Photo Shoots

The Love Triangle Shoot - Bryce, Sani and Hiro 

Bridal Shots - Sophisticated Beauty

Bridal Shots - Windsor is Modeling

Jye - Modeling a New Barbie Dress (March 2015)

St. Patrick's Day (2015) - Logan's Short Shoot

Valentine's Day Shoot

The bigger girls showing of new winter (and coordinated, I may add), fashions.

Passing time together

 Komi is so adorable!

One of my families - Posing for their Christmas cards.

This is the Naughty and Nice shoot - inspired by both dresses. 

I was in another mood to try my hand at capturing the right shot at the right angle.  I took several photos, but here are a select few.  I made the outfit the lovely lady is wearing (I still need to name my dolls). 

Here is a photo shoot (selected shots) I did with some clothes I made today.  Hopefully you and I will see the progress as I get better, not only with sewing clothes, but with the camera. 


  1. Lovely sweaters and sock dresses! Do you make them yourself?

  2. Thank you for stopping by and for the compliment. Yes, I made them myself. I need to get better at using actual patterns and other materials, but using socks has been fun.


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