Tuesday, May 28, 2019

Mali and Catori

Azure is getting big, too big for her current stroller with the carrier/car seat attached, so Somali is at In Style Baby shopping for a new one.  Of course, since she's in the store anyway, she's looking at the other items they have.  She is perusing for summer clothes for Azure and checking out what's available. 

Waverly has been checking on her and trying to provide assistance.  

Waverly:  We are moving out some items from Spring and still getting in new stock.  I know we just got in some new four piece outfits for summer.  She'd be so cute in them.  Let me go see what we have so far.
Somali:  That would be wonderful.  I'll be here looking.  I'm going to need a stroller too, but I don't see anything I like on the floor.
Waverly:  No problem.  I think we can find what you'll want in our catalog.  If we don't have something in stock, we can order and it will arrive quickly. 
Somali:  Great.  Thank you so much.

Somali:  So what do you think, Zu?  Should we get a small pool and get wet this summer?  I'll see if we can put one outside in the small yard at the townhouse.  Maybe they have swimsuits for you here.

Somali and Crain are still renting, but moved out of the very short-term rental they had into a small townhouse.  They are planning to stay there until they can find a place t buy.  They really want something they can make their own.  Maybe 2 or three bedrooms.  After all, Zu Zu may need a brother or sister one day and a house should be an investment.

Catori (seeing Azure):  She's so adorable!  So pretty!  Hi, Little One.
Somali (smiling at Azure):  Thank you.  Say, "Thank you, ZuZu.  Can you say, "Thank you?"  
ZuZu (spitting out her pacifier and responding because her mother is talking to her): Ahh Taa Taa Ahh. 

I would translate what Azure said, but darned if I know either.

Catori:  Her name is Zu Zu?
Somali:  That's what we call her, but her name is Azure.
Catori:  That's so pretty.

Waverly returns with the items she mentioned to Somali

Waverly:  We have these in four colors.  We are lucky as we have a connection to the designer, so we are one of few stores which carries these fabulous items. They are a great deal.  You get the whole set to dress her from head to toe.  There's a headband, shirt, shorts and these too cute shoes.
Somali:  I love them!  These look like 6-9 months, is that right?
Waverly:  They sure are.  Would you like me to hold them at the counter for you?
Somali:  Yes, please.  Thank you for your help.

Catori:  Those were so cute.  I can't wait until I can buy something like that for my own child.
Somali:  Are you expecting?

Catori, who can't help herself but visit the baby stores to dream about her 'one day child' was hit hard by the question.  No, she wasn't but she and Dakota were trying all they could.  Tests, trying, checking dates, taking vitamins, if it seemed like it could help, they would do it.  But now she'd have to muster up the courage to respond to a question she should have known was coming the moment she made that statement.

Catori (sadly):  No...not yet.
Somali (seeing the look on Catori's face):  I recognize that response and that look.  I know it very well.
Catori (surprised):  You do?  
Somali:  Yes.  That's the look of fading hope for a child you keep working hard for.  A child you swear will never come even though you just keep trying.  It may even include at least the one time you saw two lines on that stick and yet you couldn't get the baby past 8 weeks.  I know that look and that feeling.

Catori was now intrigued.  This woman, with the beautiful child in the stroller seemed to understand what she wasn't trying to say.

Somali:  We all need a little hope in our lives and in this case, big hope.  Well, Little Miss Azure here is the one who made it past 8 weeks when it took just over two years of trying.  During those two years, we had one spark of hope, but that spark flitted out fast.  I do understand what it seems like you are going through, if I'm correct.
Catori:  It seems like you do know.  We do keep trying.  I just...I don't even know why I keep coming to these stores.  I guess I hope if I will it, it will be.  I just drive myself crazy, but I have to see the baby items.  It soothes me for just a little while, until I have to go home and admit I can't even buy anything in the store.
Somali:  Well, I used cry just seeing baby items, so you're doing well just being in this store.

Waverly returns again.

Waverly:  Would you like to see any of the strollers we have in the catalog?
Somali:  Yes.
Waverly (to Catori):  I have the items up on the iPad and I can help you view.  Miss, is there anything I can help you find or do you have any questions, I can answer?
Catori:  No, thank you.  I just want to look around.  Thank you.
Waverly:  Please do let me know if you change your mind.
Somali (to Waverly):  I'll be there in just a minute to look at the options.  Thank you.

Somali:  I don't know if you are able to talk to anyone who has had a similar experience.  It can be helpful.  Would you like to exchange numbers and we can talk if you'd like?  I think I've been through just about every test ever invented for fertility and I'm pretty sure every emotion. If nothing else, I can listen and you'll know I understand.
Catori (feeling tears welling up in her eyes):  You are so kind.  Thank you, I'd love to be able to talk to you again.   I could really use the encouragement.  Let me get my phone out so I can put your number right into it.

Catori and Somali exchange numbers and head their separate ways.  Somali selects a special order stroller and buys four of the lovely items sourced from the talented Fancy Doll Design.  She's happy with her purchase, but she's most happy that she may have provided some light at the end of a dark tunnel for someone today.


Fancy Doll Design is one of the best doll clothing designers for baby clothes I've seen yet.  Just look at these...

She is so talented.  I have a few items I didn't get to showcase yet, so they will wait for the Fall to be seen.  But she is constantly coming up with new patterns and can do special orders from a photo.  A photo, now that is some talent. I want to set aside a budget to keep ordering baby clothes from her during the year.  I know I make my own, but I make them in cloth (sewing).  I can't knit or crochet to save my life.  She is awesome and she crochets for the ladies and the men too, but we all know I have a baby addiction.  But I think I may be able to talk her into some toddler items too.  Hmmm....  The link to her Etsy hop is above and you can also follow her in Instagram.

Oh, and I know I've been a little less consistent with posting lately, but I still do things for the dolls. I have about 4 (at the least) places to build this year, so I've been working on how to create them, plus, I needed some painting weather (although I painted earlier today, it's raining again as I type.  Thunder, lighting and all that jazz).  

As always, thanks for stopping by and stay tuned.  I hope to get more stories up this summer.  ~ Jaye


  1. Love, love, love your dioramas! I'm not really into crochet fashion for dolls, but it really suits the babies.
    Take care!

  2. Another cute story! I feel for Catori. Nice that Somalia reached out to her.

  3. Can't imagine what life would be like without my girls; can only imagine how hard it can be to have such a difficult time conceiving.

    It's been rainy and humid here too. Definitely not painting weather.


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