Sunday, August 13, 2017

We're Going to Be Famous

It's Thursday morning and already a busy day at The Flavor Café.  Rowan and Marisol have been working hard since they opened.  They aren't complaining because more sales means they stay in business.

Rowan is serving a customer as another one is leaving and Marisol is in the kitchen finishing up a special order placed two days prior for a corporate client. 
Rowan:  Would you like anything else?
Customer:  No, thank you.  That's all today.
Rowan:  Okay.  The total is $11.35.

The customer pays and Rowan thanks him and he leaves.  Rowan decides to check the stock again since it's been busy.  As she is checking, in walks Peyton Adams, producer for Good Morning Good People, a very popular local morning show. 

Rowan:  Good morning!  Welcome to The Flavor Café!
Peyton:  Good morning. 
Rowan:  How may I help you?
Peyton:  I would like to speak with the owner, please.
Rowan: I am the owner.  I'm Rowan Dunn.  How may I help you?

Peyton:  Yes. I'm hoping this visit will be very positive for both of us.  I produce the morning show, Good Morning, Good People.  Have you heard of it?
Rowan:  Not that I ever have time to watch it, but, yes, I have heard of it.  You produce it?  That must be an interesting job.
Peyton:  It is.  Is it possible for us to sit and talk for a few minutes about a business deal I would like to propose?
Rowan:  If it could be good for my business, I'm all ears.  Please, have a seat.  We can talk, but I may have to get up to assist customers as we talk.
Peyton:  No problem.  I understand.

They both sit down.

Peyton:  Our show has several segments to it and each day we mix up what we present with trends, information and local expertise whenever we can. 
Rowan:  Okay?
Peyton:  A once a week 15 minute segment just opened up and we are looking to fill it with a respected local expert on food.  The Flavor Café is a respected business, which means you know how to make people happy with food.
Rowan:  I'm glad or heaven knows what else I'd be doing right now.  Thank you for the compliment. 
Peyton:  You're welcome.  I would like to see if you would be interested in covering that segment for us. 

Rowan:  Me?  On TV?
Peyton:  Yes.  We would have to do a screen test, but once you get past the thought of millions of viewers watching and focus on what you know, it's easy.
Rowan:!  I certainly didn't wake up today expecting this.  What an honor to be asked.
Peyton:  You were highly recommended. 
Rowan:  Really?  By who?
Peyton:  Henna Richards.

Rowan (thinking with a puzzled look on her face): I'm sorry.  I don't recall knowing anyone by that name.
Peyton:  She's a loyal customer who was able to recommend you, which is why I am here.  As a matter of fact, I am paying her for her services by bringing her a Danish and coffee from your café. 
Rowan:  Oh!  Well, that means we have made an impression.  What would I need to do?  What time and day?  Will I get paid?
Peyton:  Yes, you will get paid.  Segments are on Wednesday mornings at 9:30 AM.  You would get a contract and you would get free advertising which is worth the 15 minutes alone.
Rowan:  It sure is.  I do need more information, but I am interested.  Can Marisol, my employee slash business associate come with me.  I mean, we'd have to hire someone to work one day a week to cover, but I'd like to include her if I can.

Peyton:  Yes, we can work with that.  Let's schedule some time for you to both come to the studio to talk, go through the screen test and review whether we have a deal or not. Would that be okay?
Rowan:  Yes!  I'm so excited!

Marisol walks out from the kitchen. 

Marisol:  Hi.  Are you taking a catering order?
Rowan:  No.  I'm discussing how we're going to be famous.
Marisol:  We are?
Rowan:  Yes.  Marisol, this is Peyton Adams, a producer from Good Morning, Good People
Peyton:  Hello, Marisol.
Marisol:  Hello.  It's nice to meet you.

Rowan:  We can make arrangements, but can it be in the evening.? We are open during the day and there are only two of us.
Peyton:  Yes.  And I do think you will need another employee.  Once you are on the air, your business could double.
Marisol:  On the air?
Rowan:  Yes!  We're going to be on Good Morning, Good People.  I'll fill you in on the details later.

Peyton: I'm truly excited about this opportunity to work with you.  I'll leave my card and call you later today to set things up.
Rowan:  Wonderful!  Now let's get you and your consultant a Danish and some coffee, on the house.
Peyton:  Thank you!

It looks like an opportunity is opening up for Rowan and Marisol.  Maybe we can watch their segment on the show every so often.

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye

Monday, August 7, 2017

That's What Friends Are For

It's Wednesday evening and Peyton just got home from work.  She has an assignment and doesn't have much time to figure out how to complete it.  A spot on the daily morning show she produces has an open spot available for a weekly segment, one day per week. She has to fill it as soon as possible and has no idea how she'll do it.  She needs a television personality and there aren't too many who are local.

As she's looking things up on the internet to try to figure out where to start, Peyton hears the doorbell and answers it.  It's Henna.  Peyton lets her in and leads her into the living room.

Peyton:  Hey, Girl.  What's up?  Has your day been as long as mine?
Henna:  Hi.  I don't think so.  It was a pretty easy day for me.   
Peyton:  Really?  Why so easy?
Henna:  Because the ideas were just flowing.  A few big payments came in, which is always great. Oh, and a possible new client.  It's been great. 
Peyton:  Oh. 
Henna:  So are you ready for dinner?
Peyton:  Good grief!  I completely forgot about dinner.  I don't think I can go.  I'll give you a raincheck. 

Henna:  Why?  What's going on?
Peyton:  Well we just lost a segment for the show and I need to find a replacement.  I don't know what to do, but I need to do something quick.  So I hate to have to cut this call short, but I need to spend some time figuring things out.
Henna:  Hmmm...well, maybe if we talk about what you're looking for, maybe that will be helpful.  It couldn't hurt.
Peyton:  Yea.  I guess it couldn't hurt. 

Henna sits down, so Peyton does too.

Henna:  So, tell me what you need to replace.
Peyton:  The segment was 15 minutes of home tips, like easy ways to keep things working or how to you keep your cleaning day short. 
Henna:  Do you need to find someone else to do the exact same thing?
Peyton:  No, just something that people will enjoy.  Something that makes people want to tune in and watch that segment, not start changing the channel when it comes on.

Henna:  Well, does it have to be a trained actor or something?
Peyton:  No, just someone who knows what they're doing and they do it well.  They have to have a presence and a good reputation.
Henna:  Well, I would suggest someone to talk about designing your home, but I'm pretty busy.
Peyton (laughing):  Whatever.  But home design would be nice, I just think that maybe that's pretty overdone for that spot.  As long as we're changing it up, we may as well overhaul.  I just don't know what would be good.

Henna:  Okay, so let's name things most people like.  Home stuff is done.  Clothes sound good.  Like how to look your best.
Peyton:  Maybe.  That could work.  Fashion sense and tips.  Maybe couture on a dime.
Henna:  As if you understand that concept. One pair of your underwear costs twenty dollars.  Who pays that for drawers?
Peyton (laughing):  Stop making me laugh.  We need to concentrate. I'm hungry.  I can feel my stomach growling.  Maybe I can think better on a full stomach.
Henna:  That's it!  That's the idea!

Peyton:  How to keep your stomach from growling or learning how to think when it is?
Henna:  Food.  People love food.  We all eat it. Even if we'll never cook something, don't you like watching people cook?
Peyton:  Food, huh?  You're right.  It's and every day thing and we only need the segment filled once per week.  Now where can we find someone who will fit the bill.
Henna:  There must be a local business with someone who will look good on camera.
Peyton:  Yes.  I can try searching on the web.
Henna:  You could, but let's think about it.  You can't just pick random people.

Peyton:  Where do you normally eat?  I mean, we like Color Burst.  Select Spaces and Lila's are nice.
Henna:  I got it!  The Flavor Café.  I love their food.  The ladies who work there are very friendly.  I bet they'd be good for the show.
Peyton:  You think so? 
Henna:  Yes, they're local and I don't think I know anyone who has eaten there who doesn't love their food.  They also cater.  Plus, they will make a few extra bucks for the segment, right?
Peyton:  Right.
Henna:  It's free advertising every week, so there is no downside.  They may even need to get a bigger place and more people once they increase their audience.

Peyton:  Henna, I have to say, I agree you've have a good day.  See, Girl.  You called to share some of that goodness with me.
Henna (with a tune and pretending she's holding a microphone):  Hey, that's what friends are for.  When you need me, just call my name.
Peyton:  Please do not  continue to break into song.
Henna (singing):  In good times and bad times, I'll be on your side forever more...
Peyton:  You have issues, but I'm really glad you called.  I need to go so I can write a quick proposal and contact The Flavor Café tomorrow morning.
Henna:  Just go there.

Peyton:  I'll do that.  Good idea.
Henna:  While you're there, there's no better way to thank a friend than food.  So pick me up a Danish and coffee and swing by here to drop it off. A small price to pay for me quickly solving your problem. We all know how valuable my time is.
Peyton:  You got it.  But I do really need to put together a quick proposal to review when I get there.  So thank you I hope you don't mind, but I'm going to take off these clothes and get to work.  I'll see you in the morning.  Okay?
Henna:  Okay.  Don't forget the sugar and cream for my coffee, please.
Peyton:  Okay.  

Peyton walks Henna to the door and then starts working on her proposal.

We'll have to see what Rowan and Marisol think of the idea after Peyton presents it.

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye

Saturday, July 29, 2017

Marlin's Improvement

Marlin is at her appointment with her relationship therapist, Dr. Yulie McNeil.  She's been seeing Dr. McNeil for months to deal with her issue of being desperate to get married.  She made a break through by recognizing her mother's pressure to get married hasn't been helpful.  Her mother projected her own insecurities onto Marlin, although she is in a rather lack luster marriage with Marlin's father.

Fortunately, Marlin has been progressing well and, although she was nervous about dating again, she has started dating Brett.  It's been pretty slow, but that's good for Marlin.  Brett hasn't been in a rush, as long as they can spend time together.  Let's see how things go at this appointment.

Dr. McNeil:  Has your mother's insistence on your finding a husband tapered off?
Marlin:  Yes, she's doing better.  At least a little better.  When she starts down that road with me, I have the strength to tell her that I don't want to talk about it and I will figure it out for myself.  I'm glad I can finally do that and not allow her to make me feel guilty.
Dr. McNeil:  That's good.  How does that make you feel about your ability to communicate with your mother?

Marlin:  I actually feel empowered.  I don't think I've ever felt like an adult with her until now.  I'm really proud of myself.
Dr. McNeil:  You should be.  You've come a long way.  What challenges do you think you still face with regards to your relationship with your mother?
Marlin:  I haven't been able to tell her I have started dating.  I feel like sharing that will just give her ammunition to try to push the marriage agenda even more.  Without that information, she seems easier for me stand up to.  Does that make sense?

Dr. McNeil:  Absolutely.  You believe that sharing this information gives her encouragement and excitement to be hopeful you are closer to what she's been trying to get you to do, regardless of what you want.  Is that correct?
Marlin:  I like the way you put it.  Yes, I just need to keep her calm for at least two reasons.  I need more strength to stand up against more pushing and I don't want to let my own mind start running away with thoughts of marriage right now.
Dr. McNeil:  Then you feel like you're willing to give this new opportunity with the gentleman you are seeing more time to develop before thinking about a larger step?

Marlin:  Yes, I do.  I like Brett.  He's fun to hang out with and I was really surprised he wanted to date me.
Dr.  McNeil:  Mmmm...What made you surprised?

Marlin:  We work together and we've been friends for a while.  Well, there's three of us in particular at work who hang out.  Not that we don't talk to other people at work, but the three of us just hit it off.
Dr.  McNeil:  Who is the third person?

Marlin:  Bryce.  He's so cool to hang out with.
Dr. McNeil:  Have you had romantic feelings for Bryce?
Marlin (looking shocked):  No.  He's the brother I never had.  He is so calm, yet he loves the ladies.  He's such a flirt with all the young ladies.  There is no way I could take him seriously.  But I do love him as a brother.  He talked me into dating Brett. 

Dr. McNeil:  How do you feel about that?
Marlin:  I feel like Bryce saw something in me and Brett he thought would work together.  I respect that he gave me a little push to at least give Brett a chance.
Dr. McNeil:  It sounds like Bryce has been a good friend to you.
Marlin (smiling): Yes, he has.

Dr. McNeil:  Let's talk some more about Brett.  Are you attracted to him?
Marlin:  Yes, I think he's attractive.  I really like spending time with him. 
Dr. McNeil:  That's a good start.  How does he treat you?
Marlin:  He listens to me and checks on me to be sure I'm okay.  Even if we can't talk on the phone, he will send me a text to say 'hello.'  I like that.

Dr. McNeil:  He certainly seems very attentive.  At this point, do you want to continue to build your relationship with him to see where things go?
Marlin:  Yes.  I haven't seen anything that would make me be concerned.  I'm just balancing what I've been learning with what's going on between us. 
Dr. McNeil:  Have you been physically intimate yet?

Marlin (blushing):  Oh my goodness.  No. 
Dr. McNeil:  It's good you take your time so that you don't confuse your real feelings with feelings driven by physical connection.  You could consider waiting until you are sure about the state and direction of your relationship.
Marlin:  Yes, I think you're right.  Brett is such a gentleman, he's never mentioned it, so I know he's not rushing.

Dr. McNeil:  Good.  It sounds like you're both on the same page. Continue to communicate and be clear about what you want without allowing interference from people outside of your relationship with Brett.  Do you think you can do that?
Marlin:  Yes, I can do that.  I can stay strong and thing about what I want.
Dr. McNeil:  Good.  Now I would like to talk about some of the other things you've been doing to work on yourself.
Marlin:  Okay.

Well, we'll let Marlin and Dr. McNeil continue the rest of the session.  I'm hoping we can catch up with some other residents over the next week.  Lots going on. Stay tuned.

Thanks for stopping by. ~ Jaye

Saturday, July 22, 2017

It is the Dating Game

We last left off with Giordana (aka Gio) hosting the Dating Game to help one of our newest bachelors, Blaze Far, find a suitable love interest.  He's very fortunate to be able to do this.  Most of the men here don't have this opportunity.  But Miss Slay demanded suggested it and, well you've seen her in action.  She's quite bossy, so she's getting what she wanted.  Even though she dipped out on us all to go look at and flirt with men.  SMH!

Gio is about to ask the first question and get responses from the ladies, so let's see how this goes down.  Shall we?

Gio:  The first question is: Why are you interested in Blaze as a potential love interest?  We'll start with Song and each time I ask a new question, the lady to the prior lady's left will be the first to answer. Your left, not mine.  So, Song, what is your response. 
Blaze:  That certainly seems like a fair way to go through this.
Gio:  Yes it is. I'm glad you like it.   Now, let's see what Song has to say, please.  Song?

Song:  Well, I think he's very handsome.  But that's not my main reason.  I read his profile, which says he has a very calming demeanor and is very considerate.  I like that.  I would like to have a man in my life just like him.
Gio:  Very nice.  Now Falon.  Same question for you.  Why are you interested in Blaze as a potential love interest?

Falon:  I'm a good looking young lady who deserves a good looking man on my arm.  I think we'd have fun together and be a great couple.  He'd be very happy with me.
Gio:  Okay.  Thank you, Falon.  Seiko, how would you like to respond?

Seiko:  I would like to be with someone who I can relate to and who can relate to me.  Yes, Blaze is handsome, but that fades.  I am hoping for a connection that is deeper than that.  One that I think can be there for us if we give each other a chance to be ourselves, while understanding and supporting each other.  I'd like to find out if he is that person.
Gio:  Nice response.  Andressa, why are you interested in Blaze?

Andressa:  I...I think he's a nice boy.  I think.  I, uh, yes.  He's nice.
Gio (confused about Andressa's hesitation and short answer):  Okay.  Well, he certainly is

 Gio:  Blaze would like to be married with children one day.  So, what are your thoughts on being married and having children?  Feel free to expand on your answer, if you must.  Thank you.  We will start with Falon.

Falon:  Oh, my.  Married with children.  That certainly sounds so exciting.  But I do think we should really know each other first and discuss that personally.  This is so public. What two people decide to do with their lives if very personal.  Maybe we could spend some time talking after the show and really has things out.
Gio:  Yes, that could be a possibility, for the person who Blaze chooses.  But at this time, that is not part of this game.  So, next is Seiko.

Seiko:  Yes, I would like to have children one day, as well as having a husband.  Well, the husband first.  Honestly, I hope that's not too soon.  I am still young and I have a budding modeling career ahead of me I wish to pursue.  But I think there can be a right time for all three.
Gio:  Me too.  Andressa, what are your thoughts on being married with children?

Andressa:  Yes, I would like that.

Gio waits for a few seconds to see if Andressa, plans to add more.  She smiles at her and Andressa just smiles back, with no additional response.

Gio:  Okay.  So, Song, what are your thoughts on marriage and children?

Song:  I love my sisters very much.  So I would like several children so they can grow up and be close like us.  I miss my father so dearly and I treasure how I saw him treat both of my mothers.  So marriage is something I look forward to also.
Gio:  I love that sentiment.

Gio:  I think we are running out of time, so I will ask one last question.  If Blaze does not choose you, what will you do from here?  Let's start with Seiko.

Seiko:  I will continue my career and when the time is right, I will meet and be with a man who will be right for me.  I cannot force anything to happen, so I do what can do and make decisions accordingly.
Gio:  Well, alright!  Andressa, what will you do from here is Blaze does not select you?

Andressa:  I will go back to be with my aunt and uncles and visit with my family.
Gio:  Andressa, Honey.  Do you really want to date Blaze?  It seems like you're reluctantly here.
Andressa (hesitating):  Yes.  My aunt says I am to come here and I come here.  I do not know this man.  I do not think we are to be together.
Gio:  I'm so sorry, but I know your aunt and I get it.  At least that's settled.  Thank you so much for being honest.
Blaze: Yes, thank you.

Gio:  So, Song, what will you do?
Song:  I will not be happy, but what can I do. Just go on with my life, right?  Eventually someone will come along.
Gio:  That is so true.  And our final answer for the evening is from Falon.  Falon, what will you do?

Falon:  I will look up his super fine big brother and see what's up with him.  I still have another chance to Mrs. Far.  It's called a back up plan. 
Gio:  Mmmm... Interesting.  Thank you.

Blaze:  My brother?
Gio:  She's being honestThe comment was a little inconsiderate, but she is being honest.  Plus, you've just met these ladies.  It's not like she'll be your ex-girlfriend.
Blaze:  Yes, I see.  You're right.
Gio:  We're wrapping this up.

Gio:  Ladies we appreciate your honesty and taking the time to be in the spotlight like this to answer these questions.  I know this was quick, but this was just a quick way to help Blaze narrow down and decide who he would like to consider dating.  We are not guaranteeing an immediate date or relationship.  But all of your responses will be considered and we'll get back to you all.
Blaze:  Thank you for coming.  You are all so beautiful.  It will be a hard decision to make.
Gio:  Honestly, we're reduced back to three ladies because it is clear Andressa was forced to come here.  But we do appreciate your coming and having the chance to meet you.

Gio:  We are going to review the responses from each lady, have a discussion and come up with the right match for Blaze.  We'll let you know as soon as possible who has been selected.  Thank you so much for joining us for our version of The Dating Game!