Sunday, March 17, 2019

Ring Around the Dollies (Musings of a Blogger)

For quite some time now, finding rings for the ladies (and men, but they are harder to find them for) has been a challenge.  Isis' ring engagement ring is through her finger and her band is painted on (after reading this post, I fear she will be quite upset with me and ask for a new body so her rings can be replaced), that was the best I could do for her.

Vedette, Egypt and Marianna have no choice, the rings on their right hands are via holes, but still lovely rings.  Most of the married ladies have had no wedding bands (at a minimum), but they'd like to have them.  The single ladies just want to sport rings because they are (let's face it) fashionistas.

I have been on the hunt, tried tutorials and still not able to figure it out.  For Ember's engagement ring, I did tried a piece of wire with the diamond on it.  It lasted long enough to show she was engaged, but then went kaput.  So I had to hide her left hand for the last story (hopefully no one noticed, but I am telling on myself since I fixed the issue).

I was fortunate enough to secure a ring for her from the Dynamite Girls line (Score!).  She's happy with it. But I can't afford to keep spending that money.  And then I found it, the solution no so far from the other items I had tried, jewelry findings.  I finally found the right item (maybe I'll tell you, but for now, you must suffer through the mystery) and now I'm ring making crazy.

I must say that wedding bands are the easiest, but other rings are just fine.  However, I still have not perfected the engagement ring with a diamond.  The diamond is only secured with glue, so it can be easy to knock off if I'm not very careful.  So I need some work there.

Anyway, I'm going to be on ring making frenzy as there are many (yes, many) ladies who'd love rings.  I'm going to show you some of the ladies and their rings so far.

 Marlin's psychiatrist Yulie McNeil (and I.T. lady) can wear the same rings.

 Cyann, Avery and Ember are enjoying their rings.

 Ember's engagement ring (the one I didn't make).

 Avery's ring, it sparkles (but I had better be careful not to knock it off.

Cyann's wedding band is silver in the middle, sandwiched by gold. I got the idea from my own band.

 Somali, Bexly and Remington got in on the deal.

Remington has a simple band on her right middle finger and a pretty big gold ball on her pinky.

Bexly has a natural stone on the right hand.

Somali has on both her engagement ring and band (another diamond I have to watch out for)

I'm loving that I found a way to make rings and have lots of work to do to get rings on fingers.  Oh, and yes, that requires separating their fingers with a very precise pair of scissors made to cut into fine places.  An Instagrammer I follow, Miranda, who also writes the One Sixth Avenue doll blog (you should read it, she's very talented with her dioramas, clothes and other doll things), separated her doll's fingers which gave me the courage to try it.

That's it for now.

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Sunday, March 3, 2019

All of Ember's Sisters

Parker and Ember are officially engaged.  They have not yet set the date, but have started discussing their plans.  They are not sure if it should be a Spring, Summer or Fall wedding, but they are certain they will be getting married as soon as they can.  Parker is concerned about having a larger place to live.  He'd rather not crowd into Ember's bedroom and he would still like a space for his own home office.  The kitchen is already a tight squeeze.  Plus Parker feels he would be moving into Ember's home, not THEIR home.  So a lot is hinging on how soon they can find a new place to live.

Ember understands.  In the interim, the news has spread and Cyann, being who she is, just has to organize some things for the imminent wedding.  So today she is having a small soiree and has invited Ember's sisters, Henna and Syren, and Ember's soon to be sister-in-law.  She is trying to be 'the hostess with the mostest' with the food and drink.

Avery:  I just knew you'd be my sister too.  I've already considered you as my sister since you and my brother got together.  I'm soooo excited!  I mean, you kept it from me long enough at first, but I knew this day would come. If I were religious, I would have prayed for it.
Henna:  They tried hiding it for sure.  As long as we're reminiscing, I remember seeing them interact in my office one day.  They tried so hard to play it cool, but Parker almost tripped over himself trying to get the door for her.  Yes, he's a gentleman, but I knew there was more to him running to get that door for her.

(To revisit that story, click here.)

Syren:  Oh, yeah.  When she told us, you certainly did say you already knew .  That's right.  Well, I'm just happy for you, Em. Although, there is something to be said for playing the field.
Henna:  Really, Sy?  We cannot all be wild and running around sowing our wild oats forever. It's good to settle down.
Syren:  I know you are not talking.  If you were so into settling down, you would already be married to Maurice by now.  But nope, you not only turned him down, you lost him...foreva.
Henna (making a face):  I'm just saying...well, whatever.  Well, at least I'm not with a different man every other week.

Syren (smirking):  Maybe you'd be a happier more relaxed person if you let someone, anyone, hit that more often.
Ember:  Alright.  Don't make me pull you two apart and place you in separate corners.  You can enjoy the lives you want.  No judgement.
Henna (rolling her eyes):  Sy, just because you are Jezebel incarnate, doesn't mean...
Ember:  I said cut it out.  This is about my engagement, not your big sister, little sister dysfunction.
Syren (looking down):  I'm sorry, you're right.
Henna:  Yeah.  Me too.  So, let's change the subject to something more exciting.  Avery, how's life with two now?

Avery:  Wonderful!  I've decided not to return to work for a while.  I just want to be home with my cherubs. I just enjoy every moment.
Cyann:  Hmm...It looks like you're enjoying those drinks too.
Avery:  I haven't been able to let loose in quite some time.  I don't have to drive, so I'm going to imbibe as much as I want.
Cyann:  Good for you.  I'm letting loose too.  Well, mostly because Gray is here.  He's on Daddy Duty for the rest of the evening and I'm going to take full advantage of it.  

Syren:  Speaking of dads, I get that Parker is going to be Erwyn's dad now, but will there be more nieces or even a nephew in my future?
Ember (grinning):  Well, he does want children and I would love to have more.  We are getting a house, so we'll have room to grow.  Although it will probably mean we will have to search for a full-time nanny will be necessary with our schedules and trying to run two businesses.
Cyann:  Elaina won't want the job?
Ember:  She likes all the hours she gets now, but I know she's been talking about when her husband is home permanently.  She plans to start her own family soon.  He was just here for Valentine's Day.
Cyann:  She has mentioned wanting children.  That means I'll need a new sitter too soon.

Cyann:  So can we talk about the wedding?  Colors, food, etc.
Ember: I'm still giving it thought.  I don't know if I want a big wedding. I was thinking something really small.
Henna:  How small?  You know this is Parker's first time.  I'm sure he wants his family there.  Probably friends.  By small you mean less than 200?
Ember:  That's a lot.  I'm thinking just family and some friends.
Syren:  As long as I'm there, I don't have any concerns.  Hey, are you wearing white?
Ember:  Maybe.  

Syren:  I want to wear white when I get married.
Henna:  Well, that's surprising.
Syren: Don't be surprised.  I do want to get married one day.
Henna:  I'm more surprised about your wearing white.
Ember:  If you two don't cut it out.
Cyann:  Right!  For heaven's sake, sooner or later you need to outgrow this need to bicker and judge.  You've been like this since we were kids.  Grow up.
Henna:  Okay.  I'm sorry.  I promise, no more smart remarks.  I'll be good.

Avery (laughing): And to think I wanted sisters growing up.  Now I appreciate being the only girl and my brother even more.  
Ember (laughing):  They are not always like this.  They do get along. It's just that Henna treats Sy like a baby all the time.  She wants her to still be a moldable child and she isn't any longer.  
Henna:  It's my job to help her be a responsible person.

Avery:  But you don't say things like that to Ember.
Henna:  That's because Ember is usually more responsible than even I am.  What can I tell her?
Cyann:  Nothing.  Never have been able to. She's always the peacemaker and the one with the sound mind.

Cyann:  So, I'm thinking we need some hot strippers for the bachelorette party.
Avery:  I'm thinking I need another drink to make this even more fun.
Cyann:  I'm getting the laptop.  We need some visual ideas.

Apparently, Ember's sisters, all of them, are going to do everything they can to make this wedding successful.  This will be interesting.

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