Sunday, July 7, 2019

Zu Zu's New Ride

A few weeks ago, Somali was at In Style Baby buying new clothes for Azure.  That's also the day she met Catori, with whom she has been communicating since.  Catori has valued having someone to talk to who understands and encourages her.  Her husband Dakota is very supportive, but Catori finds comfort in another woman who once blamed her own body for being unable to conceive.

But today isn't about Catori and Somali. It's about the stroller Somali ordered (since Azure is getting to being for her current one), to replace this one:

Today, Crain and Somali are at In Style Baby to pick up the special order stroller.  As you may remember, In Style Baby maintains a large stock of gender neutral items, but also sells special order items and some gender specific items.

Since their currently rented apartment is only a few miles from the store, they decided to walk over and walk Azure back home in her new stroller.  It's good exercise and Azure gets to enjoy the warm weather.  It's a slow day at the store, so only Mercedes and Logan are working.  Logan is in the back working on inventory, so Mercedes is assisting Somali and Crain.

Mercedes:  The stroller is in and I have it in the back.  I'll just need a minute to unwrap it and bring it out.  Feel free to look around while you wait.
Somali:  It looks a little empty in here today.  There used to be merchandise in the middle of the store.
Mercedes:  Yes, there was, but we are going through inventory and getting ready to move in some new stock we ordered.  We have some new strollers, walkers, and cradles arriving over the next few weeks.  We keep evolving the store to keep it as fresh as possible.  
Somali:  Yes, that makes sense.  

Crain:  Weren't you just talking about a walker the other day, Mali?  We should come back and see what they have.
Somali:  Exactly what I was thinking.  
Mercedes:  I actually may have the perfect one coming in soon.  We have several options coming and new swings, but mostly those are special order.
Somali:  We a have swing.  That thing is a life saver, but definitely need a walker, but not today.  We didn't drive.
Mercedes:  I understand.  Well, let me go get the stroller.  I'll be right back.

Somali:  So are we good to go with going to the cookout we were invited too?
Crain:  Remind me, who invited us?
Somali:  Ember, the owner of the talent agency I'm doing some work for.  Since we are pretty new to the area, she thought she'd invite us to a cookout at her friend's home.  Sy something or Ann or I'm mixing up the name I'm sure.  I remember the husband's name is Carson, I think.  Something with a 'son' in it or a color, I can't remember exactly.  But it would be nice to be around some adults for something other than business, don't you think?
Crain:  Do you want to go?
Somali:  Yes, Babe, I do.  It would be good for us to meet some people who have lived here for a while.  
Crain:  Okay, if you want to go, I'll go.  

Mercedes:  Here is it!  Please check it over and be sure everything is okay with it.
Somali:  I love it!  It's even better in person.  It's so cute.  Girly without being pink.  Yes!
Crain:  It is pretty cute.  My baby girl will look so pretty in her stroller.  Want to try it out, Zu Zu?

Crain places Azure in the stroller.  At first she starts to whimper because she held the entire walk to the store and she doesn't want to be put down.  But she decides it's not so bad and settles down.

Crain:  Yes, that's more comfortable than that carrier, isn't it?
Somali:  Definitely more size appropriate.  She'll like being able to stretch out more and see where she's going now, instead of just looking up at us.
Crain:  A view to a whole new world awaits, Sweetheart.  (talking in a baby catering voice) Yes, it does Zu.  Yes, it does.

Somali:  Thank you.  This is a nice stroller and we will be back to look at walkers.  Well maybe be sooner than waiting, but we'll see.  
Mercedes:  Thank you for shopping with us and we look forward to seeing you again soon.

Crain and Somali walk Azure home, but they make a few stops on the way home as they pass stores.  They are very happy with their purchase and Zu Zu seems to be okay with it too.

Also, thought I'd introduce a couple of new residents, Sterling and Preston Banks.  Sterling was a very fortunate purchase which I had been considering for a long time, but just wouldn't pay the price for him.  Someone I follow in Instagram sold him at a great price and I happened to snatch him up.  Of course, I had to change him because his hair and beard weren't to my liking.

Sterling Banks - He's single, sexy and available for dates.  We'll see who he's lucky enough to meet.

Here's Preston with Sterling - You may recognize the last name Banks.  They are the elder brothers of Bailey Banks who works with Dani at the bridal salon.  You'll learn more about the family later.  Preston is the eldest, Sterling the middle and Bailey the youngest.  

Well, that's all for now.  In Style Baby is waiting on new stock so I need to get it finished.

Thank you for stopping by and we hope you are enjoying your summer. ~ Jaye and The Residents

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  1. Oh, I like the new stroller! I am sure both Preston and Sterling are welcome additions to your dolly-verse! They should have fun checking out the available ladies and it will be interesting to see which ladies they end up dating!


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