ember:  I'm not upset.  Thank you for lunch and I do hope you enjoy your Thanksgiving.  I hope you all have a good time.
Cora:  Ember, I still want to get to know you.  
Ember:  Yes, well, I have to get going and again, thank you for lunch and have a Happy Thanksgiving.  Enjoy your visit. 

Ember walks away.

Sorry I'm late, but this story needed to be told.  I plan to show some updates on what's been happening with some of the residents.  As much as I'd like to narrow down and focus on a few main families or residents, it's so hard.  But I'm hoping to stop buying dolls and focus on dioramas this year.  Yes, I said the same thing last year, but this year I really need to because there are just too many untold stories and not enough places and settings available to tell them.

Thank you for stopping by.  ~ Jaye


  1. Looking forward to seeing what ever you do. Great dio

  2. Did you make Cora's dress? It's so cute. I think that Ember handled that very well. Maybe Cora is being sincere and maybe she's being manipulative, but either way, these are the results of her own actions. She cant force a relationship with her son now when he wasn't a priority before.

    1. I don't understand Cora one bit. I mean, really. She enjoyed her life, but now it's like she's on a mission to see if she can win Parker over. It's not going so well right now, but we'll see if she ever gets another chance.

  3. Ember really nailed her with that question. I think her trying to pressure others to run interference makes it more about her than Parker's well being.

    1. She sure did. Cora needs to figure it out or let it go.

  4. Loved this scene, so well written!

  5. Very interesting story. Family dynamics are always difficult. I have a sister who essentially abandoned her daughter for a man. I stepped in and helped my niece as she grew up. My sister has tried to make amends with her daughter and us, but her efforts have waned as time goes on. I have let my niece know that whatever happens with her mother, I will always be on her (my nieces) side. My sister made her choices a long time ago. Reminds me a little of Cora!


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