Tuesday, January 7, 2020

Bringing in 2020

I still haven’t had a chance to get to the residents sine I moved.  Yes, moved right before Christmas. But, I do have a few a little residents around.

You may remember Skylar...

and Nike (like the goddess, not the shoe)...

My sister then gave me Sloane...

The ladies quickly greeted her and got her out of that jacket dress (what else did they have to do to pass their time?).

I then welcomed a new guy who Nike quickly snatched up..

But she wanted him to be able to move, so she tried to butter up this guy...

But it didn’t work.  He told her she was barking up the wrong tree.  So when this other guy arrived, she was the first to greet him and offer him a drink...

The poor guy shouldn’t have taken the bait because he ended up like this...

So in the end, Nike got her man to move (she’s still waiting to get him to the dentist for the overbite and to get that nail polish off him).  But they seem happy for now...

So that’s our update for now.  We hope to be back to regular posting byFebruary.  Thank you for hanging in with us.



  1. Glad to see you are back! Nike is a girl who knows what she wants that's for sure!

  2. So how how is the complexion match for the two guys? A friend of mine says that there is only one way to find a good man and that is to make him. Maybe she is right! LOL!

  3. LOL, love the "happy" ending ... for Nike.

    (Totally understand the need to body snatch - done it myself many a time.)

    I'm curious to see how you fix the overbite. Tooth removal or mouth fill? Looking forward to seeing any how-tos for that. Or just the after photos.

    Best wishes getting settled in your new place. Have to unpack dolls, etc. from my move in November ;-P

    1. I wish that particular doll wasn't so popular because he's $10 more than everyone else. I removed his teeth with nail polish remover. Are you on Instagram? I have photos of him on there. My name is still the same - Jayesdollspace.

  4. That Fashionista you rebodied has one of the nicest faces on a playline Ken. He looks cute, not too cartoony, but I wish he didn't have molded hair. One fun coincidence is that I just named one of my dolls Skylar, but she looks nothing like yours. I love Sloane, I really want to get my hands on her, but she's not avaliable in my country.
    Hope you had an amazing start of the year.

    1. Doesn't he? I hate, hate, hate molded hair. I like Skylar as a name. Great minds...

  5. I laughed at the photo where Nike dragged off the body donor for her new man! Priceless! I rebodied this guy to that same body as well!


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